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Great "Extra" edition on the Battle of Gettysburg...

Item #658478

July 05, 1863


* Battle of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

* Most historic battle of the Civil War

A terrific and quite graphic issue on the Battle of Gettysburg with nearly a full front page column of heads concerning the battle, including a nice patriotic graphic (see). Note that most of these heads are actually in the Herald issue of July 6, but this being a larg... See More  

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Rare Lincoln's assassination report, in a Washington, D.C. newspaper...

Item #658471

April 15, 1865

EVENING STAR, Washington, D.C., April 15, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination (historic 1st report)

* It is BEST to have reports from the city where it occurred

Terrific to have this first report of Lincoln's assassination in a newspaper from the city where it happened. This is the first of this issue we have offered.

The top of the front page has a column with heads: "ASSA... See More  

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Lincoln's funeral & closing moments of the Civil War...

Item #657623

April 24, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, April 24, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln funeral journey

* Civil War cleanup in the South

* Sherman's victory march

All columns on all pages are black-bordered for the death & funeral of Abraham Lincoln. Among the front page column heads are: "SHERMAN" "Negotiations With Johnston" "A Suspension of Hostilities..." "Immediate Resumpt... See More  

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When Abraham Lincoln was an unknown... Death of Kit Carson?

Item #657394

July 18, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 18, 1848  This newspaper contains on page 3 reports from the "House of Representatives" and includes the results of a vote to suspend the rules concerning a resolution to allow a postal route bill to be disposed of, listing all those who voted "Yea" and "Nay". Within the "Yea" list is "Lincoln" (s... See More  

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When Abraham Lincoln was an unknown...

Item #657392

July 25, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 25, 1848 

* Early in Abraham Lincoln' political career

This newspaper contains on the front page reports from the "House of Representatives" and includes the results of votes on the "Civil and Diplomatic Bill" listing all those who voted "Yea" and "Nay". Within the "Yea" list is "Li... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln's proclamation...

Item #656785

July 23, 1864

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL,  New  York, July 23, 1864 

* President Abraham Lincoln

* More Civil War troops needed

As noted in the masthead this was the: "Gazette of The Regular & Volunteer Forces" and as such is replete with military news of all sorts.

The ftpg. has: "The Campaign In Virginia" "At Petersburg" "Sherman's Operations"... See More  

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Unique "Yankee" & "Confederate" pair of the same date...

Item #656604

July 22, 1861

Here is a unique opportunity for a pair of issues--one Yankee and the other Confederate--of the identical date of July 22, 1861 both reporting on the First Battle of Bull Run, one from the New York Tribune and the other from the Confederate capital of Richmond, titled the Daily Dispatch, providing a perspective of how the news was reported with all the "spin" & biases that ... See More  

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Lincoln's funeral in Philadelphia and New York City...

Item #656484

April 24, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, April 24, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination 

* Funeral - Obsequies in Philadelphia

* Hunt for John Wilkes Booth

All columns on all eight pages are black-bordered for the death of President Abraham Lincoln. Over half of the front page first column is taken up with heads including: "THE FUNERAL" "The Lying in State in Independence Hall, Philadelp... See More  

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Lincoln's Proclamation for more soldiers... Sherman captures Savannah...

Item #656475

December 31, 1864

THE VERMONT CHRONICLE, Windsor, Dec. 31, 1864 

* Abraham Lincoln proclamation

* Call for more Civil War troops

Page 4 has close to half a column taken up with: "A Proclamation - Call For 300,000 Men" which is signed in type: Abraham Lincoln.

Page 54 begins with: "General Sherman" which begins: "On Thursday Dec. 22, our forces under Gen. Sherman occupied Savann... See More  

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Heading for a Civil War: Southern state prepare to secede...

Item #656123

December 08, 1860

NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 8, 1860 

* Abraham Lincoln as president-elect

* Southern secession from the Union

* Pre Civil War tensions over slavery

Among pg. 2 column heads on the Civil War: "THE CRISIS" "Progress of the Secession Movement in the South" "A Dissolution of the Union Apparently Inevitable" "Large Meeting in Vicksburg, Miss." "Separa... See More  

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Lincoln's funeral... Closing events of the Civil War...

Item #655212

April 24, 1865

THE WORLD, New York, April 24, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination

* Funeral train arrives in New York

* Closing events of the Civil War

All 8 pages have black mourning rules for the death of Abraham Lincoln.  The first column of the ftpg. has heads on the closing events of the Civil War: "HIGHLY IMPORTANT" "Negotiations Pending Between Gens. Sherman and Johnston... See More  

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John Wilkes Booth appears at Ford's Theater... The date Lincoln attended the performance!

Item #655133

November 09, 1863

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 9, 1863 

* Abraham Lincoln attends Ford's Theatre (day of)

* Actor John Wilkes Booth performs

A terrific issue with one of the more ironic twists of history, and only to be found in a newspaper from Washington, D.C.

Near the top of the front page is a great article headed: "Ford's New Theatre" which includes in pa... See More  

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Stephen Douglas & Abraham Lincoln... Early baseball report...

Item #654939

September 07, 1858

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 7, 1858 

* Stephen Douglass & Abraham Lincoln

* Early baseball in New York City

The ftpg. has headlines & text on: "The Staten Island War" "Further Arrests" "Suspension of Superintendent Tallmadge" and more (see photos).

Pg. 4 has an article headed: "The President & Mr. Douglas" which mentions Lincoln as wel... See More  

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In a pro-South newspaper: Lincoln's inaugural address on the front page...

Item #654278

March 08, 1865

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, March 8, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln inauguration

* Inaugural address on the ftpg.

* Closing weeks of the Civil War

* In a pro-Confederate title

Among the front page reports is: "Inauguration of President Lincoln--His Address" which contains his address in full, ending with the immortal words: "With malice towards none, with charity for all, wi... See More  

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A 'call to arms' for the Black Hawk War...

Item #654192

June 09, 1832

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 9, 1832  Inside has over half a page headed: "Indian War" which includes a Proclamation from the Rock River, signed by: John Reynolds, noting: "It becomes my duty again to call on you for your services in the defense of your country. The state is not only invaded by the hostile Indians but many of our citizens have been slain in battl... See More  

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Lincoln selected the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate...

Item #654137

June 24, 1858

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., June 24, 1858 

* Abraham Lincoln

* U.S. Senate candidate

Page 3 has an article headed: "Politics In Illinois" which reports the election of Abraham Lincoln as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, to be opposed by incumbent Stephen Douglass the Democrat. This election would be followed by the famous Lincoln-Douglas debat... See More  

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Kit Carson fights the Navajo Indians... Lincoln's famous rally-letter endorsed...

Item #653127

September 04, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 4, 1863 

* Kit Carson fights the Navajo Indians

Although much of the front page is taken up with various reports from the Civil War, perhaps the most interesting item is the brief page 5 item headed: "Victory of Kit Carson Over the Indians" (see photos for full report), reading in part: "...had a fight with the Navajoe Indians beyond Fort Canby. The ... See More  

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Lincoln's Baltimore speech... Rare speech given outside of D.C.!

Item #653033

April 19, 1864

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, NY, April 19, 1864  The most noteworthy content is found on page 4 under the heading, "The Baltimore Fair," which includes excerpts and commentary regarding President Lincoln's Speech in Baltimore, it being one of only three speeches he gave outside of Washington during his presidency - particularly noteworthy in that it was just a few years earlier a plo... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln's 1st speech upon being re-elected...

Item #652988

November 11, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 11, 1864 

* President Lincoln gives 1st speech upon being re-elected

* Arming Negroes ?

* Jefferson Davis' speech to the Confederacy

Page four has the 1-column heading: "UNION REJOICES," with subhead: "Serenading the President and Cabinet - Speeches of Mr. Lincoln, Mr. Seward, and others." The article includes, in part, one of the most hu... See More  

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Walt Whitman's "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BORN FEB. 12, 1809)"... 1st appearance...

Item #652737

February 12, 1888

THE NEW YORK HERALD, February 12, 1888

* Walt Whitman's "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BORN FEB. 12, 1809)"

* 1st appearance - quite rare

Page 12 has Walt Whitman's "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BORN FEB. 12, 1809)," which was a piece written exclusively for the New York Herald. While noteworthy, it is certainly one of his shortest poems. The entire text reads: "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BOR... See More  

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Washington proclaims a day of thanksgiving... Both plates included...

Item #652719
THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, October, 1789 

The issue begins with a continuation of the "History of the American War" which takes 8 pages & continues in a future issue. Other articles include: "Memoirs of the Bastille" "A Short Description of the Country between North River and Morristown, near New Windsor, New Jersey" includes the related full page... See More  

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Great for a classroom - providing persective...

"Caught Napping", the original lost work by A.H. Burr...

Item #652537

February 10, 1866

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, February 10, 1866

* "Caught Napping", by A.H. Burr

While many are familiar with the print of "Caught Napping" by A.H. Burr in the March 10, 1866 issue of Harper's Weekly (at a lessor price), what may not be know is that the original appeared a month prior in the ILN for Feb. 10, 1866. The print is in great condition, and is accomp... See More  

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Second rate also available for:


Mount Rushmore construction photos....

Item #652200

December 19, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Rotogravure section only, Dec. 19, 1937

* Mount Rushmore construction

* Abraham Lincoln and more

This rotogravure section only has five front page photos related to the construction of Mount Rushmore. (see) Abraham Lincoln's face was dedicated a few months prior.

Other topics throughout. Complete rotogravure section only with 14 pages, rag edition in nice condition.... See More  

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Hitler Youth photo.... Abe Lincoln at Mouth Rushmore...

Item #651979

September 19, 1933

NEW YORK TIMES, rotogravure section only, Sept. 19, 1933

* Rarely seen Hitler Youth photo

* Abraham Lincoln head construction

The front page of this section has a photo showing early Hitler Youth marching in front of Adolph Hitler who is giving the Nazi salute. (see) Page 3 has a photo showing Abraham Lincoln's head being carved on Mount Rushmore.

Other topics throughout. Complete with... See More  

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Elizabeth City, North Carolina...

Item #651972

April 25, 1862

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 25, 1862 

* Elizabeth City, North Carolina 

* Siege of Yorktown, Virginia

* Nashville, Tennessee

This Genuine newspaper has a Wealth of Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "Important From Fortress Monroe" "Union Account of the Fight Near Elizabeth City... See More  

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Assassination attempt on Lincoln? Inauguration of Jefferson Davis...

Item #651886

February 23, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, February 23, 1861 

* President elect Abraham Lincoln

* Baltimore murder plot

* Jefferson Davis inauguration

Perhaps the most significant content is on page 5 which has very extensive coverage of the travels of Abraham Lincoln to Washington, D.C. for his inauguration. The top of the page has heads: "The Presidential Progress" "Great Turnout of the Philad... See More  

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First Battle of Springfield, Missouri...

Item #651638

October 28, 1861

THE NEW YORK HERALD, October 28, 1861.

* Battle of Ball's Bluff - Virginia

* First Battle of Springfield, Missouri

* Romney, West Virginia

This Genuine newspaper has a Wealth of Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "THE REBELLION" "Important from West Virginia" "Defeat of the... See More  

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Upholding Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation...

Item #651533
NEW-YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, October 8, 1862  Contains Major-General George McClellan's General Order No. 163 which instructed the officers and troops of the Army of the Potomac to uphold and adhere to President Lincoln's recently delivered Emancipation Proclamation. The order ends with, "In carrying out all measures of public policy this army will, of course, be guided by the sames o... See More  

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Carson City... Virginia City... Jamaica... Presidential election reporting (Lincoln)...

Item #650809
HARPER'S NEW MONTHLY MAGAZINE, New York, January, 1861 Featured in this issue is an article "A Peep at Washoe" which includes coverage on silver mining, Carson City, Virginia City and much more.

Other articles include "Cast-away in Jamaica" and other additional stories and illustrations included.

Near the back under "Monthly Record of Current Events" is a report... See More  

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Victory at the Rappahannock... Lincoln letter to the ladies...

Item #650768

November 12, 1863


* Second Battle of Rappahannock Station

* George G. Meade vs. Robert E. Lee

* Abraham Lincoln letter re. emancipation

The top of the ftpg. has column heads on the Union victory at the Battle of the Rappahannock: "From Gen. Meade's Army" "Official Report of the Passage of the Rappahannock" "Presentation of Battle Flag... See More  

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Mrs. Harris is acquitted of involvement in Lincoln's murder...

Item #650683

July 20, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, July 20, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination trial

* Mary Harris acquitted

* Reconstruction era

The top of the front page has: "Mary Harris' Trial" "Conclusion of the Washington Murder Case" "Exciting Scenes in the Court" "Sharp Practice of the Lawyers for the Defence" "Verdict of Acquittal" (see photos).

Other ... See More  

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Congregation Sherith Israel mourns... Lincoln's funeral...

Item #650671

April 21, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, April 21, 1865 

* Congregation Shearith Israel

* Abraham Lincoln assassination

* Jews mourn the loss of the president

Although somewhat inconspicuous, perhaps the most notable item within this black bordered issue is the page 7 mention, under the heading "Portuguese Synagogue, Nineteenth Street," of the mourning services held at The Congregation Sherith Isr... See More  

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Constitution Day celebrated...

Abraham Lincoln at Mount Rushmore...

Item #649463

September 18, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 18, 1937 

* Mount Rushmore - Keystone, South Dakota

* Abraham Lincoln sculpture unveiled 

* Constitution Day celebrated...

This 36 page newspaper has small and somewhat discrete one column headings on page 21:  "Lincoln Head Unveiled", "5,000 See Dedication at Dakota 'Shrine of Democracy'" which is a first report on t... See More  

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The Modoc Indian War, and the massacre...

Item #647421

June 10, 1873

ROCHESTER DEMOCRAT & CHRONICLE, New York, June 10, 1873  The top of the ftpg. has column heads on the Modoc Indian War, with: "THE MODOCS" "A Cruel Massacre" "A Train of Prisoners Attacked by Oregon Volunteers" "Little John, Tehee Jack, Pony Mooch and Others Killed". Page 3 has an interesting article: "Abraham Lincoln's Duel--Forgotten Inci... See More  

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Ten issues from the Civil War...

Item #647006

April 08, 1864

NORTHAMPTON FREE PRESS, Massachusetts  A lot of ten consecutive biweekly issues from the Civil War dated March 8 - April 8, 1864, each having Civil War content within. The April 8 issue has over 2 columns of the ftpg. taken up with: "Abraham Lincoln, By Mrs. Harriet Beecher Stowe".

Each complete in 4 pages, light water staining to an upper quadrant does not deter readability, other... See More  

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Baseball... early spring training... Hot Springs, Arkansas...

Item #646786

March 22, 1890

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, March 22, 1890  An inside page has a nice 5 by 7 inch illustration captioned: "Opening Of The Base-Ball Season.--Game Between The Chicago And Brooklyn Clubs On The Flagler Grounds, at St. Augustine, Fla." with a view of the grandstand and portions of the seating along the baselines, with a game in progress. There is a related article on another pa... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln's letter...

Item #646633

February 26, 1863

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 26, 1863  Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War are:"P resident Lincoln's Letter to the Men of Manchester [England]" which is signed in type: Abraham Lincoln; "The Siege of Vicksburg" "Bombardment Going On Slowly" "The Fight of the Hatteras" "Additional Particulars of the Brilliant Affair" "The Blockade o... See More  

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A "Copperhead" newspaper on the fall of the Rebel capital...

Item #627825

April 05, 1865

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, April 5, 1865 

* Last days of the Civil War

* Fall of Richmond, Virginia

* Abraham Lincoln

Page 5 has a very historic report on the fall of Richmond, the capital of the Confederacy, and which signaled the end of the Civil War which would come a few days later.  The top of the first column has: "THE WAR" "The Fall of Richmond!" which... See More  

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Criticizing Lincoln's state-of-the-union address...

Item #626251

December 12, 1861

THE CRISIS, Columbus, Ohio, Dec. 12, 1861 

* President Abraham Lincoln

* State of the Union Address criticized

* General P. G. T. Beauregard letter

Among the articles are a lengthy ftpg. report: "The President's Message" which is commentary on Lincoln's recent state-of-the-union address. Most of pg. 2 has: "Report of the Secretary of War". Other items inclu... See More  

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Lincoln accepts the Republican nomination for President... The slave ship Wildfire...

Item #624613

May 22, 1860

NEW-YORK TIMES, May 22, 1860 

* Abraham Lincoln accepts presidential nomination

* Republican National Convention in Chicago

* Slaver ship "Wildfire"

Page 4 has a report with column heads: "The Republican Candidate for the Presidency" "Hon. Abram Lincoln Accepts The Chicago Nomination"  being a very historic item although inconspicuously reported, i... See More  

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Horace Greeley meets Lincoln in Springfield...

Item #621829

February 06, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 6, 1861 

* President-elect Abraham Lincoln

* Springfield, Illinois

Page 4 has: "Important From Springfield" reports on an interview between Lincoln and Horace Greeley, with some additional items (see). Other interesting articles relating to the coming Civil War.

Eight pages, some light damp staining, good condition.... See More  

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Civil War map of Western Virginia... Lincoln Proclamation...

Item #621489

February 01, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 1, 1864  The front page  features a very nice & detailed Civil War map headed: "THE FIGHTING IN WESTERN VIRGINIA. Scene of the Recent Contest in Gen. Kelley's Dept." Also column heads on the war include: "Call for Half a Million of Men" "The President's Proclamation" which is signed in type: Abraham Lincoln (see); "Shar... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln's position...

Item #620635

January 30, 1861

NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 30, 1861 

* Abraham Lincoln about to change America

Near the top of the front page is: "Important From Springfield" "The Position Of the President Elect" noting in part: "...stating that Mr. Lincoln had written to his Congressional friends recommending conciliatory measures...country may rest assured that in Abraham Lincoln they have a Repub... See More  

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One of the earliest newspaper mentions of Lincoln to be had...

Item #618575

August 12, 1837

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 12, 1837 

* Very early mention of Abraham Lincoln

* Early Mormon & Joseph Smith mention

An inside page has a report headed "Illinois" being an account of activities in the state legislature, with an inconspicuous--yet very significant--listing of "Lincoln" in the "negative" column of those who voted on a spec... See More  

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General Joseph Johnston surrender...

Item #617462

May 02, 1865

SPRINGFIELD DAILY REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, May 2, 1865

* Joseph E. Johnston's surrender

* Abraham Lincoln obsequies

* Civil War ending events

Pages 4 has various reports on the closing events of the Civil War with one column headings. See images here.

Complete in 8 pages, this issue is not fragile as newsprint back then was made of cotton and linen rags, allowing them to remain very... See More  

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Woman sculptor creates the Lincoln statue for the Rotunda...

Item #615300

January 26, 1871

NEW YORK TIMES, January 26, 1871 

* Abraham Lincoln statue dedication

* United States Capitol Rotunda

* Vinnie Ream - Woman sculptor

The front page has an article: "The Lincoln Statue" "Unveiling Miss Ream's Statue of the Late Mr. Lincoln--Speeches by Prominent Members of Congress". See the web for a photo & more information on this famous statue on exhibit... See More  

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Woman sculptor creates the Lincoln statue for the Rotunda...

Item #615290

January 26, 1871

NEW YORK TIMES, Jan. 26, 1871 

* Abraham Lincoln statue dedication

* United States Capitol Rotunda

* Vinnie Ream - Woman sculptor

The front page has an article: "The Lincoln Statue" "Unveiling Miss Ream's Statue of the Late Mr. Lincoln--Speeches by Prominent Members of Congress". See the web for a photo & more information on this famous statue on exhibit in... See More  

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Baseball games reported... Lincoln's log cabin...

Item #611720

July 21, 1865

NEW-YORK TIMES, July 21, 1865 Pg. 3 has: "Outdoor Sports" "Base Ball" which include a summary and box score of a game between the Empire and Mutual clubs with mention there was: "...a goodly number of ladies being present." The back page has a summary and box score of a game between the Lowell team and the Atlantics. Mentions that the Lowell team "...had the hono... See More  

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A rare title from the Civil War, just after the close of the Civil War...

Item #609915

May 03, 1865


* Very rare Civil War title - closing events

* William Gannaway "Parson" Brownlow

W. G. Brownlow, or  Parson Brownlow, was a fascinating personality to say the least. He regarded anyone who disagreed with him about religion or politics as an enemy. The circuit-riding Methodist parson turned to... See More  

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President Lincoln & his cabinet....

Item #607893

April 06, 1870

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 6, 1870

* Abraham Lincoln's cabinet

* Thurlow Weed

Page 2 has an article headed: "President Lincoln" "The Selection of his Cabinet for his Second Term--A Chapter from Thurlow Weed's Autobiography" See images for text here.

Other news of the day. Complete in 8 pages, minor margin wear, otherwise in nice condition.... See More  

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