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One of the more rare Revolutionary War titles... Battle of Bunker Hill... Patrick Henry... so much more...

Item #687318

October 06, 1775


* Battle of Bunker Hill

* Revolutionary War

* Very rare publication

Certainly one of the more scarce titles from during the Revolutionary War. This is the volume 1 number 27 issue of a newspaper that existed only from April 7 to December 22, 1775, publishing a total of just 38 i... See More  

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Very displayable Edinburgh, Scotland newspaper...

Item #687308

August 11, 1726


* Very rare title from the early 18th century

* Nice masthead engravings

See the photos for one of the more beautiful, displayable mastheads of the 18th century featuring two woodblock engravings, one showing postboys on horseback trumpeting the news, and the other showing a winged angel trumpeting the news.

Additionally, the fir... See More  

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With the "Supplement" issue as well. Fine content...

Item #687300

May 16, 1768

THE BOSTON CHRONICLE, May 16, 1768  The entire front page and most of pg. 2 are taken up with a continued report titled: "An Account of Corsica; & the Memoirs of the famous Pascal Paoli the commander in chief of the Corsicans."

Page 2 contains a nice & somewhat detailed ad for the famous series of "Letters From a Farmer in Pennsylvania..." done by John Dickinson,... See More  

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On the Battle of Bunker Hill... Washington named commander-in-chief.. So much more....

Item #687295

July 05, 1775


* Battle of Bunker Hill - Charlestown

* Siege of Boston, Massachusetts

* George Washington named commander

* American Revolutionary War

* Terrific issue w/ many reports

Nice engraving in the masthead of a post boy on horseback.

The front page has a letter from an officer in General Gage's regiment heading for ... See More  

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The King addressses Parliament on the dire situation in America...

Item #687287

February 23, 1782


* Rare publication during Revolutionary War

 This is certainly one of the less common titles from the Revolutionary War era.

Page 2 has a letter that notes in part: "...the Americans might yet be brought back to a constitutional subordination to this country!...". Also: "The troops destined for t... See More  

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Fine accounts of the Battle of Fort Washington...

Item #687221

December 05, 1776


* Battle of Fort Washington

* Washington Heights, Manhattan

* American Revolutionary War

Certainly a nice Revolutionary War newspaper for display as the entire front page is taken up with: "An ACT for Providing a Reinforcement to the AMERICAN ARMY." by the state of Massachusetts Bay.

Page 2 has an ov... See More  

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Tarring & feathering for villains...

Item #687218

February 11, 1774


* Pre Revolutionary War

* Tarring and Feathering

The front page has a brief item: "We hear that the Hon. John Hancock, Esq., is appointed to deliver the ORATION in commemoration of the Bloody Tragedy on the 5th of March 1770." which was the Boston Massacre.

Page 2 begins with a report of a man being tarred & f... See More  

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1772 - colonial New York... British Royal-themed engraving of a coat-of-arms...

Item #687198

April 16, 1772


* Rare colonial publication

The masthead features a British Royal-themed engraving of a coat-of-arms.

Page 2 has various news item, mostly from London. One-bit notes: "It is said the whole military establishment for the British colonies is to consist of 13,000 effective men, exclusive of their militia." Pages 3 &... See More  

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Likely the most desired masthead from the 18th century...

Item #687194

October 23, 1770

THE MASSACHUSETTS SPY, Or Thomas's Boston Journal, October 27, 1774  It would be difficult to properly place both the scarcity and desirability of this newspaper in the confect of American history. This issue has the famous "Join Or Die" engraving stretching across the masthead.

In the same way that the famous "Dewey Defeats Truman" issue of the Chicago Tribune is com... See More  

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Putting the Constitution into effect, & New York is the capital...

Item #687174

September 20, 1788


* United States Constitution into effect

* New York City as nation's capital

 The top of the front page has an article signed by: "A Federalist" which is very supportive of the new Constitution, then being considered for ratification by the various states. It notes in part: "...The game that is now playing by the ant... See More  

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Four front page signatures by George Washington...

Item #687171

May 28, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 28, 1796 

* President George Washington

A very displayable newspaper, as the front page has not one but four Acts of Congress with each signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington. One concerns: "...allowing compensation for horses killed in battle belonging to officers of the army of the United States."

The back page features 12 ill... See More  

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An address to the President, with his response...

Item #687169

October 10, 1798

THOMAS'S MASSACHUSETTS SPY OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, Oct. 10, 1798  Page 2 has an: "Address" prefaced with: "Among the numerous addresses presented to the President few, if any, have been better expressed than the following." signed: James Oliver. This is followed by the President's reply signed: John Adams.

Four pages, two very discrete archival mends inside, great c... See More  

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An early, handsome issue from the colonies... Nice Ben Franklin content...

Item #687150

July 05, 1762


* Rare colonial publication

* Benjamin Franklin

A very handsome issue with an ornate coat-of-arms engraving in the masthead.

Page 2 has a nice, early item on Ben Franklin with an Oxford dateline: "Yesterday Benjamin Franklin, Esq., of Pennsylvania, eminent for his many extraordinary improvements in electrical experiments, was presented by t... See More  

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Further on Ethan Allen's narrative of his captivity...

Item #687145

November 20, 1779

THE PENNSYLVANIA PACKET, Philadelphia, Nov. 20, 1779

* Ethan Allen captivity

* Revolutionary War original

 Most of the front page is taken up with an Act of the Pennsylvania Legislature, prefaced with a paragraph signed in type by the Clerk of the General Assembly, none other than: Thomas Paine.

Page 3 has yet another Act which is prefaced with an intro signed: Thomas Paine.

All of ... See More  

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Early issue of this famous British newspaper...

Item #687087

May 16, 1758

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, May 16, 1758  Various European news reports with datelines from the Admiralty Office, London, Holland, Ireland, Falmouth, Portsmouth & elsewhere. The back page has a letter from Kingston, Jamaica. 

Eight pages, 8 by 10 3/4 inches, very nice condition.

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A handsome display issue...

Item #687083

September 05, 1713

THE POST BOY, London, Sept. 5, 1713

* Displayable masthead

* Early 18th century

 A very nice example of this early British title as it is well inked with wide margins, and a full red tax stamp at the top of page 2. Two engravings in the masthead, one of a news boy on horseback trumpeting the news, make this a displayable issue.

Single sheet, 8 1/2 by 14 inches, very nice condition.&nb... See More  

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Genuine London Gazette newspaper from 1700...

Item #687066

August 05, 1700

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Aug. 5, 1700

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

* At the turn of the 18th century

This is the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, having begun in 1665 and is still printing in London to this day. And this is a very early, genuine issue. As was the case with most newspapers of the 17th century, this is c... See More  

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Napoleon is dead? The frigate Constitution...

Item #686890

March 02, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 2, 1799  Page 2 has: "Buonaparte's Death" has near the beginning: "The important event...is general believed to have taken place; and Buonaparte, whose name has been a host in the hands of tyrants, is stated by some accounts to have fallen by the pistol of a slave...", but it was untrue. He did not die until 1821.

Page 2 also has: &qu... See More  

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John Adams letter... Refuting Washington's death...

Item #686886

January 19, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 19, 1799  Page 2 has a letter to the New York legislature signed in type by the President: John Adams.

Following it is a note which begins: "Some if the infernals who infest the United States have reported...the death of our beloved Fabius-Maximus, of Mount Vernon. The tale is false. Washington yet lives--and the God of all goodness still continues to bl... See More  

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Firepower for the "approaching season"...

Item #686885

January 12, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 12, 1799  Page 2 has a lengthy speech by the Mass. governor, signed in script type: Increase Sumner. The back page features a very interesting & unusual illustrated ad for "Gunnery Articles Suitable for the Approaching Season". One wonders what the season is, as the illustration shows a cannon.

Four pages, small piece from a lower blank margin, ... See More  

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Detailed report on the historic Battle of the Nile...

Item #686881

December 12, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 12, 1798

* Lord Horatio Nelson victorious

* Battle of the Nile

* Napoleon Bonaparte

Page 2 begins with nearly two columns of reports detailing the Battle of the Nile, during which Horatio Nelson defeated Napoleon Buonaparte.

Headed: "Further Particulars of the Glorious British Naval Victory" the report takes all of the first column & carries ... See More  

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Trouble with France... The U.S. Navy... John Adams...

Item #686866

August 29, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 29, 1798  Most of the front page is taken up with  3 Acts of Congress, one for: "...the relief of sick and disabled seamen.", each signed in script type by the President: John Adams.

Page 2 has: "French Duplicity" which relates to the XYZ Affair. Also: "From the Mediterranean" concerning Napoleon Buoaparte, and "More St... See More  

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John Adams' script signatures...

Item #686850

June 09, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 9, 1798  The front page has a poem titled: "Adams And Liberty - The Boston Patriotic Song, Written by Thomas Paine, A. M." (likely Robert Treat Paine, sources differ)

The front page has 3 Acts of Congress each signed in script type by the President: John Adams, and in block type by the Vice President: Th. Jefferson

Four pages, very nice cond... See More  

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John Adams Acts... with script signatures...

Item #686849

June 02, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 2, 1798 

* President John Adams

* 3 Acts of Congress

The front page has three Acts of Congress each signed in script type by the President:  John Adams.

Page 2 has two letters: "To the President of the United States" from the citizens of Cambridge and Haverhill, Mass.

Four pages, minor stain near the top, nice condition. A dis
... See More  

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The XYZ Affair In 1798....

Item #686818

March 28, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 28, 1798 

* The XYZ Affair

* France relations

* John Adams message

Page 2 has the "President's Message" to Congress indicating that the negotiations with France by the U.S. envoys have failed. In the message the President states in part: "...I perceive no ground of expectation, that the objects of their mission, can be accomplished,... See More  

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Law on "...the dangerous evils of canine madness..."

Item #686816

March 10, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 10, 1798   front page has a nearly full column Act of the Massachusetts legislature titled: "An Act to lessen the dangerous evils of Canine Madness and other injuries occasioned by Dogs." which is signed in type by the governor: Increase Sumner. A very interesting and early law which reads as if it came from an early version of the SPCA.

Also... See More  

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The French Constitution... Article concerning Ben Franklin...

Item #686814

December 10, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 10, 1791  The entire front page is taken up with the second (of 4) installment of: "The French Constitution Revised, Amended, and Finally Decreed, by the National Assembly".

Page 2 begins with: "Congressional Intelligence" headed with an engraving of a heraldic eagle. Also inside is an address: "To Josiah Harmar, Brig. General of the ... See More  

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Hamilton, Washington, and Adams...

Item #686811

November 23, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 23, 1791  Most of the first column of the front page is taken up with the: "Report of the Secretary of the Treasury on the Estimates for 1792" which is signed in type: Alexander Hamilton, Secretary of the Treasury.

The front page also contains a: "Report of the Trustees of the Sinking Fund" signed by the Vice President: John Adams. Taking ... See More  

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Louis XVI ratifies the French Constitution...

Item #686810

November 19, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 19, 1791  A full column on the front page & more than a column on page 2 is consumed with: "Ratification Of The French Constitution, By the King" which is signed by him in type: Louis. Page 2 also has reports from "Congress" headed with an engraving of a heraldic eagle.

Four pages, some staining at the top of the front page, otherwise ... See More  

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John Adams, John Hancock, Benedict Arnold...

Item #686809

November 16, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 16, 1791  

* John Adams, John Hancock & Benedict Arnold

The front page has reports from "Congress" headed with an engraving of a heraldic eagle & includes a letter signed: John Adams

"Manufactures" on page 2 notes in part: "Very palatable Wine has...been made of grapes, raised on an island in the Ohio...opposite G... See More  

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Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette escape...

Item #686798

August 31, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 31, 1791  

* Louis XVI of France

* Marie Antoinette

* Escapes France

The front page is entirely taken up with the situation of King Louis XVI in France including: "The French King's Memoir" which begins: "Freemen - While the King had any hope of seeing order & happiness restored, by the means employed by the National Assembly &a... See More  

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Treatment of Indians... Louis XVI on the colors of the flags...

Item #686786

May 14, 1791

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, May 14, 1791  Over half of the front page is taken  up with: "Commonn Sense -- In Answer to Burke's Phillipick" which relates to Thomas Paine's work, plus much concerning he French Revolution and several references to the Maquis de LaFayette.

Page 2 has "A Law" from France, signed by the King: Louis, concerning a Decree of the Nati... See More  

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Vermont to ratify the Constitution...

Item #686777

December 01, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 1, 1790 

* United States Constitution

* Vermont for ratification

On page 2 under "Vermont" is a notable report reading in full: "The Legislature of this State, has called a Convention to ratify the Constitution of the United States--to meet at Bennington, in the next month. The terms of the decree of the State of New York, with this State... See More  

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Exploring interior Africa in the 1700's...

Item #686771

November 06, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 6, 1790  Page 2 article: "Interiour Africa" offers nice particulars about the continent particularly the region from the Niger River to the coast of Guinea with talk about camels, the large rivers, Pagans and Mahometans, articles of export like gold-dust, goat-skins, and a species of nut called "gooroo", with mention that: "Fire arms a... See More  

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Early report on boxing...

Item #686767

October 30, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 30, 1790  Page 2 has an article: "Boxing" which is a very early report of the sport. The match is between "Big Ben" and the "Tinman".

Other items including a page 3 article on: "Duelling" "King of France's Demand" "the Art of Joking" "King of Sweden" and other items.

Four pages, very n... See More  

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News from 1790...

Item #686765

October 27, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 27, 1790  The front page has a continued article on: "The Art of Joking". Other articles include: "Natural History" "Useful Arts" "Gibraltar" "France--National Assembly" "Federal Register" and more. The back page has six illustrated ship ads.

Four pages, very nice, clean condition.

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Traveling with Captain Cook...

Item #686764

October 23, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 23, 1790  The front page has over a column on: "Mr. John Ledyard, the Celebrated Traveller" which includes comments on his trip with Capt. Cook to Hawaii, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, Tahiti and elsewhere.

Page 2 has a report concerning the circumnavigation of the ship Columbia.

Four pages, some foxing inside, nice condition.

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Ben Franklin's famous kite experiment...

Item #686746
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1752

* Benjamin Franklin's famous kite experiment described

Inside has a terrific account of a legendary event in history--the famous kite experiment conducted by Benjamin Franklin. Note there is even mention of Franklin's name on the title page.

The article, datelined "Philadelphia, Oct. 19, 1752", begins by mentioning the r... See More  

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The President's house... Efforts to create the nation's capital in Maryland...

Item #686744

November 20, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 20, 1790  Page 2 has a sarcastic report from New York: "Great merit is claimed...by Mr. Morris for having been so gracious as to give up his house for the use of the President of the United States...Whether the giving up a house of moderate dimensions for seven hundred pounds a year can be deemed a great sacrifice, especially when it is considered that th... See More  

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Four front page Acts of Congress... Buying the land at West Point... Establishing a permanent seat of government...

Item #686743

July 28, 1790

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 28, 1790

* Four Acts of United States Congress signed in script type

* West Point, New York purchased by United States

* President George Washington &Thomas Jefferson

* Establishing a permanent seat of government

Fully half of the front page is taken up with not one or two, but four Acts of Congress, each signed in script type by the President: George ... See More  

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Washington to arrive for his inauguration... The new federal government begins their work...

Item #686717

April 06, 1789

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET, Philadelphia, April 6, 1789  On this very day the votes for President were counted in the Senate, the result showing Washington was elected (not reported here).

Page 2 item from Boston notes that many men elected as federal representatives have declined the honor due to "private affairs". Also: "A Proclamation" for a day of fasting & prayer, signe... See More  

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John Jay and his 'Jay Treaty'...

Item #686714

April 16, 1795

FEDERAL ORRERY, Boston, April 16, 1795 

* 18th century America

* re. John Jay Treaty

The masthead has an engraving of the sun surrounded by stars. Page 3 has: "Mr. Jay" which begins: "...that distinguished patriot, federalist, and statesman, will doubtless be appointed governor of the state of New York...The Treaty which he has effected is reported to be highly favorable... See More  

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On the fleeing of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette... War Dept. pensions...

Item #686713

September 01, 1791

DUNLAP'S AMERICAN DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Sept. 1, 1791  Page 2 has a lengthy report concerning Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, including: "...powerfully excited by the flight, capture and imprisonment of the ROYAL FAMILY OF FRANCE. A King and Queen fleeing from their throne and seeking an asylum in a foreign land is a most affecting & instructive spectacle!! How vain and... See More  

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Washington Act of Congress on the front page... President's image not to be on the coins...

Item #686711

April 07, 1792

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 7, 1792  Near half of the front page is taken up with an: "Act to Provide for the Settlement of the Claims of Widows and Orphans barred by the Limitations heretofore Established & to Regulate the Claims to Invalid Pensions" which is signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington, and in block type by John Adams and Th. Jefferson.

Page 2... See More  

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George Washington's state-of-the-union address...

Item #686710

November 14, 1792

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 14, 1792  Taking over half of the front page and concluding on page two where it is signed in script type: G. Washington, is President George Washington's "Speech to Both Houses of Congress".

This was his annual state-of-the-union address, a tradition which he initiated in 1790 and which carries on to this day. There is a prefacing paragraph hea... See More  

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Creation of the Department of the Navy...

Item #686707

June 20, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 20, 1798 

* United States Department of the Navy creation

* Thomas Jefferson & John Adams creates

A very significant issue, as the front page contains the Act of Congress which formally established the Department of the Navy.

The United States Navy can trace its history back to 1775 when the Continental Congress passed a resolution creating the Con... See More  

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"We will not change the laws of England"...

Item #686706

June 17, 1793

THE TRUE BRITON, London, June 17, 1793 A quite uncommon title from the late 18th century, I believe only the 2nd we have offered. The motto in the masthead is in Latin but translates to: "We Will Not Change the Laws of England."

News of the day & a wealth of ads & notices, four pages, lightly inked red tax stamp on the front page, discrete archival mend to the back page, nice co... See More  

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England declares war on the American colonies...

Item #686702

August 24, 1775

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 24, 1775  Certainly the most significant content is the back page printing of the very historic: "By The King, A Proclamation For Suppressing Rebellion and Sedition" which was the King's response to the so-called Olive Branch Petition, sent to the king by the Second Continental Congress on July 8, 1775.

King George III rejected the idea of re... See More  

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Constitutional Convention begins & Washington is elected its President: a day after report...

Item #686699

May 26, 1787


* Constitutional Convention begins

* George Washington elected president

An exceedingly historic issue as this newspaper reports the formal beginning of the Constitutional Convention--terrific to have in a newspaper from the city where these notable proceedings were held.

As such, this is likely the ... See More  

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England discusses the issue of independence for America... War accounts...

Item #686694

May 12, 1780

THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, Scotland, May 12, 1780

* American Revolutionary War era newspaper

* Independence for America ?

 Pages 2 and 3 have much discussion in the House of Commons concerning the Revolutionary War. A few bits include: "...introduced his motion for a reconciliation between Great Britain & her colonies. Peace, he said, was a desirable object to every man...The p... See More  

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