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McGwire breaks Maris' home run record...

Item #160668

September 09, 1998

ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH, Missouri, September 9, 1998  See the photo for a terrific & very displayable newspaper celebrating Mark McGwire 62nd home run of the season, breaking Roger Maris' home run record. Great to have in a St. Louis newspaper! This is the complete issue and is in very good condition with only a slight even toning (see images).

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Death of Joe DiMaggio...

Item #160671

March 09, 1999

DAILY NEWS, New York City, March 9, 1999 This is the "National Edition" with the very nice, full front page memorial to Joe DiMaggio who had just died, with a special "wrap-around" cover sheet with his photo from an earlier year with the New York Yankees. Great to have this report in a New York City newspaper.

The "wrap-around" section on DiMaggio is complete in 32-p... See More  

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Cal Ripken breaks Lou Gehrig's record...

Item #160672

September 07, 1995

THE SUN, Baltimore, September 7, 1995  Offered is a very historic issue for the baseball collector, being the Baltimore newspaper reporting Cal Ripken's 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig's record which stood for 56 years. Great headlines and photos of Ripken appear on both the front page and the 1st page of the Sports Section.

The issue is believed to be complete in multi... See More  

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First female cabinet member...

Item #160685

March 01, 1933

THE BOSTON HERALD, Mar. 1, 1933 The ftpg. has a 2 line, 2 column head: "Roosevelt Completes Cabinet With Miss Perkins and Roper" & subheads: "First Woman Ever to Sit in Official Family to Head Labor Dept." "Walsh Named Attorney General." Includes a two column photo of: "Miss Francis Perkins."

Complete in 26 pages, browned a bit at the edges, minor fold ... See More  

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Item #160688

October 08, 1924

THE TOPEKA DAILY CAPITAL, Oct. 8, 1924 Three line, 1 column head: "Goose Hangs High In The Senators' Home Town Now" & subheads: "Leon Goslin Slugging Pride of Washington, Clubs Giants Into Decisive 7 to 4 Defeat Almost Single Handed" "Gets Four Hits, Including Homer" & more. Includes a game summary and the box score. Nice one column photo of "Goose" Goslin. Slight browning, otherwise good.

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Item #160721

December 14, 1961

DETROIT NEWS, Dec. 14, 1961 Two line, five column head: "KENNEDY TAKES RISK, BACKS UN IN CONGO" Subheads include: "Opposed in Europe and U.S."

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Charles Jr. is born...

Item #160740

June 23, 1930

DETROIT FREE PRESS, June 23, 1930 Three column photo of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lindbergh with caption: "SON BORN TO LINDBERGHS" tells of Charles Jr.

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Item #160747

October 16, 1946

EVENING CHRONICLE, October 16, 1946 Two line, six column head: "Eyewitnesses Describe Hanging of 10 Hitler Henchmen; Goering Takes Poison" subheads include: "Rain Falls as Hangman's Noose Carries Out Allied Justice"

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Item #160752

October 06, 1953

MORNING CALL, Allentown, Pa., Oct. 6, 1953 Two line, two column head: "Yanks Win Series, Clipping Bums, 4-3" tells of the New York Yankees' fifth straight World Series title. Ftpg. only!

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Item #160753

January 20, 1953

MORNING CALL, Allentown, Pa. January 20, 1953 Two line, six column head: "Eisenhower Ends Democratic Rule By Becoming Nation's 34th President" Subhead: "Weather Outlook For Inauguration: Cloudy and Warm" plus related photos. Front page only!

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Item #160754

May 09, 1958

MORNING CALL, May 9, 1958 Two line, five column head: "Peruvian Students Stone, Spit On Nixon, Desecrate U.S. Flag". Subhead: "He Says Day 'Will Live In Infamy'" plus a four column photo of Richard Nixon in the middle of the jeering students. Front page only!

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Susan B. Anthony retires...

Item #160755

February 01, 1900

THE EVENING NEWS, Detroit, Feb. 1, 1900 Pg. 6 has a 1 line, 1 column head: "Drops The Gavel" & subheads: "Susan B. Anthony Retires Next Week" "From Active Suffrage Association Work" "Her Remaining Days Will Be Spent in Rochester, N.Y." Includes a 2 by 2 inch close-up illustration of Anthony. Spine is a bit irregular, browned at the edges & a bit pulpish.

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Item #160770

May 05, 1945

MORNING CALL, Allentown, Pennsyhlvania, May 5, 1945  Two line banner head: " 'Ike' Declares Germans Beaten; Doenitz' Capitulation Awaited".  Subhead: "Holland, Denmark and Northwest Reich Surrender Unconditionally" Front page only, good condition.

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Item #160794

August 25, 1921

WASHINGTON OBSERVER, Pennsylvania, Aug. 25, 1921 Two line, two line head: "ZR-2 Is Wrecked In Air By An Explosion" Subheads include: "Navy Dirigible Collapses; Many Of Crew Perish" Slightly pulpish around the margins but no loss.

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Item #160798

March 01, 1964

DETROIT FREE PRESS, Mar. 1, 1964 Banner head: "U.S. Bares 2,000-MPH Jet" Subheads: "Project kept Secret Five Years" "Missile Capability, Long Range Seen" plus a photo of the new Air Force jet.

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Item #160799

September 21, 1953

DETROIT FREE PRESS, Sept. 21, 1953 Two line banner head: "ALLIES GET MIG INTACT" "Red Airman Claims $100,000 Bounty" Subheads: "Sneaks to Seoul, Asks U.S. Asylum" "Jet Believed Soviet's Best; Air Force Says Offer Stands"

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Gov. Rockfeller weds... Birmingham march...

Item #160812

May 05, 1963

DETROIT FREE PRESS, Detroit, Michigan, May 5, 1963 A banner head: "Rockefeller Weds Divorcee" with a subhead: "Honeymoon In Venezuela" plus a three column photo of Gov. Nelson Rockefeller and his new wife.

Also on the front page is a one-column wide article "1,000 Halt March to Avert Riot" with subhead "Bobby Sends Aides to Birmingham". This was the third s... See More  

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Item #160827

July 06, 1925

THE DAY, New London, Ct. July 6, 1925 Three line, three column head: "44 Dead Found in Ruins Of Night Life Resort; Pickwick Club Disaster" Subheads include: "When Wall of All-Night Chinatown Resort Caved in, There Were Over 100 Dancers on Floor'"

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Robert Kennedy wins election...

Item #160832

June 29, 1966

EVENING TELEGRAM, Herkimer, New York, June 29, 1966  Two line, five column head: "Incumbents Meet Defeat; Kennedy Is Triumphant" Subheads include: "Kennedy Wins Battle For Personal Prestige" plus a one column photo of Sen. Robert Kennedy. Also on the front page is a photo of the needle-nose Lockheeds' mockup mode of the supersonic transport 2000 SST which will fly at 1... See More  

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Branch Rickey has a bad day behind the plate...

Item #160842

June 29, 1907

CLEVELAND LEADER, June 29, 1907 Pg. 6 has a brief summary of a game played between Washington & N.Y. mentioning that "...Rickey was unable to hold the visitors on bases, thirteen stolen bases being recorded for Washington." Includes the box score. Time will prove that he was better working in the front office. Some chipping at the spine, slight browning to the edges, otherwise good.

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Item #160846

May 11, 1963

DETROIT NEWS, May 11, 1963 Two line, 6 col. head: "Racial Pact Hit By Ala. Mayor, Officials" with one column subheads: "Dr. King Claims Triumph" "City's Leaders Call Business Heads Spineless" and more on page 2. Complete issue in nice condition.

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Item #160853

March 15, 1907

CLEVELAND LEADER, Mar. 15, 1907 Three line, five column head: "GREATEST FLOOD IN PITTSBURG'S HISTORY DRIVES 10,000 FAMILIES FROM HOMES AND CAUSES PROPERTY LOSS OF $10,000,000" plus subheads. Pulpish & a little irregular at the margin.

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Item #160914

August 16, 1932

OMAHA BEE-NEWS, Aug. 16, 1932 Banner head: "Boardman Hurt In Plane Crash" & subhead: "Speed Flyer Testing Ship Falls from 2,000 ft." Includes a two column photo of Boardman from earlier in the year and a nice, three column photo of a Gee-Bee plane which he crashed. Small tear in this text, no loss.

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Duke's undefeated season ruined by USC...

Item #160915

January 03, 1939

THE NEW-YORK TIMES, Jan. 3, 1939 Nearly a banner head on pg. 20: "91,000 See So. California Topple Duke in Rose Bowl". Subheads: "Last Minute Toss Defeats Duke, 7-3" "Nave's Fourth Straight Pass Caught by Krueger in End Zone for U.S.C. Triumph" "March Spans 61 Yards" "Follows Field Goal by Ruffa, Aerials Covering 40--Blue Devils Yield First Score". Four column action photo shows Tipton of Duke ma... See More  

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Item #160928

April 04, 1936

COLDWATER DAILY REPORTER, Mich. Apr. 4, 1936 Three line, two column head: "HAUPTMANN DIES IN CHAIR AFTER LAW RUNS COURSE" Subhead: "Goes To His Death Still Protesting Innocence of Epochal Crime". Slight browning around the margins.

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Item #160946

May 10, 1963

DETROIT FREE PRESS, May 10, 1963 Banner head: "U.S. INDICTS HOFFA AGAIN" Subheads include: "Charges Tampering with Jury"

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Charles Lindbergh marries...

Item #160964

May 28, 1929

DETROIT FREE PRESS, Michigan, May 28, 1929

* Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow marry

The banner head states: "COL. LINDBERGH AND ANNE MARRY AT SURPRISE CEREMONY". Subheads include: "Honeymoon Journey to Be Made in Airplane." plus a four column illustration of the famous couple.

Other news and advertisements of the day are included. This issue is complete in 40 pages and ... See More  

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Bears win 7th title...

Item #160970

December 16, 1946

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Dec. 16, 1946 Banner head on pg. 32: "58,346 See Bears Beat Giants in National Football League Title Play-Off". Two line, one column subhead: "Luckman Is Star In 24-14 Triumph" & smaller subheads: "Scores Clinching Touchdown, Passes for Another to Top Injury-Ridden Giants" "Game Won In Last Period" "Chicagoans Tally on 19-Yard Da... See More  

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Item #160997

November 02, 1950

MORNING CALL, Nov. 2, 1950 Two line, three column head near bottom: "George Bernard Shaw Succumbs at 94; One of History's Greatest Dramatists" plus one column photo of him. Front page only.

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Item #161001

January 25, 1950

EVENING CHRONICLE, Jan. 25, 1950 Seven column head: "ALGER HISS GETS 5 YEARS" Subhead: "Remains Free Until Courts Rule Finally On His Appeal" Front page only.

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Item #161008

August 09, 1958

MORNING CALL, Aug. 9, 1958 Two line, five col. head: "Nautilus Sails From Pacific To Atlantic Under Polar ice" Subhead: "Atomic Sub Pioneers new Route" & photo of map and map of route. Front page only.

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Mark McGwire sets home run record...

Item #161020

September 08, 1998

THE ST. LOUIS POST DISPATCH -- STADIUM EXTRA, September 8, 1998  This "Stadium Extra Edition" reports Mark McGwire's breaking of Roger Maris' single season home run record. This issue is unique and quite difficult to find as it was only available at the stadium. Great to have this report in a St. Louis paper.

Complete in 20 pages, nice condition, some typical ink smudging (... See More  

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Item #161027

January 19, 1950

THE DETROIT FREE PRESS, Jan. 19, 1950. Page 10 has a two line, two column head: "Rep. Ford Is Named 'Young Man of Year'" and just above this and underscored is a one line head: "War On Bossism Wins Honor." The report begins: "Rep. Gerald R. Ford, Jr. (R), Grand Rapids, was chosen as one of the Nation's 10 'young men of the year'" Plus a bit more about the award and the other recipients. Includes a... See More  

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Lou Gehrig... Cal Ripken...

Item #161054

September 06, 1995

"STADIUM EXTRA" of the SUN newspaper from Baltimore, dated Sept. 6, 1995, celebrating Cal Ripken breaking Lou Gehrig's record by playing in 2131 consecutive games. See the photo below for the terrific front page, making this a very nice issue for display. This is a 4 page "Extra" edition which is quite scarce, different from the regular newstand edition of that day. Some ye... See More  

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Item #161057

October 08, 1904

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, Oct. 8, 1904. Has a full front page illustration: "Main Rotunda Of The New Pennsylvania Station, New York City" being a photograph of a model displayed at the St. Louis Fair. Very small piece missing in the lower right corner.

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Item #161064

April 05, 1902

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, NY, April 5, 1902. Full front page illustration: "The Glass Palace and Illuminating Fountain In The Theatrical Production 'Beauty And The Beast'". Shows above and below the stage. Text inside. Nice.

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Item #161065

December 11, 1910

SUNDAY MAGAZINE OF THE ST. LOUIS REPUBLIC, Dec. 11, 1910. Full front page illustration in color shows a jolly Santa reading a "Dear Santa" letter as he holds spectacles in his other hand, with letters scattered in the foreground. Good condition.

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Land rush in Oklahoma...

Item #161078

September 04, 1901

CHRISTIAN HERALD, New York, Sept. 4, 1901  Five front page illustrations show: Scenes In The Great Free Land Rush In Oklahoma". Format is similar to Harper's Weekly although some of the reports have a religious theme. Good condition.

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Item #161086

September 28, 1920

THE WORLD, N.Y., Sept. 28, 1920 The ftpg. has a 3 line, 1 column head: "Grand Jury Will Hear Big Guns Of Baseball To-Day" & subheads: "John A. Heydler Says Manager of White Sox Failed of His First Duty" "Ban Johnson Takes A Shot At Comiskey" "Ray Schalk, The Catcher, Will Not Testify Until Pennant Race Is Finally Settled." Small address label affects unr... See More  

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Item #161109

May 28, 1906

WELLSVILLE DAILY REPORTER, Wellsville, N.Y., May 28, 1906 One col. heads on the ftpg. from Mobile, Ala: "Five Deaths At A Ball Game" Lightening Bolt Fell In Midst of Spectators" "Two Others Seriously Injured" and more. Browned and a bit pulpish at the edges.

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Item #161112

May 06, 1915

LIFE magazine dated May 6, 1915. See the photo below for the nice full page ad for Kodak's "No. 1 Autographic Kodak Special", with an illus. of it. Issue includes the nice color cover (see photo) but the back cover is lacking. Measures about 9 by 10 1/2 inches and is in very nice condition.

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Item #161114

April 13, 1958

The Detroit News Sunday Pictorial dated April 13, 1958, with Billy Martin on the front page (see the photo below). Nice article about Martin inside. Binding holes at the top in the blank margin affect each leaf, otherwise in good condition. NOTE: Glare is caused by photo flash...color is actually very clean and sharp.

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Item #161116

April 20, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, dated April 20, 1947. The photo below shows "Princess Elizabeth At 21" on the front page. Trimmed a bit close at the top causing minor loss to the blank margin, otherwise in very good condition.

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Item #161123

May 14, 1961

SUNDAY PICTORIAL Magazine from The Detroit News Newspaper dated may 14, 1961. This 40 page magazine contains a color cover of Debbie Reynolds with caption: "Hollywood's Comeback Queen: Debbie Reynolds" Related items on the inside pages. This issue is in nice condition.

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Item #161125

June 28, 1902

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN from New York and dated June 28, 1902. This 16 page magazine is in nice condition. This issue contains various scene photos from the Fiji Islands and also contains latest invention news and photo on the inside pages.

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Item #161164

January 01, 1919

THE JEWISH EXPONENT, Philadelphia, subtitled: "A Weekly Journal Devoted to the Interests of the Jewish People" dated 1919. This is a complete 14 page newspaper in excellent condition, still rather white, printed on high-quality paper stock. The issue measures about 12 1/2 by 18 1/2 inches. As might be imagined, virtually all the content is of Jewish interest. A rare issue.

The photo is ... See More  

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James Montgomery Flagg...

Item #161168

November 15, 1906

LESLIE'S WEEKLY magazine dated Nov. 15, 1906. See the photo below for the nice double page centerfold by James Montgomery Flagg, captioned: "On The Day of the Mothers' Convention" showing men tending their babies. Very light glue stain at the central fold does not deter, otherwise in nice condition and quite displayable. You get the complete issue, not just this print.

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Item #161171

October 23, 1928

THE DETROIT NEWS, Oct. 23, 1928 Ftpg. 2 line, 1 col. head: "Hoover Given Ovation In N.Y." & subheads: "East Side, West Side Turn Out To Cheer and Acclaim Smith's Opponent" "The Garden Rafters Rise" & more. Text of Hoover's speech on pg. 2. Title of the speech was "Principles and Ideals of the U. S. Government" and in the speech he used the phrase "Rugged Individualism". Browned a bit at the edges.... See More  

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Item #161208

January 01, 1900

PRETORIA FRIEND from present-day South Africa, dated 1900. From during the Borer War period, the front page contains a "Proclamation" with other war-related reports on the inside pages. This is a complete, 4 page issue measuring about 16 by 11 inches, in very nice condition and printed on thick, very high-quality paper. Not the least bit pulpish nor fragile! A nice rarity.

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Item #161212

October 07, 1936

Allentown Morning Call newspaper from Allentown, Penna., dated Oct. 7, 1936. See the photo below for the nice front page photo headed: "Mel Ott's Double Scores Two in First for Giants" and the 3 line, 2 column head: "Yankees Wallop Giants, 13 to 5, to Win The Sries" with various subheads as well. You get the complete issue which is in nice condition save for some wear at the margins.

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