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Full page focus on Lincoln, with a print...

Item #686261

May 01, 1865


* Abraham Lincoln assassination w/ print

 Phrenology is a theory that the personality traits of a person can be derived from the shape of their skull. Although holding no validity today, it was a popular science in the mid-19th century and this periodical focused on it.

The feature of this issue is the page near the back which is devoted to Ab... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln's election address found...

Item #685976

February 12, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 12, 1936

* Abraham Lincoln original manuscript found

* Speech from his re-election of 1864

Page 14 has a one column heading: "LOST MANUSCRIPT OF LINCOLN IS FOUND" with subhead and large photostat of the original manuscript of Lincoln's speech on November 10, 1864.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 44 pages, this is the... See More  

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Some fine end-of-war reports...

Item #685221

April 11, 1865

BOSTON DAILY JOURNAL, April 11, 1865  Various war reports from a few days after Lee surrendered to Grant at Appomattox. Inside haw items headed: "The pursuit for Lee" "Further Particulars" "Sharp Fighting at Various Points" Rumored Surrender of Johnston" " "Mr. Seward's Illness Serious" "Important Movement in Richmond" "The ... See More  

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Early returns show Lincoln is doing well in the 1864 election..

Item #685219

November 08, 1864


* Abraham Lincoln's election (2nd)

* Original American Civil War reporting

In addition to much inside page reporting on the latest Civil War events, page 2 has items concerning the election. Final results would not be known until the next day, however various partial returns are noted here (see photos), almost all showing Abraham Lincoln looking... See More  

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Advice to friends of Mary Surratt...

Item #685059

July 13, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, July 13, 1865 

* Mary Surratt, the Lincoln assassination conspirator

* Shades of Robert Redford's movie "The Conspirator"

Page 4 has a brief, rather inconspicuous item with a small heading: "Mrs. Surratt" which reads: "The friends of the late Mary E. Surratt are resorting to ill-judged action in endeavoring to prove her innocence. Her trial... See More  

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Jeff Davis is captured...

Item #684995

May 15, 1865


* Confederate President Jefferson Davis caught

* Mention of him wearing women's clothes

* Abraham Lincoln murder trial

Half of the first column of the front page is taken up with significant heads including: "CAPTURE OF JEFF DAVIS !" "As Good As A Comedy!" "His Flight Suddenly Ended!" "Col. Prichard Overha... See More  

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Fugitive slaves... 1862 Savannah, Georgia martial law...

Item #684958

January 24, 1862

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, January 24, 1862

* Fugitive slaves

* Savannah, Georgia martial law

* New Bern, North Carolina

This Genuine newspaper has a Wealth of Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "THE RETURN OF FUGITIVE SLAVES", "The President's Position on the Question", "FROM... See More  

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The Gettysburg Address on the front page... One of the very best...

Item #684899

November 20, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 20, 1863  It would be difficult to argue for a more notable or desirable newspaper from the Civil War. Combine the complete text of the historic Gettysburg Address by President Abraham Lincoln, with this venerable title, with the content being on the front page, and the combination makes for one of the best newspapers one could own from the Civil War era.

The front page ... See More  

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Fighting near Atlanta...

Item #684345

July 25, 1864

NEWARK DAILY ADVERTISER, New Jersey, July 25, 1864  The top of page 2 has a notice supporting Abraham Lincoln for President. Page 2 also has various Civil War reports with: "The Fighting at Atlanta" "Desperate Battle On Friday" "From Grant's Army - Rebel Reports From Georgia" "Jefferson Davis on 'Peace' " "The War News" "Peter... See More  

Item from Catalog 326 (released for January, 2023)...

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Baltimore slaves set free... Lincoln's proclamation making Nevada a State... Reason for the war...

Item #683602

November 03, 1864

SACRAMENTO DAILY UNION, California, November 3, 1864  Page 2 has the small but historic announcement: "Slaves Set Free In Baltimore", which includes in part: "The Post's special dispatch says: The slaves were set free yesterday in Baltimore, in pursuance of an order of the Court, under the new Constitution of Maryland."

Page 2 has the proclamation by President Lincoln... See More  

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With Lincoln's election, the South takes action...

Item #683573

November 13, 1860

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 13, 1860 

* The South reacts to Abraham Lincoln's election

Perhaps the best newspaper to have with news on any Presidential election, being from the nation's capital.

Now that the election of Lincoln is assured, this issue has much on the plans of Southern states in secession discussions--particularly in South Carolina--and p... See More  

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First election of Abraham Lincoln... The definitive report...

Item #683571

November 10, 1860

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 10, 1860 

* Abraham Lincoln's 1st election

* From the Nation's capital (best)

* The definitive report

Perhaps the best newspaper to have with news on any Presidential election, being from the nation's capital.

Page 3 has a report headed: "Result of the Presidential Election" which gives the definitive report t... See More  

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First election of Abraham Lincoln...

Item #683568

November 07, 1860

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 7, 1860  Perhaps the best newspaper to have with news on any Presidential election, being from the nation's capital.

Page 3 has a report headed: "The Presidential Election" which begins: "As it has been currently supposed within the last few weeks that the issue of the Presidential election, which took place yesterday, w... See More  

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Lincoln is not an ugly man... Great article on all aspects of Lincoln...

Item #683318

August 25, 1860


* Great Abraham Lincoln article

* Pre 1860 presidential election

* Life in Springfield, Illinois

* Was Lincoln an ugly man ?

Page 3 has a nice and interesting article headed: "Lincoln At Home" which has a Springfield, Illinois dateline.

This fascinating article takes an entire column, and begins: "In a large two-story fram... See More  

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Extolling the virtues of Abraham Lincoln, candidate for President...

Item #683313

June 30, 1860


* Abraham Lincoln as a Republican candidate

Page 7 has: "Judge Bates's Letter In Support of Lincoln" datelined from St. Louis. It takes over two columns and is a great letter extolling the virtues of the Republican candidate for President. This is a wonderful and lengthy letter on how Lincoln's views differs from the Democratic platfor... See More  

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Much on the trial of Lincoln's assassination, and the end of the Civil War...

Item #683269

May 23, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, May 23, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination

* Trial of the assassins - traitors

The front page has column heads on the trial of those accused of assassinating President Lincoln: "THE ASSASSINATION" "The Trial on Monday" "Evidence of an Important Witness Suppressed" "Capture of Booth and Harrold" "Testimony of Captain Doug... See More  

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Early attempt to assassinate President-Elect Abe Lincoln...

Item #683218

March 02, 1861


* President-elect Abraham Lincoln en route

* Assassination attempt - Baltimore Plot

Page 6 has a report on the attempted assassination of President-Elect Abraham Lincoln, with column heads: "The President Elect In Washington" "His Arrival There" A Plot Against His Life' "The Assassins Foiled" "Sp... See More  

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Confederate newspaper... Court cases involving slaves...

Item #683197

July 11, 1864

RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, July 11, 1864

* Rare rebel publication

Various Civil War news with a Confederate bias, making for interesting reading as such. Among the front page items are: "The War News" which has several subheads including: "From Petersburg" & "Burnside's Movements". Other war news include: "Latest News From the North--Our Army in M... See More  

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General McClellan is nominated for the Presidency, to oppose Lincoln...

Item #682938

August 11, 1864

THE WORLD, New York, Aug. 11, 1864  

* General George McClellan

* Presidential nomination

* vs. Abraham Lincoln

Formatted very much like its competitors, the Times, Tribune & Herald. First column Civil War heads include: "The McClellan Furore" "Union Square in a; Blaze of Glory" "Metropolitan Honors to 'Little Mac' " "Gen. Geo. B. McClell... See More  

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Lincoln is assassinated... One of the most desired titles... An early edition...

Item #682863

April 15, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, April 15, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination (1st report)

* Ford's Theater - John Wilkes Booth

Not only this event, but this title remains one of the most desired by collectors; a very significant event in American history reported by one of the most respected newspapers in the country.

The first column heads tell it all: "AWFUL EVENT" "President ... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln declares West Virginia will be a state...

Item #682745

April 22, 1863

NEW YORK TIMES, April 22, 1863  

* West Virginia declared a state

Page 4 has the declaration by Abraham Lincoln that West Virginia will be its own state.  The proclamation is signed ABRAHAM LINCOLN in block letters.

Eight pages, small binding holes on the left margin, very good condition.

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Lincoln's Proclamation... Repealing laws of slavery...

Item #682534

July 08, 1864

DAILY NATIONAL  INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., July 8, 1864  

* Abraham Lincoln proclamation

* Slavery in America

Page 2 begins with: "OFFICIAL, By the President of the United States, A PROCLAMATION" noting: "...hereby appoint the first Thursday of August next to be observed by the people of the United States as a day of National humiliation and prayer..." s... See More  

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Memphis, Tennessee Confederate newspaper... Lincoln explains the purpose of the war to Congress...

Item #682518

July 06, 1861

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Tennessee, July 6, 1861

* Very rare Confederate publication

* Abraham Lincoln on the current war

This newspaper had fascinating history as it was chased around the South--see the information below. Among the war reports are: "War Intelligence" "Affairs At Pensacola" "How The Southern Climate Affects the Yankee Troops" "East Tennes... See More  

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Lincoln's last public speech and last proclamation...

Item #682496

April 12, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, April 12, 1865   

* Civil War is over speech

* Abraham Lincoln's last public speech

* Presidential proclamation 128

* Just 2 days before his assassination

This issue was printed just 2 days prior to Lincoln's assassination, with the front page containing what is noted as Lincoln's last speech.

The front page heads include: "OUR VICTORIES" ... See More  

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Civil War era newspaper from Boston...

Item #682326

October 09, 1861

THE BOSTON TRANSCRIPT, Boston, Massachusetts, October 9, 1861 This Genuine newspaper has a Wealth of pre Civil War reporting from during Abraham Lincoln's administration. Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: SEE PHOTOS. Lots of interesting reading.

Complete in four pages. This issue is not fragile as newsprint from this era was made of cotton and linen rags, allowing them to r... See More  

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Richmond falls... End of the Civil War is near... President Lincoln confirms...

Item #682243

April 04, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, April 4, 1865

* Best Richmond falls

* Great for display

This is one of the more graphic issues of the Times from the entire Civil War, obviously celebrating the triumphant report of General U.S. Grant capturing the capital of the Confederacy. With this event the end of the Civil War was but days away.

The dominating feature of the front page is the great engraving of an eag... See More  

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Grant and Lincoln meet...

Item #682080

August 03, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, Aug. 3, 1864  

* Abraham Lincoln visits Grant in the field

Among the front page one column heads on the Civil War are: "GRANT" "Review of the Operations on Saturday Last" "Our Losses in the Assault on the Rebel Works" "A Flag of Truce Prevailing on Monday" "The Dead Buried & the Wounded Cared For" "The Interview... See More  

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Featuring two Civil War maps...

Item #681948

June 21, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, June 21, 1864  The front page features a very nice Civil War map headed: "The Struggle At Petersburg--Lines of Rebel Intrenchments Carried by Our Troops."

Also nice first column heads: "THE WAR" "Operations At Petersburg" "Our Lines Still Further Advanced" "More Hand to Hand Fights" "News From Sherman" and more.

Th... See More  

Item from Catalog 326 (released for January, 2023)...

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Lincoln's Proclamation calling for 300,000 soldiers...

Item #681896

October 19, 1863

SPRINGFIELD DAILY REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, Oct. 19, 1863

* President Abraham Lincoln

* Proclamation for more soldiers

The back page begins with: "News From Washington - A Call for Three Hundred Thousand Men" with the full text of the Proclamation signed in type: Abraham Lincoln.

Page 2 has a nice editorial on the Proclamation: "Three Hundred Thousand More--Vo
... See More  

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The Gettysburg Address...

Item #681893

November 20, 1863

THE SPRINGFIELD DAILY REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, Nov. 20, 1863  

* President Abraham Lincoln's famous speech

* Gettysburg Address at battlefield cemetery

It would be difficult to argue for a more historic or significance speech from the 19th century, let alone the Civil War. As it was not printed in all newspapers of the day, this report with the full text of Lincoln's Gettysbu... See More  

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Lincoln creates the first national Thanksgiving...

Item #681507

October 09, 1863

THE LIBERATOR, Boston, Oct. 9, 1863 

* President Abraham - Abe Lincoln

* Thanksgiving Day proclamation (historic)

* Rare & famous anti-slavery title

* Slave auction illustration - Civil War era

A very famous anti-slavery newspaper published by the noted emancipator William Lloyd Garrison. The ornate engraving in the masthead features three scenes: a slave auction, an image of Jes... See More  

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Lincoln accepts his re-nomination to the Presidency...

Item #681450

June 29, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, June 29, 1864 

* Abraham Lincoln nomination

* 2nd term as president

* Civil War reporting

Page 4 has a somewhat inconspicuous--yet historically significant--report. Under "Miscellaneous News" is a report beginning: "President Lincoln has formally accepted the renomination for the Presidency of the Baltimore Convention...The President says that 'the ... See More  

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Lincoln's assassination: John Wilkes Booth on the front page...

Item #681342

April 29, 1865

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, April 29, 1865

* Famous Abraham Lincoln assassination issue

* The same issue (title and date) found in the time capsule under the (former) statue of Robert E. Lee on Dec. 28, 2021

The front page has a large and dramatic illustration of "J. Wilkes Booth" plus a lengthy article headed: 'The Murder Of The President' making this a nice display is... See More  

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Three documents signed by Abraham Lincoln...

Item #681312

December 15, 1863

ARMY & NAVY OFFICIAL GAZETTE, Washington, D.C., Dec 15, 1863  As would be suspected, filled with official intelligence regarding the military, with a wealth of Civil War content. Included are: "Peace with the Indians in Utah" "School of the Soldier - Aiming & Firing As Skirmisher Sitting" "Deserters from Regiments Mustered Out of Service" 

There is ... See More  

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Regulations & qualifications for entering West Point...

Item #681308

September 01, 1863

ARMY & NAVY OFFICIAL GAZETTE, Washington, D.C., Sept. 1, 1863  As would be suspected, filled with official intelligence regarding the military, with a wealth of Civil War content. Included are: "Regulations Relative to the Admission of Cadets into the Military Academy" "Engagement at Jackson, Tennessee" "Battle of Honey Springs" & so much more, including ... See More  

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Connection to the Lincoln assassination...

Item #681251

October 16, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 16, 1858 

* Theatrical connection to the Lincoln assassination

* Debut of the play "Our American Cousin"

* Three days until opening night

The play President Abraham Lincoln attended on the night he was shot was "Our American Cousin". Its "world" premiere was actually in New York City on October 18, 1858.

This issue contains on page ... See More  

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Lincoln compares unfavorably to King George III...

Item #681083

January 11, 1862

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, January 11, 1862 

* Abraham Lincoln mockery 

* King George III comparison 

* From the rebel capital

Half of the front page is taken up with ads, and half with news & other items including: "The Case of Brownlow" "Mr. Thomas' Plan for the Reorganization of the Virginia Forces" "There's Life in the Old Lan... See More  

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Interment of Abraham Lincoln reported in his hometown newspaper...

Item #680774

May 05, 1865

ILLINOIS STATE JOURNAL, Springfield, May 5, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln's funeral & burial

* The very best title to be had

* An extremely rare opportunity here

Obviously a very damaged newspaper (see photos) however this is a newspaper from Lincoln's hometown, with coverage of his funeral & interment, and from the city where Lincoln was buried.

Although the front page has... See More  

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Lincoln formalizes Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday...

Item #680752

October 05, 1863

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, October 5, 1863 

* President Abraham Lincoln proclamation

* America's national day of Thanksgiving begins

Although almost every President since George Washington has issued a proclamation for a "day of thanksgiving", typically celebrated in November but at other times of the year as well, it was Abraham Lincoln who formalized Thanksgiving Day to be... See More  

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The most famous of all Lincoln assassination newspapers...

Item #680748

April 15, 1865

THE NEW YORK HERALD, April 15, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln assassination (1st report)

* Ford's Theater - John Wilkes Booth

This issue would rank among the most famous of all Lincoln assassination newspapers, as almost all issues found on the market today are one of the many reprints which have turned up for decades, disappointing the many owners who presumed they had the genuine issue.... See More  

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Surrender of Lee at Appomattox...

Item #680711

April 15, 1865

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL, New York, April 15, 1865 

* General Robert E. Lee

* Confederate Army of Northern Virginia

* Surrender at Appomattox Court House

Subtitled: "Gazette Of The Regular And Volunteer Forces", this 16 page issue is simply filled with military reports, almost entirely on the Civil War at this time. 

This issue is dated the day Abraham Lincoln died. The... See More  

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This racist newspaper reports the surrender at Appomattox...

Item #680181

April 15, 1865


* General Robert E. Lee surrenders

* Battle of Appomattox Court House

* Dated the day Abraham Lincoln died

A decidedly racist newspaper which began well before the Civil War & lasted a few years after. As such their reporting on war events provide a contrasting perspective beyond most other Northern newspapers.

Not surprisingly,... See More  

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Reports on Lincoln's inauguration in this racist newspaper...

Item #680176

March 04, 1865


* Rare pro-white publication

* Abraham Lincoln inauguration

* Closing weeks of the Civil War

A decidedly racist newspaper which began well before the Civil War & lasted a few years after. This issue has much reporting and editorializing on Lincoln's inauguration, both with a strong bias against Lincoln.

Some articles area hea... See More  

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Trial of Lincoln's conspirators... Jeff Davis...

Item #680025

May 27, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, May 27, 1865

* Abraham Lincoln Murder - Trial of the conspirators

* Jefferson Davis indictment for treaso

The first column on the front page has nice heads: "THE TRIAL" "More Testimony About Mrs. Surratt's Eyesight & Christian Character" "Evidence In Behalf of O'Laughlin" "Authenticity of Alston's Letter to Jeff. Davis"... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln peace meeting...

Item #679716

February 06, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 6, 1865 

* Abraham Lincoln peace meeting

* William T. Sherman victory march

Among the front page items concerning the Civil War are: "SHERMAN'S NEW CAMPAIGN" "His Army on the March for Eight Days" "Charleston, Augusta, Branchville" "Rebel Solicitude & Speculations as to the Campaign" "The Peace Conference" &... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln.. Peace conference... New York ratifies the 13th Amendment prohibiting slavery...

Item #679706

February 04, 1865

NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 4, 1865 

* Peace Conference - Abraham Lincoln

* 13th Amendment abolishing slavery

Among the articles: "THE PEACE CONFERENCE" "Arrival of the Rebel Commissioners at Fortress Monroe" "The Conference Probably Ended" "From Savannah - Sherman's Campaign..." "Important If True - Deflection of Prominent Rebel Generals...&qu... See More  

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Abraham Lincoln... from small beginnings... when he was an unknown...

Item #679449

April 27, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., April 27, 1848 

* Early in Abraham Lincoln's political career

This newspaper contains on the front page reports from the: "House of Representatives" which includes the results of a vote showing under the "yeas" the name "Lincoln" inconspicuously listed among many others. Plus page 3 has additional coverage from ... See More  

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Lincoln election results... Jefferson Davis on arming slaves...

Item #679367

November 12, 1864

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 12, 1864  

* Abraham Lincoln election results

* Jefferson Davis message

Over two columns on the front page are taken up with reports headed: "The Election" and "The Result In New York" "Union Majority in the State Over Eight Thousand" plus it continues with some election results from six other states as well, some quite brief.

The re... See More  

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A detailed account of Mosby's famous "Greenback Raid", in a Confederate newspaper.....

Item #679256

October 18, 1864

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, Oct. 18, 1864 

* John S. Mosby - Guerrilla leader

* 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry

* From the capital of the Confederacy

This newspaper from the capital of the Confederacy has much reporting on the Civil War, but perhaps the most significant is a front page account with heads: "Mosby On the Grand Round" which begins: "Mosby is again... See More  

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Andrew Johnson: the new American President...

Item #678831

May 06, 1865

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, May 6, 1865  An inside page has a print of: "Mr. Andrew Johnson, the New President of the United States" with a related article titled the same. The same page has a print: "The Assassination of President Lincoln: Meeting of Americans on Monday in St. James's Hall" with the next page having articles: "Meeting of Condolence on t... See More  

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