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The Battle of Antietam...

Item #693086

October 25, 1862

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Oct. 25, 1862  The front page shows: "Major Joseph M. Bell" and a print of: "Indian Outrages in the North-West--An American Family Murdered by the Sioux Indians...Near New Ulm, Minnesota".

Other prints within include: "Women & Children of Sharpsburg Taking Refuge..." "Killing's Cave...Near Sharpsburg..."... See More  

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The Lowry Gang...

Item #693014

May 04, 1874

NEW YORK TIMES, May 4, 1874  The bottom of page 2 has: "The Lower Gang" with the report noting in part: "...gives the following account of the murderous doings of another of the Lower gang: 'Bryan Oxendine shot his wife...under the following circumstances:..." with much more.

The Lowry War was a conflict in Robeson County, North Carolina, from 1864 to 1874 between a g... See More  

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Ben Franklin is appointed agent for New Jersey... Other reports from America...

Item #692871

January 09, 1770

LONDON CHRONICLE, England, January 9, 1770  Page 6, headed: "America" has several reports, one from: "Williamsburgh" noting 31 Indians from the Cherokee and Catawba Nations arrived there with complaints about "...encroachments made on their lands by the white people." Another, from Philadelphia, says: "Benjamin Franklin, Esq; is appointed Agent at the Court ... See More  

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A treaty to end the Seminole War is reached, but not for long...

Item #692867

June 08, 1839

THE NEW-YORKER, New York, June 8, 1839  Page 10 has a report headed: "The Florida War Ended" noting in part: "Such is the official announcement from Gen. Macomb, and we ardently wish it may prove correct...terms of the agreement are very vague--the Indians manifestly understanding that they are to have undisturbed possession of the territory allowed them; while our government m... See More  

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1929 Lovelock Cave... Nevada...

Item #692677

April 01, 1929

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 1, 1929

* Lovelock Cave - Churchill County, Nevada

* Bat - Horseshoe - Sunset Guano cave

* Mark Raymond Harrington

* Prehistoric Indian tribe discovery

The bottom of the front page has a two column heading: "Relics of Prehistoric Indians of 1000 B.C. Are Found in Cavern in Nevada Mountains" (see)

Complete with 52 pages, light toning, some wear along th... See More  

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John Brown's Harper's Ferry invasion... Lydia Maria Child's letter...

Item #692549

November 19, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 19, 1859  

* John Brown's insurrection - invasion - raid

* Woman abolitionist Lydia Maria Child

Page 5 has column heads: "The Panic At Harper's Ferry" "1,000 Men In Arms" "Powder & Minnie Balls Sent On" "Not a Single Enemy to be Found" "He Humbugs the Whole Country" "Virginians Enraged at Him"... See More  

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General Smyth's handbill on recruiting to invade Canada...

Item #692538

November 25, 1812

BOSTON PATRIOT, Nov. 25, 1812 

* Invasion of Canada close

* Battle of Frenchman's Creek prelude

* General Alexander Smyth

Page 2 has: "Interesting Letters - from Maj. General Van Rensselaer...to Brig General Smyth of the troops of the United States. Also a letter from Henry Denison of the U.S. brig Argus concerning a naval encounter. Then a letter to the Secretary of the Navy... See More  

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Pueblo Indians... Includes the uncommon four page foldout of the America's Cup...

Item #692496

October 14, 1893

HARPER'S WEEKLY October 14, 1893 Full front page print: "Columbian Exposition - The Grand Arch of the Peristyle." Inside includes a half page: "Columbian Exposition - The Johnson Family Visit the Lapland Village"; halfpg: "Two of Philadelphia's Cricket Clubs"; fullpg: "The Centenary of Williams College" which includes a portrait of "Franklin Car... See More  

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Death of Cochise, the Apache Indian chief...

Item #692481

June 15, 1874

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 15, 1874 

* Tribal Chief Cochise death (1st report)

* Chiricahua Apaches - Indians

Page 7 has: "Obituary - Cochise, the Indian Chief" noting in part: "...announces that Cochise, the famous Indian chief, died on Tuesday last in Arizona. He had been sick a long time, and feeling satisfied that he was afflicted by witchcraft, he refused to let the doc... See More  

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Ben Franklin's famous "Unite Or Die" engraving in the masthead...

Item #692301

November 30, 1774


* Benjamin Franklin's "Unite Or Die" cartoon

If there was one graphic which represented the spirit of the Revolutionary War it would have to be the ubiquitous segmented snake with the famous "Unite Or Die" caption.  The engraving, a prominent device in the masthead o
... See More  

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A victory for women... Indian troubles...

Item #691741

February 20, 1874

NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 20, 1874  The front page has: "A Victory For Women - The Supreme Court of Massachusetts Declare Them Eligible For Election to the School Board" with much detail. 

Page 3 has: "The Indians - Recapitulation Of Recent Reported Outrages" noting near the beginning: "...that there will be a severe struggle between the Indians and the soldiers...a ... See More  

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1995 Dabwali fire accident...

Item #691726

December 24, 1995

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Dec. 24, 1995

* Indian school function fire disaster

* Mandi Dabwali, Sirsa District, Haryana, India

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "365 Die as Fire Engulfs School Party in N. India" with subhead. First report coverage continues on page 6 with a related small map. (see)

Complete 1st section only with 24 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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1867 Kidder fight massacre...

Item #691558

July 15, 1867

NEW YORK HERALD, July 15, 1867

* Kidder Fight (Massacre) - Kansas

* General George Armstrong Custer

* Pawnee Killer - Cheyenne Sioux Indians

Page 6 has an article headed: "The Indian War" and more. The text takes up over 2 full columns.

Complete with 8 pages, irregular along the spine, nice condition.

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Wealth of Civil War reporting in this "Evening Edition"...

Item #691489

July 20, 1861

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 20, 1861  

* First Battle of Bull Run beginning - Manassas

* 1st major battle of the American Civil War

This is the very uncommon "Evening Edition" which is filled with war-related news on the front page. Most editions of the Tribune have only ads on the front page.

Among front page column heads are reports on the battle of Bull Run: "From Fairfax... See More  

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President Grant's state-of-the-union address...

Item #691402

December 09, 1876


* President Ulysses S. Grant

* State of the Union Address

Almost all of page 3 is taken up with the: "President's Message" which is the state-of-the-union address, signed in type at its conclusion: U.S. Grant.

The lengthy report has many subheads, addressing various issues of the year 1876. There is reference to the Custer Mas... See More  

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1937 Jagadish Chandra Bose death...

Item #691400

November 24, 1937

THE NEW YORK TIMES, November 24, 1937

* Jagadish Chandra Bose death

* Indian polymath - scientist

* Biologist, physicist, botanist

The top of page 23 has a one column heading: "SIR JAGADISH BOSE, SCIENTIST, 78, DIES" with subheads. (see)

Complete with all 46 pages, rag edition in great condition.

wikipedia notes: Jagadish Chandra Bose (30 November 1858 – 23 November 1... See More  

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Sitting Bull and the Custer massacre...

Item #691383

September 09, 1876

THE PRESS, Philadelphia, Sept. 9, 1876  The front page has: "The Indian Trail Abandoned" "Failure of Crook's Command to Catch the Wily Sitting Bull's Forces". This is followed by: "The Death Of Custer and His Men" with subheads: "An Old Trapper's Description of the Massacre--Sitting Bull's Exultant Remarks After the Fight" which has much... See More  

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Nice report on the Bill Cook gang...

Item #691354

October 24, 1894

THE BETHLEHEM TIMES, Pennsylvania, Oct. 24, 1894  

* Bill Cook Gang

The top of page 2 has column heads: "MANY OUTLAWS LOOSE" "The Cook Gang Doing Wholesale Robbery in the West" "Aquia Creek Booty Recovered" plus various subheads. The text takes over a full column. The great article begins: "The latest performance in the grand carnival of crime which is... See More  

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Black Americana - black voters, candidates, jurors, and more...

Item #691227

August 30, 1867

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 30, 1867  The front page has: "NORTH CAROLINA - COLORED JURORS ALLOWED", "Abortion Case... A Woman Left To Die In The Streets", "The Indian War", "Delaware - A Colored Man Murdered", and more. Also present is a brief account of newly register voters in South Carolina, which includes the mention of blacks.

Page 5 has: "GEORGI... See More  

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The Cheyenne Indians & General Sheridan...

Item #691202

February 24, 1874

THE INDIANAPOLIS SENTINEL, Indiana, Feb. 24, 1874  

* Red River War crisis

* Cheyenne Indians

* Philip Sheridan

The middle of the front page has: "From The Frontier" with subheads: "General Sheridan en Route for Fort Laramie--The Cheyenne's Hesitate Between War & Peace--Hostile Demonstrations in the North--Severe Weather at Cheyenne".

Eight pages, rejoine... See More  

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Bull Run and much more...

Item #691131

September 01, 1862

CINCINNATI DAILY GAZETTE, Ohio, Sept. 1, 1862  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War: "Important Army News" "The rebel Occupation of Manassas Junction" "McClellan Demanding that the Defenses of Washington Be Put in Good Order" "Exodus of Contrabands [slaves]" "Alarm In Washington" "How McClellan Gets the Command" "O... See More  

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California gold... Traveling across the Plains: 2 accounts...

Item #690895

June 29, 1850

SEMI-WEEKLY TRIBUNE, New York, June 29, 1850  The front page has a nice and commonly-requested report concerning Easterners traveling across the Plains to get to California.

Headed: "Emigration on the Plains" a few bits include: "...letter dated Fort Kearny...total number that had passed the Fort was 2,691 men and 25 women having with them 744 wagons...No difficulty in the way... See More  

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Capture of Kirby Smith...

Item #690778

July 29, 1865

NEW-YORK TIMES, July 29, 1865

* Edmund Kirby Smith captured

* Confederate States Army general

Among the front page heads: "Capture of Kirby Smith by the Mexicans" "Four Pieces of Artillery and Nine Hundred Rifles Taken". In the report it says in part: "Major Texxier...has just arrived... bringing intelligence of the capture of Gen. Kirby Smith and his entire party.... See More  

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Early newspaper from Portland, Oregon...

Item #690690

August 12, 1874

DAILY EVENING NEWS, Portland, Oregon, Aug. 12, 1874  

* Rare publication

* Wild Old West era

An early newspaper from Portland with a wide range of news reports, various tidbits, and a wealth of ads. Page 2 has: "An Indian War" and "General Hardie on the Modoc War" among other items.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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From Little Rock... the infamous Custer Massacre...

Item #690644

July 18, 1876

DAILY ARKANSAS GAZETTE, Little Rock, July 18, 1876 

* General George Custer massacre

* Battle of the Little Bighorn - Montana

* Chief Sitting Bull - Lakota Indians

* Uncommon Arkansas publication

Page 2 has nearly a full column taken up with an account of the infamous Custer Massacre with heads: "Little Big Horn Massacre" "Another Account of the Slaughter of the Seven... See More  

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Very lengthy account of the Battle of Manassas...

Item #690634

August 20, 1861

THE WORTLD, New York, Aug. 20, 1861  

* First Battle of Bull Run

* Manassas, Virginia

* Confederate victory

Fully half of the front page is taken up with: "THE BATTLE OF BULL RUN" "Mr. Russell's Account of the Rout" "Consequences of the Defeat".

This very detailed account of the first major battle of the Civil War continues on to page 5 where it tak... See More  

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From Eastern Illinois...

Item #690536

October 07, 1876

IROQUOIS COUNTY TIMES, Watseka, Illinois, Oct. 7, 1876 

* Rare publication from the Midwest

From a somewhat small town (pop. 5,200) in Eastern Illinois. Various news and ads of the day including: "Nebraska as She Really Is" "Ash Grove's Third Tragedy - Two Prominent Men Suspected of Murder or Manslaughter" & much more.

Also of interest is most of a column ta... See More  

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From Eastern Illinois...

Item #690524

September 09, 1876

IROQUOIS COUNTY TIMES, Watseka, Illinois, Sept. 9, 1876 

* Rare publication from the Midwest

From a somewhat small town (pop. 5,200) in Eastern Illinois. Various news and ads of the day, four pages, never bound nor trimmed, minor wear at margins & fold, generally nice condition.... See More  

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Much on the John Brown slave insurrection at Harper's Ferry...

Item #690494

November 17, 1859

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 17, 1859  \

* John Brown's Negro insurrection

* Harpers Ferry WV West Virginia

Inside has an article headed: "JOHN BROWN'S INVASION" which takes over 2 1/2 columns with subheads including: "Personal Portraits--Hon. Andrew Hunter--Charles D. Harding--Judge Parker--Affairs at Charlestown--John Brown's Early History--The Expulsion of Mr. H... See More  

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Closing events of the Revolutionary War...

Item #690374

April 29, 1783

THE EDINBURGH ADVERTISER, Scotland, April 29, 1783 

* American Revolutionary War - closing events

The front page has some reports concerning the negotiations for a treaty of peace to end the Revolutionary War. Also reports headed: "America" which carry over to page 2 concerning various events in America, one bit noting: "...In January last, Col. Willet, with about 600 men... See More  

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1871 Ongara, Illinois lynching...

Item #690302

July 15, 1871


* Martin Meara lynching - lynched

* Onarga, Iroquois County, Illinois

The top of the front page has one column headings: "An Illinois Horror" "A Man Lynched For Whipping To Death His Own Story" and more. Lengthy text.

Complete with 4 pages, a little irregular along the spine, nice condition.... See More  

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Prints of cowboys... How they made banknotes...

Item #690282

October 26, 1889

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, Oct. 26, 1889  The full front page shows: "Dangers of Electric Wires in New York--Western Union Lineman burned to Death in Mid-Air."

A rarity is to find period prints of cowboys, but here is one. An inside page has 3 prints, captioned: "Life Among the Cow-Boys of Indian Territory" with a brief, related article on an inside page.

A very nic... See More  

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Rare title from Prescott, Arizona Territory...

Item #690236

April 09, 1880

WEEKLY ARIZONA DEMOCRAT, Prescott, April 9, 1880 

* Very rare old West publication

* Chief Victorio - Apaches Indians

A quite rare title, in fact this may be the first of this title we have ever offered. It lasted but 6 months under this title, this being volume 1 number 12.

The front pager has: "A Big Cattle Drive" and a report concerning the chase of the Apaches under Vict... See More  

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Jim Thorpe excels at the Olympic Games...

Item #690212

July 16, 1912


* Jim Thorpe - Carlisle Indians star athlete

* 1912 Summer Olympic games - decathlon

The top of the front page has one column headings regarding the 1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm: "Uncle Sam Leads All" "Track Games At An End" "Thorp Great All-Round Man" and more. (see) Lengthy text continues on page 2.... See More  

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1900 Indian magic...

Item #690123

June 08, 1900

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, June 8, 1900

* Indian magic - India - fake ?

The top of page 7 has a two column heading: "CURIOUS INDIAN MAGIC QUEER FEATS OF FAKIRS" with subheads. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that are not totally fragile from this era in paper.

Complete with 8 pages, 19 x 14 ... See More  

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Early scenes along the Upper Mississippi...

Item #690043

July 24, 1858

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, July 24, 1858  The front page features a print and article: "United States Marine Hospital and Mississippi River, New Orleans". 

Prints within include: "Mount Blanc and the Village of Chamouni [Chamonix]" plus two pages with an article and 5 prints headed: "American Scenes--The Great West". They show: "Fort Snelling, Min... See More  

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Early prints of Mobile, Alabama...

Item #690009

June 27, 1857

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, June 27, 1857  The front page features a nice view of: "Marine Hospital at St. Louis, Missouri" with a related article.

Other prints within include; "Cathedral on Plum St., Cincinnati, Ohio" "Watch & Bell Tower, Mobile, Alabama" "Light House, Choctaw Point, Mobile" "City Hall & New Market, Mobile" and: ... See More  

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Female College at Worcester...

Item #690001

April 04, 1857

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, April 4, 1857  Inside has 3 prints of "The Island of St. Pauls, Indian Ocean". Other prints include: "The Female College At Worcester, Massachusetts" more formally known as the Ladies' Collegiate Institute. It would close in 1860.

Also a print of: "Union Railroad Depot, Troy, New York".

Sixteen pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Great Gold Rush centerfold...

Item #689872

May 03, 1856

BALLOU'S PICTORIAL, Boston, May 3, 1856  The tipped-in doublepage centerfold is one of the best period images from the Gold Rush in California to be had. Captioned: "California Gold Diggers--A Scene From Actual Life at The Mines" it shows men digging and panning for gold.

Other prints include: "Temple of a Thousand Images Near Miami, Japan" and: "Searching for Re... See More  

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Advancing upon the Battle of Bull Run...

Item #689844

July 20, 1861

NEW YORK TIMES, July 20, 1861 

* First Battle of Bull Run beginning - Manassas

* 1st major battle of the American Civil War

Close to half of the first column is taken up with a stack of headlines including: "THE ADVANCE" "Movements of the National Army" "Skirmishing at Bull's Run" "8000 Troops Engaged" "The Rebels Retire from their Posit... See More  

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Jim Thorpe's reinstatement re. Olympic medals...

Item #689695

October 14, 1982

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Oct. 14, 1982

* Jim Thorpe Olympic medals reinstatement

* Indian athlete from Carlisle, Pennsylvania

The front page has a one column heading: "Final Triumph Was 69 Years in the Making" with lead-in: "Jim Thorpe Ruling" and photo. First report coverage on the IOC reinstating Thorpe posthumously.

Complete 1st section only with all 16 pages, nice conditi... See More  

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Rare mention of Kit Carson...

Item #689679

September 04, 1863

NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, Sept. 4, 1863

* Kit Carson fights the Navajo Indians

Page 5 has a brief but notable report headed: "Victory of Kit Carson Over the Indians" about the defeat of a group of: " ...Navajoe Indians beyond fort Canby..." by part of the 1st New-Mexican Regiment led by Kit Carson.

Quite rare to see a report mentioning this famous Old West scout and  explor... See More  

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Civil War map of Mobile Bay...

Item #689675

June 17, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 17, 1862  The front page is dominated by a nice map headed: "The Approach To Mobile" and also: "Vicinity of Forts Morgan & Gaines and the Entrance To Mobile Bay."

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War: "The Attack on Charleston" "Continued Fighting" "A Georgia Colonel & Sixty men Killed" "Battl... See More  

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Civil War map of Mobile Bay...

Item #689671

June 17, 1862

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, June 17, 1862  The front page is dominated by a nice map headed: "The Approach To Mobile" and also: "Vicinity of Forts Morgan & Gaines and the Entrance To Mobile Bay."

Among the ftpg. column heads on the Civil War: "The Attack on Charleston" "Continued Fighting" "A Georgia Colonel & Sixty men Killed" "Battle In ... See More  

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America's first war...

Item #689643

August 16, 1675

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Aug. 16, 1675 

* King Philip's War - Metacomet

* New England Colonists vs. Indians

* First war in America (historic)

The back page has a report concerning King Philip's War, an armed conflict between Native American inhabitants of present-day New England and English colonists.

The significance of what is known as "King Philip's War" ... See More  

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Early and rare newspaper from Tucson...

Item #689615

November 21, 1875

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Pima County, (Arizona Territory), Nov. 21, 1875  

* Very rare publication

A very early & rare title from Southern Arizona published 37 years before Arizona would become a state.

Among the articles: "Arizona Indian Affairs" "Local Mining Affairs" "Growing 'Cheeky' If Not Rich" "Mohave Items" and more.

Four pag... See More  

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Exploring the vicinity of Alaska...

Item #689611
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, March, 1754 

 Perhaps the most interesting item is a very nice, detailed article titled: "Some Account of a Chart lately published by M. de l Isle, with the different Conjectures and Opinions it has produced; from a Tract called, A Letter from a Russian Sea Officer to a Person of Distinction at Petersborough, &c."

This artic
... See More  

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French & Indian War content... Treaty with Russia...

Item #689562
THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, December, 1755  One of the nicer features of this issue is the very nice title page engraving of the skyline of London in the 1750's, which has much detail. There is also a nice article taking over a full page: "Account of the British Plantations in America" which is very descriptive of Virginia.

Other items include: "A Description of the City... See More  

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Georgia & the Cherokee Indians... Andrew Jackson...

Item #689407

January 08, 1831

NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 8, 1831 

* Native Americans - Indians

* President Andrew Jackson

Among the many articles inside is a brief one headed: "Indian Rights" which cites a letter by Thomas Jefferson from 1791 beginning: "The Indians have a right to the occupation of their lands...".

Following it is: "Georgia And the Cherokees". There is al... See More  

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Blackfoot Indians... The slave trade...

Item #689401

August 23, 1823

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 23, 1823  Among the reports is a 4 1/2 page continued article: "Christian Indians". Also: "Indian War concerning the Blackfoot Indians in t he Fort Atkinson vicinity.

Also: "Emigration" "The Pirates" in the Caribbean; "Catskill Mountains" "The Slave Trade" and an article on the sale of: &q... See More  

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