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The United States monetary systems is up and running...

Item #665135

October 21, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 21, 1797

* President John Adams proclamation 7

* Notice of Commencement of Minting U.S. Coins

Page 2 has a very historic "Proclamation" signed in script type by the President in which he proclaims that now that the United States Mint is fully operating all foreign coins (Spanish milled dollars excepted): "...will cease to pass current as money... See More  

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LaFayette visits with Thomas Jefferson...

Item #665134

November 22, 1824

BELLOWS FALLS INTELLIGENCER, Vermont, Nov. 22, 1824  Pate 3 has an item: "Gen. Lafayette--The last news of the nation's guest he was at Monticello enjoying the hospitably of Mr. Jefferson. The meeting was very affecting..." and a bit more.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, good condition.

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The President's letter to Congress...

Item #665094

April 14, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 14, 1798  Page 2 has a letter to Congress, signed in type by the President: John Adams, concerning our relations with France.

Four pages, nice condition.

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The Act creating the Bank of the United States...

Item #664965

* First Bank of the United States creation

The issue begins with textual: "Sketches of the President Of the United States" which is nearly a 4 1/2 page biography of George Washington (the plate called for is lacking). Also inside is the conclusion of: "Description of Cape Cod & the County of Barnstable" which takes 2 1/2... See More  

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Capture of Jefferson Davis as he flees...

Item #664821

May 15, 1865

THE NEW YORK HERALD, May 15, 1865 

* Confederate President Jefferson Davis caught

* Mention of him wearing women's clothes

* Abraham Lincoln murder trial

The front page first column heads include: "JEFF. DAVIS" "Details Of His Capture" "His Camp 'Surprised at Daylight on the 10th Instant" "He Disguises Himself in His Wife's Clothing, and,... See More  

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"Report" signed in type by Thomas Jefferson...

Item #664817

January 21, 1792

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 21, 1792

* Thomas Jefferson before presidency

Beginning on the ftpg. and concluding on page 2 is a very lengthy "Report" from the Secretary of State, signed in type: Th. Jefferson. It is very difficult to find 18th century newspapers with Jefferson's signature in type.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, some foxing and a few archival mends at... See More  

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John Adams responds, Thomas Jefferson intervenes...

Item #664718

October 24, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 24, 1798  The ftpg. has an address: "To John Adams, President of the United States" from a military unit at Lexington, followed by his response signed in type: John Adams. A pg. 2 bit concerning America making preparations for action against France, with Thomas Jefferson intervening.

Four pages, good condition.

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Four Acts signed by Governor Sam Adams...

Item #664712

July 06, 1795

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 6, 1795 

* Nice 18th century masthead

Over half of the front page is taken up with four Acts of the Massachusetts legislature, each signed in type by the governor: Samuel Adams.

Four pages, very handsome masthead, archivally rejoined at the spine, various foxing throughout... See More  

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Mention of Dr. Franklin... Quakers and enslaved Negroes...

Item #664642

October 09, 1783

THE SALEM GAZETTE, Massachusetts, October 9, 1783 

* Dr. Benjamin Franklin

* Slaves - Slavery - Negroes

This issue has a variety of news items concerning the end of the Revolutionary War. The front page of this issue features a report noting: "Dr. Franklin writes to a friend, that he has reason to suspect the Americans have no friends in Europe; for the same caution that now aims ... See More  

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The Jew Bill... Jefferson, Adams & Madison lend their support...

Item #664416

February 20, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER with the "Supplement To Volume XV", Baltimore, Maryland, Feb. 20, 1819 

* The Jew Bill - president's support

* Equal rights for Jews - voting

Certainly the best content in this issue is in the lengthy "Supplement" to the volume, with an article headed: "Legislature Of Maryland - The Jew Bill--From A Correspondent" which takes... See More  

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Money Jefferson owed...

Item #664392

June 13, 1803

BOSTON GAZETTE, June 13, 1803 

* Early 19th century

* Thomas Jefferson

The entire front page is taken up with a huge chart of: "Wholesale Prices Current at Boston" with prices to hundreds of staples, etc.

Page 2 has: "Mr. Jefferson's Paper Money Tender to Mr. Gabriel Jones" concerning money Jefferson owed. Included is a letter from him datelined: "Monticel... See More  

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Trouble with the Indians...

Item #664227

February 28, 1795


* Native Americans - Indians

Page 2 has an items concerning John Adams as ambassador to The Netherlands. Page 3 has two nice articles concerning relations with Indians, one beginning: "The Western Posts, which have so long been a bone of contention between the U.S. and Great Britain and which are to be delivered up to ... See More  

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Thought on building the Erie Canal, five years before construction began...

Item #664048

March 21, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 21 (1812)

* Early Erie Canal planning ?

Year was omitted in the masthead but documents inside are dated 1812.

Of interest is over half a page headed: "The Grand Canal" being the famous Erie Canal, with thoughts concerning its construction and its great value to the country, this being 5 years before construction would begin. One bit notes: &qu... See More  

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Deaths & funerals of Jefferson and Adams...

Item #663874

July 29, 1826

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, July 29, 1826 

* John Adams & Thomas Jefferson

* Deaths and funerals

The front page has some editorial comment concerning the recent deaths of both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson on the 50th anniversary of the 4th of July, taking over half of the page. Additional items are on the inside pages headed: "Adams and Jefferson" ... See More  

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Salaries for officers of the federal government...

Item #663361

October 02, 1799


* Early United States government

* Salaries for public officials

The back page has: "An Act to Augment the Salaries of the Officers Therein Mentioned" which has a list of key positions including their salaries, signed in type by the President: John Adams. A few include: Sec. of the Treasury, $5,000; Sec. of Wa... See More  

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Pithy observations by Benjamin Franklin...

Item #663066

September 04, 1759

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, September 4, 1759

* "Political Aphorisms...", by *Benjamin Franklin (?)

The first and a portion of the second column on page 7 has "Political Aphorisms concerning Population", signed "F", which has recently been attributed to Ben Franklin (see Swann Auctions for more information). Another London Chronicle from 10 days later, which ... See More  

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Three front page script signatures by the President...

Item #662713

March 11, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 11, 1795 

* President George Washington

* 3 Acts of Congress signed in script

The front page features 3 Acts of Congress, each signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington, & in block type by the V.P.: John Adams.  A displayable issue as such.

Four pages, scattered foxing, nice condition.... See More  

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An address to the President, with his response...

Item #662394

October 10, 1798


* President John Adams

* Ulster County, New York

Page 2 has and: "Address" prefaced with: "Among the numerous addresses presented to the President few, if any, have been better expressed than the following." signed: James Oliver. This is followed by the President's reply signed: John Adams.

Fou... See More  

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Battle of the Cedars, a truce meeting with Washington, and much more...

Item #662285

July 27, 1776

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, July 27, 1776 

* Battle of the Cedars

* Invasion of Canada campaign

* John Hancock & George Washington

This was a decidedly Tory newspaper, supportive of the British efforts in America. This newspaper ended publication in June, 1778 when the British evacuated the city. Note that this issue is just the second published since it printed the De... See More  

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Appropriations for the support of the military in 1799...

Item #662043

October 02, 1799

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 2, 1799 

* Military support act

* President John Adams

The front page has: "An ACT making appropriations for the support of the military establishment, for the year one thousand seven hundred and ninety-nine...", signed in script type: John Adams. There is also: "An ACT vesting the power of retaliation, in certain cases, in the President... See More  

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Washington's 2nd election as President...

Item #661892

February 27, 1793

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Feb. 27, 1793 

* President George Washington

* Historic 2nd election victory

Certainly the most significant item in this issue is the report at the top of page 3 announcing the opening of the votes for President & Vice President.

History tells us that it was on February 13, 1793, when Congress officially tabulated the votes from the election of

... See More  

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Indian troubles... Angry at the tax collectors...

Item #661836

June 13, 1768

THE BOSTON CHRONICLE, Massachusetts, June 13, 1768 

* Pre Revolutionary War tensions

Included are reports under the heading "America" from Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston, Newport, & New York, including a letter "...from the Cherokee country, informs us...upper Cherokee towns are greatly harassed by several parties of Indians from the Ohio & Mississippi who kill ... See More  

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The Declaration of Independence...

Item #661804
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1776 

* Original Declaration of Independence... the complete text

* As reported from Great Britain

It would be difficult to argue for a more important document in American history than the Declaration of Independence. It remains a desire of most collectors to find an issue containing reference to it, and ultimately a contemporary printing o... See More  

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George Washington and Sam Adams...

Item #661792

April 16, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 16, 1796 

* George Washington & Samuel Adams

The front page features two Acts of Congress concerning courts, each signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington.

Page 2 has a chart of the latest count for the election of Mass. governor, showing Judge Sumner leading over Gov. Sam Adams.

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Creating the Oklahoma Land Rush...

Item #661573

March 28, 1889

THE DAILY PICAYUNE, New Orleans, March 28, 1889  The front page includes a one column print of: "Robert Todd Lincoln- Of Illinois, U.S. Minister at the Court of St. James". This was Abe Lincoln's only son to live to adulthood.

Page 2 has a nice report on the Oklahoma Land Rush with the top of the page having column heads: "Oklahoma Opened" "President Harrison'... See More  

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The New England Restraining Act---extended...

Item #661535

September 02, 1775

PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, Sept. 2, 1775 

* The New England Restraining Act

* Pre Revolutionary tension w/ England

* John Hancock gets married

Taking nearly one-third of the front page  and most of page 2 is the extension of the very historic New England Restraining Act by Parliament. This was the King's response to the American colonies' decision to boycott Briti... See More  

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Talk of Franklin's electricity experiments...

Item #660938

September 27, 1759

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 27, 1759 

* Benjamin Franklin

* Electricity experiments

* Lightning rod

 Pages 4 and 5 contains text from a work: "...On the Advancement of Science" which includes sections on medicine, experiments on animals, metaphysical experiments, etc. as well as a section: "Of Electricity". In this latter section are reports on Benjam... See More  

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Death & funeral of President Harrison...

Item #660888

April 10, 1841

NILES' NATIONAL REGISTER, Baltimore, April 10, 1841  Wide black "mourning" rules on all columns on all 16 pages for the death of the President. Page 3 has the report headed: "National Affairs" "Death of the President of the U. States" with various particulars (see for portions). Additional details carry over to the following pages with: "Report of the Ph... See More  

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The 1st African-American slave to formally practice medicine...

Item #660785
THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, (Philadelphia), January, 1789 

* James Derham, esteemed and promoted by Dr. Benjamin Rush - 1st African American (and slave) to officially practice medicine

* Thomas Fuller - an uneducated slave with incredible mathematical ability

* Reflections upon Lexington & Concord

The most noteworthy article begins on page 61 under the heading, "At a meeting of the ... See More  

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Letter from President John Adams...

Item #660719

February 27, 1799


* 18th century American title

Page 2 has a letter to the House of Rep. signed in type by the President: John Adams, concerning France. Page 3 has mention of the birthday of George Washington. Much reporting from Congress.

Four pages, ornate masthead, light rubbing & toning at the top quadrant, good condition. Bit c... See More  

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Two front page letters signed by President John Adams...

Item #660505

June 21, 1798

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, June 21, 1798 

* 18th century American publication

* President John Adams address & letter

* Nice masthead for display

The front page begins with an address to  the President by the Convention of Congregational ministers, with the President's response signed: John Adams. And also a letter from the President to the commander-in chief and othe... See More  

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Acts signed by President George Washington...

Item #660411

March 31, 1794

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, March 31, 1794 

* U.S. presidents sign acts of Congress

Page 2 begins with two Acts of the U.S. Congress, each signed in type by the President: Go. Washington, and the Vice President: John Adams.

The back page has a notice headed: "War Department" concerning applying for pension for those injured from the Revolutionary War, signed i... See More  

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Front page Act signed by Sam Adams... Other thoughts on the Jay Treaty...

Item #660404

July 20, 1795

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 20, 1795  Half of the front page is taken up with an Act of the Massachusetts legislature, signed in type by the governor: Samuel Adams.

Much of page 2 is taken up with: "Observations Against The TREATY." being the controversial Jay Treaty.

Four pages, very handsome masthead, never-trimmed margins, small binding holes at the blank spine. There a... See More  

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Sam Adams issues a Proclamation...

Item #660398

June 29, 1795

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, June 29, 1795 

* Proclamation signed in type by Sam Adams

Page 2 has a "Proclamation" signed in type by the governor: Samuel Adams.

Four pages, very handsome masthead, never-trimmed margins, small binding holes at the blank spine, great condition.... See More  

Item from Catalog 297 (released for August, 2020)...

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Sam Adams writes to his legislature...

Item #660397

June 25, 1795

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, June 25, 1795  Page 2 has a letter to the Mass. legislature concerning French ships in Mass. ports, signed in type by the governor: Samuel Adams.

Four pages, very handsome masthead, never-trimmed margins, small binding holes at the blank spine, great condition.

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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Disputed boundary between East and West Florida...

Item #660385

June 13, 1797

PORCUPINE'S GAZETTE, Philadelphia, June 13, 1797 

* Rare 18th century publication

* President John Adams

* Early Florida boundary

Page 3 has a letter to Congress signed in type by the President: John Adams. The focus is on the disputed boundary line between the colonies of East and West Florida and the territory of the United States.

This was William Cobbett's important and c... See More  

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Celebrating the birthday of John Adams...

Item #660185

November 06, 1802

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 6, 1802 

* President John Adams

* Celebrating 67th birthday

The front page has over a full column of text concerning the birthday of John Adams. Headed: "Tribute of Gratitude", it begins: "Saturday last being the Birth Day of the Hon. JOHN ADAMS, late President of the United States, the same was celebrated at Quincy...".

Included is... See More  

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President Jefferson Davis addresses his Congress...

Item #660134

November 08, 1864

THE CHARLESTON MERCURY, South Carolina, Nov. 8, 1864 

* Confederate president Jefferson Davis

* Rare title from the origin of the Civil War

Among the front page reports on the Civil War are: "Glorious Achievements of Forrest's Horse Marines" "Yankee Army News" "The Tennessee Valley Campaign" "The President's Message" in which he presents ... See More  

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Black Sox scandal ringleaders arrested....

Item #659840

March 26, 1921

THE DAY, New London, Connecticut, March 26, 1921

* Chicago Black Sox World Series scandal indictments

* Jewish Gamblers Carl Zork and Benjamin Franklin

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "WHITE SOX REINDICTED IN BASEBALL SCANDAL; 18 MEN TO FACE TRIAL" with subheads. (see) First report coverage on the indictments of the master minds of the 1919 Black Sox World Ser... See More  

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Indian treaty with the Mennatarees... Thomas Jefferson's financial troubles...

Item #659569

February 18, 1826

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, February 18, 1826  The front page has an article which begins: "A treaty with the Belantse-etea, or Mennatarees, was concluded between gen. Atkinson and maj. O'Falon & many chiefs of this tribe at the Lower Mandan village...It provides for a friendly intercourse between the parties..." with more.

Also on the ftpg. is a report which rea... See More  

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John Hancock... "Extraordinary" issue is included...

Item #659442

July 01, 1790

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE  & UNIVERSAL ADVERTISER, Boston, July 1, 1790  Page 2 has a lengthy Act of the Mass. Legislature signed in type by the governor: John Hancock. This is followed by the: "Address of the House of Representatives to His Excellency JOHN HANCOCK, Esquire, Governour of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

Included as well is the single sheet: "Extraordin... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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An "Extraordinary" issue of this title, with three Acts signed by John Hancock...

Item #659434

April 20, 1790


* John Hancock acts signed

* Massachusetts governor

An uncommon single sheet "Extra" printing outside the regular cycle of this newspaper.

Half of the front side is taken up with 3 Acts of the Mass. Legislature, each signed in type by the governor: John Hancock.

Half of the back is taken up with ads including fiv... See More  

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Four documents signed in type by John Hancock...

Item #659426

February 18, 1790


* John Hancock signed in type

Most of the front page is taken up with lengthy & detailed reports of: "Proceedings in the House of Representatives of the United States".

Page 3 contains four "Resolves" from the Mass. Legislature, each signed in type by the governor: John Hancock.

Four pages... See More  

Item from Catalog 297 (released for August, 2020)...

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On the historic Funding Act... Building the Cape Henry lighthouse... Much more...

Item #659330

October 06, 1790

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, New York, Oct. 6, 1790   The back page has not one, but two documents from the "Treasury Department" concerning carrying into effect the historic Funding Act of 1790, whereby the new federal government would assume the debts of the individual states incurred during the Revolutionary War.

The back page also has a "Treasury Department"
... See More  

Item from Catalog 298 (released for September, 2020)...

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This historic Funding Act of 1790...

Item #659321

August 07, 1790


* United States Funding Act of 1790

* President George Washington signs

* Also John Adams & Thomas Jefferson

Taking about a full page of text, including almost all of page 2 is: "An Act making Provision for the Debt of the United States" which is signed in type by John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.

This w... See More  

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Signed by Washington, Adams & Jefferson... Death of Israel Putnam...

Item #659289

June 12, 1790


* First 3 presidents of the United States

* Israel Putnam "Old Put" death

* Battle of Bunker Hill fame

A page 2 report announces the death of: " ...that justly celebrated hero, Patriot and Philanthropist, ISRAEL PUTNAM...", plus some details about the funeral.

The top of page 3 has a Congressional Resolve headed w... See More  

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The Department of State is created...

Item #659060

July 29, 1789

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, New York, July 29, 1789   Considered by many as the most significant newspaper of the 18th century, particularly during this, the formative year of the new federal government, as the Gazette was the mouthpiece of all matters political. Most pronouncements from Congress & the President were printed first in this newspaper.

Holding true to this statement,... See More  

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Senate congratulates Washington on his election... Washington's letter to the Lutherans...

Item #659024

May 20, 1789

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, New York, May 20, 1789  On pg. 2 under "Proceedings of Congress" are the proceedings the House of Representative from the first session of the first Congress under the Constitution. This Congressional coverage carries over to page 3 where there is interesting discussion from May 19 concerning the various Cabinet posts, including: "...the first obje... See More  

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News from the closing moments of the war... Thanks to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and others...

Item #658842

February 12, 1782


* American Revolutionary War closing events

* George Washington & Thomas Jefferson

The inside pages have various reports concerning the Revolutionary War, including: "...nothing but the utter destruction of the Carolinas was talked of by the ministry & their creatures; but since the French have bl... See More  

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Much on the Siege of Augusta, or Fort Cornwallis... Terms offered to General Washington...

Item #658609

July 31, 1781


* Siege of Augusta, Georgia

* General Andrew Pickens

* George Washington

Almost all of page 2 is taken up with a wealth of correspondence and detail concerning the Siege of Augusta, also known as the Siege of Fort Cornwallis. Included are the "Articles of Capitulation..." and many of  the corr... See More  

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