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Item #177080

January 19, 1901

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, January 19, 1901  Fullpage illustration Cavalrymen Rounding Up Poachers in Yellowstone Park; Frontpage illustration of the Subway Construction in New York at Union Square; The Nicaragua Canal Treaty; American Troops in China; fullpage illustration "The Goose Cow - A Nebraska Method of Stalking Wild Geese" by Clarke; fullpage illustration "The New ... See More  

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Note: Most authentic Harper's Weekly issues come from bound volumes, and those dated in January and December often have more wear-and-tear than those from February through November - especially the first and last issues of each year. This reality is reflected in the price shown.

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Item #160754

May 09, 1958

MORNING CALL, May 9, 1958 Two line, five column head: "Peruvian Students Stone, Spit On Nixon, Desecrate U.S. Flag". Subhead: "He Says Day 'Will Live In Infamy'" plus a four column photo of Richard Nixon in the middle of the jeering students. Front page only!

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