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From territorial New Mexico...

Item #651183

January 11, 1901


* New Mexico Territory

Actually a territorial newspaper as New Mexico did not become a state until 1912. Eight pages, typical news & ads of the day, very nice condition.

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First of this title we have offered...

Item #651010

March 07, 1901

THE FARMINGTON HUSTLER, New Mexico, March 7, 1901 

* Rare territorial issue

* San Juan County

A quite scarce title, in fact the first we have discovered. This lasted but two years before merging with the Times to become the "Farmington Times-Hustler". "Union List Of Serials" notes that no institution in the country has any issues from this year. 

Farmington is... See More  

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A wealth of inventions and period ads...

Item #650812

July 30, 1881

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, July 30, 1881  The front cover features "Ellithorp's Boot and Shoe Lasting Machine" with an accompanying article. Inside the issue is: "Adjustable Gun Stock"; "The Induction Balance used as a Bullet Finder"; "Maiche's Battery"; "Telescopic Views of the Great Comet of 1881"; "Trevor * Co's Slottin... See More  

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1885 Auburn, California...

Item #649786

October 24, 1885

THE PLACER HERALD, Auburn, Placer County, California, October 24, 1885  Placer mining in the Auburn area was very good, with the camp first becoming known as the North Fork Dry Diggings, later changed to Woods Dry Diggings. The area soon developed into a mining camp, and it was officially named Auburn in 1849.

In 1851 Auburn was chosen as the seat of Placer County. Gold mining operations mov... See More  

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A great lot from the Old West, at a reduced price...

Item #649271
(10) A lot of ten "OLD WEST" newspapers from California, dating in the 1870's through 1890's, and priced at a bargain due to edge tears, mends, wear, etc. which makes them somewhat 2nd-rate. The set will contain at least 5 different titles, and no two issues will have the same date. A nice opportunity for a mini-set of different "Wild West" titles at a significantly red... See More  
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Seven issues from the "Old West"...

Item #649238
A lot of seven "Old West" newspapers, each with a different title from California dating in the 1870's through 1890's. A nice opportunity for a mini-set of different "Wild West" titles at a bargain price. A wealth of both news reports and ads of the day. Keep in mind, issues from this period can be fragile and must be handled with care.

Item from Catalog 318 (released for May, 2022)...

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Displayable issue...

Item #647998

September 02, 1911

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 2, 1911  See the photos for the nice two color cover which shows an early automobile being stopped by a policeman to allow an elderly woman to cross the street The back cover is a nice ad for the "Overland" automobile (see). At least 3 fullpg. car ads within. Never bound nor trimmed, very nice, clean condition.

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Early Phoenix, Arizona...

Item #646421

October 06, 1887

ARIZONA GAZETTE, Phoenix, Oct. 6, 1887 

* Very rare issue from the Arizona Territory

This is an extremely early and uncommon newspaper from Arizona Territory (it wasn't a state until 1912). Filled with various news of the day both local and national, and a wealth of ads--most very "Western" looking and many illustrated.

The front page has almost a full column of: "Lo... See More  

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Nineteenth century title from territorial New Mexico...

Item #646404

May 31, 1884

 ALBUQUERQUE MORNING JOURNAL, New Mexico, May 31, 1884  

* New Mexico Territory

Very rare to find 19th century newspapers from Albuquerque, and this issue is dated 28 years before New Mexico would become a state. This is a 4 page newspaper with local, regional and national news, topical reports and ads.

A large folio size newspaper, never bound nor trimmed, printed on high-qu... See More  

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From Arizona 19 years before statehood...

Item #643462

October 03, 1893

ARIZONA DAILY GAZETTE, Phoenix, Oct. 3, 1893 

* Rare old West title

* Maricopa County

This issue is from the Arizona Territory, 19 years before it joined the Union. The ftpg. has: "Three Men Wounded" "A Desperate Shooting Affray in Oakland" "Two Innocent Men are Killed in the Melee" and "Dynamite in New Mexico" and pg. 2 has: "Witches In Mot... See More  

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From Arizona 19 years before statehood...

Item #637147

October 11, 1893

ARIZONA DAILY GAZETTE, Phoenix, Oct. 11, 1893 

* Rare old West title

* Maricopa County

This issue is from the Arizona Territory, 19 years before it joined the Union. Varied news reports both local & national with a nice wealth of ads as well, many of which are illustrated.

Eight pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Great reporting from the Old West...

Item #631453

August 04, 1883

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Aug. 4, 1883  This was certainly one of the best newspapers at reporting now iconic events of the Old West, this issue including; "Through The Trap--Henry Lee, A Virginia Murderer, Executed at Richmond--The Doomed Man Goes to His Death Stolidly" "Shot Dead by a Gambler" "A Texas Cowboy on a Drunken Frolic at Hallettsville" "Cattle T... See More  

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From Minnesota in the late 19th century...

Item #630424

August 14, 1884

DAKOTA COUNTY TRIBUNE, Farmington and Lakeville, Minnesota, Aug. 14, 1884  A volume one issue of an uncommon title from a few miles south of Minneapolis. Typical news & ads of the day, many of which are illustrated.

Four pages, even toning, a few minor margin tears.

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Focused on the infancy years of the film industry... Magician Charles Carter...

Item #630002

August 07, 1909

THE NEW YORK CLIPPER, August 7, 1909  A great issue on the entertainment industry with much on the earliest years of moving pictures plus a great deal on vaudeville and burlesque as well. The ads & notices includes the names of hundreds in the industry at the time, with many photos as well.

The front page has a photo of Chas. J. Carter, a magician who got his start at the age of twelve. ... See More  

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Building lots in Naples, Florida, for $10 each...

Item #628306

April 11, 1887

THE FLORIDA DISPATCH, Jacksonville, April 11, 1887  Noted in the masthead: "Official Organ Of The Florida Fruit Growers' Assoc. & the Florida Fruit & Vegetable Growers' Protective Assoc." with the content, and the ads, focused on such.

An inside page has a full column advertisement for: "NAPLES !  The Most Southern City of Florida...20,000 City Lots...An I... See More  

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Nice Phoenix newspaper from the 1890's...

Item #625501

March 21, 1895

THE ARIZONA GAZETTE, Phoenix, March 21, 1895 

* Rare Old West title

* Maricopa County

Difficult to find 19th century newspapers from Phoenix but here is one. This was published 17 years before Arizona statehood.

Various news & ads of the day including a column of: "Local Briefs" with small news tidbits; "Rode With A Skull--Terrible Experience of an Arizona Cowboy Co... See More  

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"Pennsylvania Yankee" town...

Item #614025

January 01, 1890

THE PENN YAN EXPRESS, New York, 1890  An uncommon title from this town of 5100 pop. in upstate New York.  The name is a syllabic abbreviation of "Pennsylvania Yankee". Various news of the day with a wealth of ads, many of which are illustrated.

Four pages, large folio size, evenly toned, fragile so it must be handled carefully, but otherwise in nice condition.

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"Pennsylvania Yankee" town...

Item #614024

January 01, 1890


* Uncommon title

An uncommon title from this town of 5100 pop. in upstate New York.  The name is a syllabic abbreviation of "Pennsylvania Yankee". Various news of the day with a wealth of ads, many of which are illustrated.

Four pages, large folio size, evenly toned, fragile so it must be handled carefully, but otherwise in nice cond... See More  

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Land in Nebraska for $3 an acre...

Item #607554

December 01, 1880

THE MERRICK COUNTY ITEM, Central City, Nebraska, Dec. 1, 1880 

* Uncommon title

Various news of the day from the Midwest with two illustrated ads on the back page promoting the attractiveness of settling in Nebraska, one headed: "Specimen Views Of Union Pacific Railroad Lands In Nebraska...Millions of good Acres yet for Sale at from $3 to $6 per acre." Page 2 has an inconspicu... See More  

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Illustrated Circus Ad... One of the best...

Item #598350

September 19, 1883

BELLEFONTE REPUBLICAN, Bellefonte, Pa., September 19, 1883 Page 5 has a full column advertisement for " The Great Forpaugh Show" which includes 3 illustrations of the various attractions and performances along with additional details. Very displayable - one of the best circus ads we have seen!  Other news of the day and period advertizing is present throughout.The issue has 8 pages ... See More  

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The Krag-Jorgensen rifle...

Item #597465

September 24, 1892

ARMY AND NAVY JOURNAL, New York, September 24, 1892   Advertisements within this issue include: "Bethlehem Steel Company" "Anheuser Busch Brewing Ass'n" & "Remington Typewriter" among others. See the photo for details, including additional ads.

Also inside the issue is an article "The Reunion at Washington".

A tabloid-size publication; the sub... See More  

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From Utah before statehood....

Item #597185

January 11, 1890

DESERET EVENING NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah Territory, Jan. 11, 1890  From 6 years before Utah would become a state. Various news of the day & a great wealth of ads, many of which are illustrated.

Four pages, some browning at folds, some archival mends at the margins of folds, generally nice condition.

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Rare "Supplement" issue from San Leandro...

Item #591196

September 25, 1880

SAN LEANDRO REPORTER "SUPPLEMENT", Alameda County, California, Sept. 25, 1880 

* Rare Old West title

A very scarce and quite small single sheet "Supplement" issue, measuring just 9 by 10 3/4 inches. This issue contains various small tidbits (see) and a few ads, one of which is a $10 Reward!" for a lost pair of gun barrels. Very nice condition.... See More  

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Red Wing, MN... the missing link is found!

Item #587093

January 14, 1882

THE REPUBLICAN, Red Wing, Minnesota, January 14, 1882

* Red Wing, Minnesota

* Dr. E.D. Cope finds human-like skull skull and declares it the missing link

Page 3 has a one paragraph article, "The Long Sought Missing Link", which tells of Prof. E.D.Cope (of Philadelphia and the Smithsonian Institute fame), discovering a small human-like skull near the Big Horn River, Wyoming Territo... See More  

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Great wealth of illustrated horse advertisements...

Item #586427

April 24, 1886

KENTUCKY GAZETTE, Lexington, April 24, 1886 

* Rare title from Kentucky

* Illustrated horse ads

Being from horse country, it is not surprising that the advertisements are focused on horses, with the front page having a large, illustrated ad for one, and the back page entirely taken up with horse ads including 35 which are illustrated (see photos).

Four pages, various wear at the mar... See More  

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Pre-statehood New Mexico...

Item #583921

January 01, 1903

SANTA FE DAILY NEW MEXICAN newspaper dated 1903.  A great issue, with a wealth of news of the day both local and national (and international) and a wealth of ads as well, many of which are illustrated.

Complete in 4 pages. Spine is somewhat irregular but causing no loss of text. Browned, mainly at the edges and some minor margin tears.

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The school newspaper of Stanford University...

Item #583919

January 01, 1901

DAILY PALO ALTO, Stanford University, California, 1901  An issue of the school newspaper published by this now prestigious university in northern California, with various news tidbits, items about school and many ads as well.

Complete in 4 pages, some tears at the margins & minor margin chipping, measures 11 by 15 1/2 inches. Be in touch if an image is needed.

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Munitions explosion at Silvertown...

Item #583747

January 21, 1917

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Springfield, Massachusetts, January 21, 1917

* Silvertown, West Ham, Essex, London

* Munitions factory explosion disaster

This 30+ page newspaper has one column headlines on the front page that include: "PLANT WIPED OUT", "BRITISH EXPLOSION", "Fifty Or Sixty Dead" and more (see photos). 1st report coverage on the Silvertown Explosion in ... See More  

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1915 U.S. Open... Jerome Travers...

Item #583527

June 19, 1915

SPRINGFIELD REPUBLICAN, Springfield, Massachusetts, June 19, 1915

* U.S. Open golf championship

* Amateur Jerome Travers

* Baltusrol Golf Club

This 20 page newspaper has one column headlines on page 13 that include: "TRAVERS WITH 297", "EARNS OPEN GOLF TITLE", "Amateur for Second Time in History..." and more with nice photo of Travers (see images). Coverage on... See More  

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Rare old west title...

Item #583452

October 06, 1880

SAN JOSE MERCURY--SUPPLEMENT, California, Oct. 6, 1880

* Rare Old West title

A single sheet "supplement" issue mostly taken up with ads & "Sheriff's Sale" notices, although the front page has: "The Irish Vote" "Why It Is Coming Over to the Republican Party". The bkpg. has a nice illus. ad for "Slaven's Yosemite Cologne" (see photo... See More  

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Rare old west title from Gridley, California...

Item #582791

March 22, 1883

THE GRIDLEY HERALD, Gridley, California, March 22, 1883 

* Very rare Old West title

This could be the only issue of this title we have. Gridley is a small town north of Sacramento in Butte County. This is a four page issue with various news of the day & a wealth of ads, many of which are illustrated. Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, very nice, clean condition.... See More  

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1935 Marx Brothers movie ad.....

Item #576610

December 13, 1935

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, December 13, 1935

* A Night at the Opera movie ad

* Groucho - Chico - Harpo

* Marx Brothers

This 12 page newspaper has a 6 x 5 inch movie advertisement on the back page for: "A Night at the Opera" starring the Marx Brothers. (see photos) Also a related photo on the same page with brief text underneath (see photos).

News of the day wi... See More  

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An Army Surgeon's Story...

Item #576205

October 21, 1897

THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, Massachusetts, October 21, 1897  This is mostly literary-related content, but also topical articles, plus other youth-related content and filled with ads. About the size of Harper's Weekly.  The frontpage story is entitled "How Neither of Us Was Hanged - An Army Surgeon's Story" which is from the Battle of Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864. Complete ... See More  

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A broadside edition from the Old West...

Item #575646

August 01, 1896

TUOL. INDEPENDENT--SUPPLEM'T, Sonora, Tuolumne County, (California), Aug. 1, 1896

* Rare Old west broadside

A nice, small-size broadside (printed on one side only). The two ftpg. articles are headed: "Suicide At Chinese--Martin Avery Ends His Life With a Shotgun" and "A Fatal Accident--G. Dalmazio Falls One Hundred Feet To Death" and two ads. Measures 9 by 12 inches, ... See More  

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1903 Colt's pistol ad...

Item #575379

November 21, 1903

The ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL magazine, New York, November 21, 1903

* Colt's revolver Illustrated Ad

* Military Newspaper

Subtitled: "A Gazette of The Regular and Volunteer Forces." See the photo below for a nice illustrated ad for "COLT'S NEW SERVICE REVOLVER".

Loads of military news and ads throughout. You get the complete 28 page issue
... See More  

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The New York Times on strike...

Item #575164

September 18, 1923

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 18, 1923 

* This famous publication on strike

A curious issue, as each page has in blue ink near the top what looks like a rubber stamp message: "Owing to a strike of the newspaper pressmen on September 18th this issue of the New York Times was not published until two weeks later when a few copies were run off for purposes of record only. There was no ... See More  

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Frontpage Ad for Colt firearm . . . and more!

Item #573966

February 14, 1903

ARMY AND NAVY JOURNAL, New York, February 14, 1903   The primary feature of this issue is the displayable front page ads which include:

     Colt's New Army Revolver

     Remington-Lee Sporting Rifle

     Bethlehem Steel Company

See the photo for details - including additional ads.

A tabloid-size publication; the subj... See More  

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An Old West Newspaper from Stockton, CA......

Item #573326

July 24, 1880

STOCKTON DAILY INDEPENDENT, California, July 24, 1880 

* Rare wild Old West title


This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements. With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen on a regu... See More  

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1894 newspaper & Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show...

Item #571775

August 21, 1894

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, New York, August 21, 1894

* Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show ad

On page 11 of this complete, 12 page newspaper is a nice, illustrated one column advertisement for "Buffalo Bill's Wild West" show, with a small likeness of Buffalo Bill (see the photo below). The rest of the issue is filled with various news of the day & a wealth of ads. Several illust... See More  

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Alaska prints... Early 2oth century...

Philadelphia Athletics... 1913 World Champions...

Item #570762

October 23, 1913

LESLIE"S ILLUSTRATED, New York, October 23, 1913  In addition to the decorative color cover, this issue features several prints of the Philadelphia Athletics World Championship baseball team.  Many (including baseball historian bill James) regard the 1913 A's as having had the best infield in major league history (first baseman Stuffy McInnis, second baseman Eddie Collins, third bas... See More  

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Promotional issue for the city of Richmond, California...

Item #569989

October 01, 1904

RICHMOND TERMINAL--Industrial Edition, California, Oct. 1, 1904

* Rare promotional issue

* Pre incorporated

Certainly an uncommon title, and an interesting "promotional" newspaper as if done by the chamber of commerce. Large ftpg. head notes: "CITY OF RICHMOND Just Across the Bay From San Francisco" with the text beginning: "Western terminus of the Santa Fe Railroa... See More  

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Color car ads...

Item #177841

January 11, 1913

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, NY, January 11, 1913

The front page of this issue has a photo of "William Sulzer" saying "I will Walk in the Street Called Straight." There is an illustration of: "A Study in Kicks" by Kemble. The double page centerfold of this issue is an illustration by C. M. Relyea called "Forty Winks".

There are many full page ads in ... See More  

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Second rate also available for:


Early issue from Colorado...

Item #565517

September 24, 1881

THE DAILY DENVER TIMES, Colorado, September 24, 1881

* Rare title

* Western America

From just 5 years after Colorado became a state. The front page has a wide variety of news & ads, with the same on page 2.

Most of pages 3 & 4 are taken up with ads however the back page has a huge number of interesting & brief tidbits under the headings: "Personal" "Announceme... See More  

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Rare title and small size...

Item #564755

September 18, 1880

SAN LEANDRO REPORTER, Alameda County, California, September 18, 1880 

* Rare Old West title 

A very scarce and quite small newspaper of 4 pages. The front page has: "Robberies" and "A Suicide" with page 3 having a full column of: "Local Items".

Other news of the day & many ads. Measures just 8 3/4 by 11 3/4 inches, news agent's stamp on the f... See More  

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Item #564259

March 12, 1891

BRADFORD REPUBLICAN, Towanda, Pennsylvania, March 12, 1891 

* Rare title from small town Pennsylvania

Actually a rare title from this small town in northern Pennsylvania, with a wide variety of local, national, and international news. A wealth of ads as well, many of which are illustrated.

Eight pages, never trimmed nor bound, very nice condition.... See More  

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The Death of President James A.Garfield...

Item #563898

September 22, 1881

DAILY TIMES, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, September 22, 1881

* President James Garfield assassination

* Funeral

Front page has: "The Funeral Procession to the Capital in Washington", which includes: "Laid In State" "The Catafalque" & more.

Lengthy editorial on page 2: "The Press on the President's Demise". re. death of Garfield .

Other news of... See More  

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Uncommon from Topsfield in 1897...

Item #563608

August 14, 1897

THE TOPSFIELD TOWNSMAN, Massachusetts, August 14, 1897

* 19th century original

Interesting local paper from this town, with various news of the day and many illustrated ads.

Complete in 4 pages, full size, has many folds but not fragile. some wear at the folds.

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1st talkie advertisement...

Item #563443

August 05, 1926

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, August 5, 1926 

* 1st talkie movie advertisements (Don Juan) 

* John Barrymore - Vitaphone

This 44 page newspaper has a 3 1/2 x 4 inch advertisement for the movie "Don Juan" on page 19 which was actually the very first talkie movie with the use of Vitaphone technology.

This advertisement is from the day before the opening night f... See More  

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Controlling the Mississippi Flood... Hydro-Aeroplane...

Item #561709

May 03, 1913

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, from New York, dated May 3, 1913. This issue features the colored cover showing man with an axe preparing to work on a tree that was just dredged from the water. The issue also contains the following prints, articles and/or ads: The Intractable Missouri-Mississippi System; Floods and the problems of River Regulation; The Hydro-Aeroplane Meet at Monaco; The Shoes You Wear; and ... See More  

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Christmas issue...

Item #561306

December 07, 1899

YOUTH'S COMPANION from Boston dated December 7, 1899.  The cover of this issue feature a young lady doing needle work and is entitled "Getting Ready for Christmas". Mostly literary-related content, but also topical articles, plus other youth-related content and ads.

This is complete in 16 pages measuring 11.25 x 16.5 inches and is in nice condition.
... See More  

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