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The Mormons in Utah... Electricity comes to Utah...

Item #674529

November 26, 1879

THE DESERET NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah, Nov. 26, 1879  This newspaper was published 17 years before it became a state. Included is an interesting report concerning a stagecoach robbery. Also Mormon-related items, with articles headed: "The Mormons And The Indians" & "Sugar Made In Utah" "Murder" and "Discourse Delivered by Elder Geo. Q. Cannon at the Tab... See More  

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Red Bluff, California....

Item #674526

March 18, 1876

THE DAILY PEOPLE'S CAUSE, Red Bluff, California, March 18, 1876 

* Rare old West publication

An interesting title from Northern California. Quite scarce as well, as we only have 3 issues. Various news of the day both local & national, with a wealth of advertisements as well.

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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From a small mining town (Jackson) in Northern California...

Item #674525

September 20, 1879

AMADOR DISPATCH, Jackson, California, Sept. 20, 1879 

* Rare old West publication

Jackson was founded in 1848 around a year-round spring, settled by American pioneers and then gold-seekers upon its discovery at the foothills of the Sierra Nevada range. It was also a convenient stopping place on the road from Sacramento to the southern mines.

Various news of the day both local & nat... See More  

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Rare Confederate issue from Petersburg...

Item #674524

August 15, 1863

THE DAILY EXPRESS, Petersburg, Virginia, Aug. 15, 1863 

* Rare Confederate publication

Petersburg was a critical city to the Confederacy, located not far south of the capital of Richmond, and the focus of a six month long siege when ended in early April, 1865, when Lee withdrew his troops from Petersburg and urged Jefferson Davis to remove the capital from Richmond. The war would end sh... See More  

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Edison & the beginning of the motion picture industry...

Item #674522

May 20, 1893

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 20, 1893

* Inventor Thomas Edison

* invention of the Kinetograph

The top of an inside page has a very historic article headed: "First Public Exhibition of Edison's Kinetograph" which was essentially the beginning of the motion picture industry.

The articles takes over a full column & a portion includes: "...the duration of each imag... See More  

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Great Western print on the cover...

Item #674521

June 07, 1890

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, June 7, 1890  The full ftpg. is a great illustration which seems as though it was taken from the Western movie, captioned: "Life in the Mining Regions of the Far West--Selling his Life Dearly." showing a cowboy trying to fend off a group of Indians on horseback.

A fullpg. with 9: "Sketches In A Pool Room" and three full pages with... See More  

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Early view of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada...

Item #674520

January 12, 1856

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Jan. 12, 1856  There are several nice military-themed prints inside, but some of the better prints are; "The Hon. Sir Allan MacNab, Prime Minster of Canada" and a nice half page view of: "Hamilton, Canada West, From the Mountain" and a great full page print: "Bear Hunting In Sweden".

Complete in 24 pages, great condition.

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Great scenes of Yellowstone National Park...

Item #674514

August 11, 1883

FRANK LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Aug. 11, 1883  The full front page is a great & scenic print captioned: "Scenes In The American Wonderland - The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone." Inside has another full page with 4 images of: "The American Wonderland--Scenes in the Yellowstone National Park" which includes Yellowstone Lake, the giant geyser in action, etc., p... See More  

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Early, detailed letter from San Diego...

Item #674513

April 24, 1847

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., April 24, 1847  Much reporting on the Mexican War, plus the front page has: "Late From California" which is a lengthy letter from San Diego reading more like a travelogue than a military report, although there is mention of a battle with the Mexicans.

Also on the ftpg: "Letter From Gen. Taylor" and "Santa Anna's Dispositi... See More  

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Players returning from the war strengthen "the national game"...

Item #674512

June 29, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, June 29, 1865

* Civil War soldiers returning to baseball

The back page has: "Base Ball A Grand Match At Hoboken--The Mutual Club In The Field--The Second Contest For The Championship--An Immense Assemblage Of Spectators--The Finest Played Game Of The Season, Etc." This is a nice summary of a game between the Empire and Mutuals clubs, that begins: "The national... See More  

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Capt. Decatur's report on his victory over the Macedonian...

Item #674444

December 19, 1812

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 19, 1812 

* USS United States vs. HMS Macedonian

The front page has: "Brilliant Naval Actions" which is concerning Stephen Decatur's victory over the British frigate Macedonian, in a letter signed: James Madison. this is followed by a nice, detailed letter of the battle datelined: "U..S. United States, at sea, Oct. 30, 1812" and s... See More  

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Charge of the Light Brigade...

Item #674396

November 18, 1854

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Nov. 18, 1854 

* Charge of the Light Brigade illustration

* Battle of Balaclava - Crimean War

The front page contains not only a nice article but a great illustration on the famous "Charge of the Light Brigade" from during the Crimean War.

The article is headed: "The Battle Of Balaclava" which carries over to page 2, and the print ... See More  

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The famous Heenan and Sayers boxing match...

Item #674386

May 12, 1860


* John C. Heenan vs. Tom Sayers

* Famous & 1st World championship boxing

The front page is mostly taken up with 5 prints concerning the famous Heenan and Sayers boxing match including: "The Field Where the Champion Battle Was Fought" plus prints showing both Heenan and Sayers. Inside has a nearly half pg. print: "Heenan In his... See More  

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Battle of Trafalgar... Death of Lord Nelson...

Item #674384

December 26, 1805

BOSTON GAZETTE, December 26, 1805 

* Battle of Trafalgar

* Lord Horatio Nelson death

* British Royal Navy

Page 2 has nice & detailed reports on the Battle of Trafalgar, headed: "Glorious Victory Over the Combined Fleets. Death of Lord Nelson".

Part of the introductory announcement reads: "...Providence has blest his Majesty's Arms with a most signal v
... See More  

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From the state of Chihuahua, Mexico...

Item #674375

January 03, 1860

LA COALICION, the date translating to: "Tuesday, January 3, 1860". The full title translating to: "The Coalition -Official Newspaper of the Government of the State of Chihuahua" which is a northern state of Mexico, bordering much of New Mexico.

Four pages, 8 1/4 by 11 3/4 inches, very nice condition.

... See More  

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The Japanese ambassadors' visit the President & the nation's capital...

Item #674369

May 26, 1860

NEW YORK ILLUSTRATED NEWS, May 26, 1860  Most of the many prints in this issue are on the visit of the Japanese ambassadors to the nation's Capital. Included are two doublepage prints.

Sixteen pages, some light toning, small binding holes at the centerfolds, nice condition.

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Celebrating the new Erie Canal...

Item #674367

October 10, 1825


* Early Erie Canal

* 1st boat - ship journey

Page 3 includes a nice account of the celebration of the arrival of the first boat on the Erie Canal, headed; "New York Celebration". Included is the governor's "Address" which begins: "This solemnity, at this place, on the first arrival of vessels from Lake Erie, is... See More  

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One of the earliest Louisiana newspapers we have offered...

Item #674366

June 09, 1819


* Very rare & early deep South publication

This is one of the earliest newspapers from Louisiana we have had the pleasure to offer.

The front page has "Arrival of The President in Savannah" with much detail, taking over a full column. Also an address: "To the Mayor, Aldermen and Citizens of Savannah" sig... See More  

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Little girl admonishes Lincoln to let his whiskers grow...

Item #674339

February 17, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 17, 1861 

* President-elect Abraham Lincoln

* Grace Bedell encourages him to grow a beard

Page 5 has the actual reporting of the famous story of the little girl who told Abraham Lincoln he should grow his whiskers, which he did. Unusual to find this in a period newspaper.

The text with this report is seen in the photos, reading: "...Mr. Lincoln took occasion... See More  

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General Smyth's failed effort to invade Canada...

Item #674223

December 18, 1812

THE REPERTORY & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Dec. 18, 1812  Inside reports include: "Gen. Smyth's Expedition", a letter signed in type by: Stephen Decatur datelined from the "U.S. S. United States, at sea, Oct. 30, 1812"; "The Prize" concerning the British frigate Macedonian; "The Crew of the Macedonian"; nearly 1 1/2 columns on: "Highly Imp... See More  

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Preparing for the Statue of Liberty... Oklahoma Boomers...

Item #674219

May 16, 1885

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, May 16, 1885  The front page is a montage of prints concerning the trial of Richard Short for the assault on Capt. Phelan.

Inside has a very dramatic print of: "The Tenement House Fire...A Father's Desperate Resort--Four Children Thrown from a 3rd Story Window". Another fullpg. shows a reunion of Union & Confederates solders in ... See More  

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United States Post Office...

Item #674216

April 18, 1896

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 18, 1896  The ftpg. shows: "Letter Canceling Machines in the U.S. Post Office, New York City" with a related article as well. 

Page 3 has a report on the 1896 Olympic Games, the first held after being abolished 15 centuries ago. Various prints of: "Gas Machine for Industrial & Domestic Uses" and various other prints &... See More  

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Closing in on Richmond...

Item #674209

February 09, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 9, 1864  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "General Butler's Dept." "Bold Raid Towards Richmond" "Our Troops Within Ten Miles of the Rebel Capital" "Crossing of the Rapidan" "Rebels Driven from Their Position" and more.

Eight pages, slight bit of damp staining at the bottom, nice condition.... See More  

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Civil War map of Western Kentucky...

Item #674201

December 19, 1861

NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 19, 1861  A displayable issue as nearly half of of the front page is taken up with a large & very detailed Civil War map headed: "THE MILITARY POSITIONS IN WESTERN KENTUCKY." First column war headlines as well.

Among the front page column heads are: "The Rebels in Western Kentucky" "The Advance to be Made by the Union Forces Under Gen. Halle... See More  

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Civil War map includes Gettysburg, & much more...

Item #674200

January 27, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Jan. 27, 1862 

* Southern Pennsylvania, Northern Maryland map

The front page features a rather large Civil War map headed: "Operations On The Baltimore And Ohio Railroad" showing much of Maryland, parts of Virginia and the southern portion of Pennsylvania including Gettysburg & Harrisburg.

Plus there are front page column heads including: "The Battle... See More  

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Two Civil War maps...

Item #674199

April 03, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, April 3, 1862  Page 3 has a Civil War map headed: "Movements of Major General Banks - Occupation of Woodstock, Virginia- Fight at Stony Creek".

Among the page 3 column heads on the Civil War are: "The New Battle Field" "Corinth, Mississippi to be the Waterloo of the War" "The Rebels Armed with Pikes and Battle Axes" "Beauregard, J... See More  

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Civil War map of the Corinth vicinity...

Item #674198

April 06, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, April 6, 1862  The front page has a one column map showing the Corinth, Mississippi vicinity.

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Situation Of Corinth, Miss." "The Battle Ground of the Impending Contest" "The Impediment to the Union War Path" "General Jackson Expected to Add Fresh Glory to the Southern Army" "... See More  

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Civil War map on the front page...

Item #674197

February 07, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 7, 1864  The front page features a map headed: "The Smithfield and Ben's Church Affair".

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Rebel Attempt Capture Cumberland Gap" "Brisk Skirmishing and Repulse of the Enemy" "News From Chattanooga" "Details of the Rebel Demonstration on Newbern, N.C." "The F... See More  

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The Civil War at Cumberland Gap...

Item #674194

February 08, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 8, 1864  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "The Rebel Advance In East Tennessee" "Attempt to Capture Cumberland Gap" "Three Days' Sharp Skirmishing" "Rebels Finally Repulsed" "Johnston's Rebel Army at Rome, Ga." "The Situation at Knoxville" "Longstreet Moving on Tazewell...&qu... See More  

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Latest reports from the Civil War...

Item #674192

February 06, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 6, 1864  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "From Gen. Butler's Dept." "The Siege of Newbern Raised" "Retreat of the Rebels to Kinston" "From Gen. Kelly's Dept." "Another Victory by Gen. Mulligan" "Six Hours' Hard Fighting" "Our Cavalry Sharply Engaged at the Latest Date&qu... See More  

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Rebels score a victory in Western Virginia...

Item #674190

January 08, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 8, 1864 

* Battle of Jonesville, Virginia

* "The Frozen Fight" - Lee County

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War include: "Rebel Victory In Western Virginia" "280 Union Troops Attacked by 4,000 Rebels" "Gallant Stand by the Little Band" "From Est Tennessee" and more.

Eight pages, nice condition.... See More  

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"When Johnny comes marching home..."

Item #674189

May 25, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, May 25, 1865

* When Johnny Comes Marching Home

* Civil War soldiers welcome home

The first column has a nice stack of column heads on a parade of returning soldiers headed: "THE REVIEW" "Sherman's Veterans on Parade" "The Conquerors of Georgia & South Carolina in Penna. Ave." "Sherman's 'Bummers' on Their Good Behavior ... See More  

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Civil War reports from Chattanooga...

Item #674187

March 21, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, March 21, 1864  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "FROM CHATTANOOGA" "The Rebels in Large Force" "Gen. Sherman's Army Gone Down the Mississippi" "Expeditions Sent From Vicksburg" "Sufferings of Union Prisoners" "New Bern Still Save" "From Arkansas" and much more.

Eight pages, nic... See More  

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Robert E. Lee's report...

Item #674185

November 10, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Nov. 10, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "From the Southern States" "Gen. Lee's Official Report of His Late Operations in Virginia" which takes over half a column & is signed in type: R. E. Lee, General; "Jeff Davis At Charleston" "Gen. Bragg & His Troubles" "News From Tennessee" &... See More  

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The Civil War in Texas...

Item #674184

December 14, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Dec. 14, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: The Richmond Prisoners" "Rebel Authorities Refuse to Receive Further Supplies" "Active Operations in Texas Continued "Matagorda Island Occupied by Our Troops" "Sinking Of The Weehawken" "Army of the Potomac" and more.

Eight pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Great map of South Carolina...

Item #674182

February 15, 1865

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 15, 1865 

* General William T. Sherman

* Columbia, South Carolina & more

* Final months of the Civil War

The prime feature of this issue is the great & large front page Civil War map  headed: "IMPORTANT FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. Scene of General Sherman's & Admiral Porter's Operations...".

Also nice ftpg. column heads including: &qu... See More  

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Early baseball reports in a sporting newspaper...

Item #674145

November 01, 1856

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, Nov. 1, 1856  This was primarily a shorts themed newspaper, with a sports themed masthead. Inside has: "Base Ball" with some detail on recent baseball games. Quite early for baseball.

Sixteen pages, very nice condition.

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A noted baseball player of the day...

Item #674143

October 21, 1882

NEW YORK CLIPPER, Oct. 21, 1882  Inside has a nice portrait of "Waller Wallace", a prominent baseball player at that time. Included is a biography of him. The same page has box scores and write-ups for 13 baseball games.

The back several pages contains a great wealth of advertisements for the theater business including much on noted acts of the day.

Sixteen pages, great condition.... See More  

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Trial of Henry Wirz of the Andersonville prison camp...

Item #674142

November 09, 1865

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Nov. 9, 1865 

* Pre-execution of Captain Henry Wirz

* Andersonville Civil War prison - Georgia

The top of the front page has nice heads on the trial of Henry Wirz, the "demon" warden of the infamous Andersonville prison camp in South Carolina: "ANDERSONVILLE" "The Case Of Wirz" "His Approaching Execution" "Moral and Physica... See More  

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The troubles in Kansas...

Item #674140

April 30, 1856

BANNER OF LIBERTY, Middletown, New York, April 30, 1856 

* Bleeding Kansas

A great issue if only because of the very patriotic masthead, featuring an eagle with the US. flag in its talons.

Inside has over a full column on the troubling situation in Kansas, headed: "The Kansas Troubles not so Big as They Seem--How & Why They are Magnified..." with more. One bit notes: &quo... See More  

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A sporting-themed newspaper...

Item #674135

February 19, 1859

NEW YORK CLIPPER, Feb. 19, 1859  The masthead has a sporting theme, showing cricket, boxing, horse racing, & sailing.

The ftpg. features a print: "The Returned Californian" which related to a story on the ftpg.  Inside is primarily filled with various sporting reports including: "Canine" "Sparring" Cocking" "The Trigger" "The Game of... See More  

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Much reporting on the Civil War...

Item #674134

October 10, 1863

THE WORLD, New York, Oct. 10, 1863  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "News From Chattanooga" "The Attack from Lookout Mountain..." "Bursting of the Enemy's Gun" "Murfreesboro Threatened" "News From Charleston" "Firing Between Our Batteries & the Rebel Forts on James Island" "The Jeff. Davis Co... See More  

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Civil War map of Western Virginia... Lincoln Proclamation...

Item #674132

February 01, 1864

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 1, 1864

* Abraham Lincoln draft proclamation

* Williamsport WV - Strawberry Plains TN

The front page features a very nice & detailed Civil War map headed: "THE FIGHTING IN WESTERN VIRGINIA. Scene of the Recent Contest in Gen. Kelley's Dept."

Column heads on the war include: "Call for Half a Million of Men" "The President's Proclama... See More  

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The Civil War near Knoxville...

Item #674129

January 30, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Jan. 30, 1864 

* Battle of Fair Garden - Tennessee

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "Fighting Near Knoxville" "The Enemy Worsted" "Our Troops Fall Back" "Advance of Generals Sturgis and Granger to Lewisville" Longstreet Heavily Re-enforced" "A Great Battle Expected".

Eight pages, very nice ... See More  

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Closing in on Richmond...

Item #674125

February 09, 1864

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 9, 1864  Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "General Butler's Dept." "Bold Raid Towards Richmond" "Our Troops Within Ten Miles of the Rebel Capital" "Crossing of the Rapidan" "Rebels Driven from Their Position" and more.

Eight pages, great condition.

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Abraham Lincoln on the draft...

Item #674123

August 12, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Aug. 12, 1863  The top of the first column has: "President Lincoln On The Draft" "Retaliation for Abuse of Colored Troops" which has his letter signed in type: A. Lincoln. Also: "Lee Expected To Attack Meade" "End of the Naval Campaign in the Mississippi" and more.

Eight pages, never-trimmed margins, very nice condition.... See More  

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Front page Civil War map...

Item #674122

February 02, 1862

NEW YORK HERALD, Feb. 2, 1862  The ftpg. features a nice map headed: "The Rebel Position On The Tennessee and Cumberland." with further details.

There are also nice one column war-related heads including: "Important From Gen. Grant's Column" "Additional Particulars of the Reconnoitering Expedition" "The Fort Not Yet Evacuated" "News From The S... See More  

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The noted Jane Addams...

Item #674114
YOUNG WOMEN, Chicago, May, 1896 

* Young Women's Christian Temperance Union

An interesting magazine published by the Young Women's Christian Temperance Union whose focus was the outlaw of alcoholic beverages. They also worked to promote women's right to vote.

The front page features a photo of the renowned "Miss Jane Addams". Addams was an American settlement acti... See More  

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Document signed by Jeff Davis...Capture of Yazoo City...

Item #674082

July 22, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, July 22, 1863 

* John Morgan's raid ending

* Yazoo City & Jackson, Mississippi

* Post Gettysburg Robert E. Lee

Among the one column headlines on the Civil War are: "Morgan's Invasion Ended" "Battle at Geiger's Creek" "Rebels Defeated & Driven to a Bluff" "They Then Unconditionally Surrender" "Morgan &am... See More  

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No issues held by any institution...

Item #674070

November 07, 1890

THE WEST SIDE CITIZEN, Villa Park, Colorado, Nov. 7, 1890 

* Very rare publication

Although once a separate town, Villa Park today is a neighborhood of Denver, about 4 miles west of downtown. This is a very rare title, as only one institution is recorded in Gregory (Union List of American Newspapers) as having any issues and that collection was purchased in its entirety bu us.

An eight... See More  

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