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Early farming newspaper from California...

Item #666179

June 22, 1854

THE CALIFORNIA FARMER, San Francisco June 22, 1854 

* Rare Old West title

* Gold mining era

* Nice decorative masthead

This is quite early for a California newspaper. A nice engraving in the masthead with much of the content having a farming theme, although there are other items as well. This is a volume 1 issue.

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, 12 by 18 inches, staining at the ... See More  

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The Ward Indian Massacre...

Item #666150

November 01, 1854

NORWICH AURORA, Connecticut, Nov. 1, 1854 

* Ward Massacre - Idaho

* Shoshone Indians

* Oregon Trail

Page 2 has a report headed: "Important From Oregon - The Indian Outrages on Boise River" which details the Ward Massacre. Much good details of this battle which happened near present-day Caldwell, Idaho.

Four pages, good condition.

wikipedia notes: One Indian tried to ta... See More  

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Great coverage of the Battle of Wounded Knee...

Item #666137

December 31, 1890

THE OMAHA DAILY BEE, Nebraska, Dec. 31, 1890 

* Battle of Wounded Knee

* Redskins Indians

The first column begins with a stack of heads on the Battle of Wounded Knee: "A DEADLY TRIANGLE" "150 Indians Bite the Dust in It" "Forty Squaws are Among the Killed" "The Greatest Slaughter of Redskins of Many a Year" "24 Brave Soldiers Dead" &quo... See More  

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Newspaper from the ghost town of Crystal, Colorado...

Item #665949

November 10, 1888

CRYSTAL RIVER CURRENT, Crystal, Colorado, Nov. 10, 1888  A rare newspaper from a bonafide ghost town.

Crystal was a mining camp established in 1881 & after several decades of robust existence, was all but abandoned by1917. Many buildings still stand in Crystal, but its few residents live there only in the summer.

This is a volume 3 issue, formatted like most newspapers of the day with a... See More  

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The rare "steamer edition" of an early California newspaper...

Item #665945

October 06, 1856

SAN FRANCISCO HERALD, California, Oct. 6, 1856  A very rare & early newspaper from California as this is the "San Francisco Herald For The Steamer" as noted at the top of pages 2-8, more commonly known as the "steamer edition". Such editions are much more rare than the "regular" editions.

Note that the masthead specifies what the market is for this edition: ... See More  

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On the "last spike" ceremony at Promontory Point, Utah... Joining of the transcontinental railroad...

Item #665885

May 10, 1869

NEW YORK HERALD, May 10, 1869   Page 7 has a report headed: "The Pacific Railroad" with subheads including: "Celebration of the Completion of the Road in California--A Gala Day in San Francisco and Sacramento--General Rejoicings & Jollification--Why the Roads Were Not Joined".

This text takes about 7 column inches and includes much on the celebration and preparat... See More  

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From Arroyo Grande, California...

Item #665744

November 17, 1888

ARROYO GRANDE HERALD, San Luis Obispo County, California, Nov. 17, 1888 

* Rare Old West publication

This is the first newspaper we have found from Arroyo Grande, in fact it is the only 19th century newspaper to publish in the town. This is the vol. 2, number 5 issue. Records indicate that only the Bancroft Library at Berkley has any holdings of this title.

Four pages with typical news... See More  

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A Colorado newspaper printed eleven years before statehood...

Item #665726

September 15, 1865

THE DAILY DENVER GAZETTE, Colorado, Sept. 15, 1865 

* Very rare & early territory publication

* Post Civil War reconstruction era

This is actually a territorial newspaper as Colorado did not become a state until 1876, eleven years after this issue was published. And this is a volume one issue.

Outside of several issues of the Rocky Mountain News we have offered--which was Colorado... See More  

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George A. Custer on trial for leaving his command...

Item #665655

September 04, 1867

NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 4, 1867 

* General George Armstrong Custer

The middle of the ftpg. has a small report headed: "The Trial of Major-Gen. Custar [sic]" which includes: "...Custar has been ordered to Fort Leavenworth for trial...on his return to Fort Wallace...Custar...left his command at Wallace & proceeded to Harker as fast as jaded horse-flesh would bear him. The... See More  

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Creating the Territory of California...

Item #665457

December 08, 1846

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 8, 1846  Page 2 has a very early report: "From California" which is quite historic on the creation of the state of California: "The Proclamation of Commodore Stockton, the governor of California" in which he makes the very significant statement: " hereby make known to all men that, having by right of conquest t... See More  

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Polygamy on trial...

Item #665136

October 13, 1871

SALT LAKE DAILY TRIBUNE & UTAH MINING GAZETTE, U.T. (Utah Territory), Oct. 13, 1871 

* Brigham Young - Mormons leader

* Polygamy - adultery trial

Page 2 has a notable article: "Polygamy On Trial" "Territory of Utah...The People of the U.S. in the Territory of Utah vs. Brigham Young, Sr..." "Opinion of Chief Justice McKean".

This report takes over a fu... See More  

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General Custer gets demoted by President Grant...

Item #664824

May 13, 1876

NEW YORK HERALD, May 13, 1876 

* General George Armstrong Custer

* President Ulysses S. Grant

Some five weeks before he would meet disaster, page 4 has over half a column taken up with: "Grant and Custer" which begins: "General Grant's friends are coming slowly to his defense concerning the removal of Custer..." General Terry would be the military commander of ... See More  

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Short-lived labor newspaper with much on the Paris Commune...

Item #664773

March 15, 1884

TRUTH, San Francisco, California, March 15, 1884 

* Rare publication

During its brief life (1882-1884), "Truth" published local, national, and international labor news, along with a wide range of radical literature.

The ftpg. has a print of: "Delescluse - The Tancred of the Commune" being the famous Paris Commune. The balance of the ftpg. is concerning the Commune, ... See More  

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1872 Portland, Oregon.....

Item #664771

January 10, 1879

MORNING OREGONIAN, Portland, Jan. 10, 1879

* Rare title 

* Old West era

This 4 page newspaper has news of the day with several interesting advertisements.

With newspapers West of the Mississippi being very rare prior to 1900, here is an opportunity to get a issue from the old West back when cowboys, Indians, saloons, gold miners & gunfights were often seen on a regular basis... See More  

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Jesse James & the Rock Island Railroad train robbery...

Item #664685

July 17, 1881

NEW YORK TIMES, July 17, 1881 

* Outlaw Jesse James-Younger gang

* Rock Island railroad train robbery

Page 2 contains one of the better reports we have seen of the infamous Rock Island Railroad train robbery by Jesse James and his gang. While most reports are little more than a paragraph or two, this report takes two-thirds of a column and includes several accounts and much detail--pho... See More  

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One of the earliest San Diego newspapers to be found...

Item #664677

August 10, 1872

THE WEEKLY WORLD, San Diego, California, Aug. 10, 1872 

* Very rare from Southern California

This is the volume one, number three issue of this title, making it one of the earliest newspapers from San Diego we have offered.

Page 2 has an ad supporting: "For President, Horace Greeley..." (see). Various articles are headed: "Arizona City" "Indians Love Music"... See More  

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From Territorial Arizona...

Item #664666

December 07, 1889

MOHAVE COUNTY MINER, Kingman, Arizona, Dec. 7, 1889 

* Very rare title from the Arizona Territory

A very rare and early newspaper from the Arizona Territory, 23 years before it would become a state. Various news of the day with a great deal of fascinating, brief tidbits which provide a glimpse of life in the Old West during the 1880's A wealth of ads as well, some of which are illus... See More  

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Very rare title... Early scenes from the Old West...

Item #664627

September 17, 1881

THE GREAT WEST, Denver, Colorado, Sept. 17, 1881 

* Very rare Old West title

Certainly a great name for a newspaper from the Old West. The front page has a: "View of Main Street, Gunnison City" which would have to be one of the earliest prints of the town to be found in any periodical. Other prints on the ftpg. are: "Parlin's" being a ranch; and "A Western G... See More  

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Rare and very early from the "Alaska Territory"...

Item #664597

July 17, 1886

THE ALASKAN, Sitka, Alaska Territory, July 17, 1886 

* Very rare Alaska Territorial issue

Rarely are newspapers from Alaska found from before the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897 when interest grew dramatically. This newspaper pre-dates the gold rush by over ten years. This is the volume one, number 37 issue of this title.

The format of the newspaper is much like other newspapers of the day,... See More  

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Follow-up on the Custer Massacre...

Item #664457

July 11, 1876

THE WORLD, New York, July 11, 1876  

* General George A. Custer's massacre

* Battle of Little Bighorn - Sitting bull

* Native Americans era original

The ftpg. has a middle column taken up with details reports headed: "CUSTER JUSTIFIED" "A Letter From An Officer in the Seventh Cavalry" "The Command Under General Custer Expecting to Attack Alone".

... See More  

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Trouble with Apache Indians...

Item #664423

November 21, 1885

MORNING TRIBUNE, Altoona, Pennsylvania, Nov. 21, 1885  The top of the ftpg. has a column headed: "THE APACHE WAY" "A Cattle Raiser Delivers Himself of His Grievances" "He Tells of How the Bad Indians Murder the Settlers, Steal the Horses & Destroy Property--The Soldiers Too Slow to Catch Them", all taking three-quarters of a column.

Four pages, good conditio... See More  

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Very scarce newspaper from Central Colorado...

Item #664249

December 29, 1883

THE SUN, Gunnison, Colorado, Dec. 29, 1883  This would seem to be an unrecorded title as Union List of Serials notes a "Sun" newspaper beginning in Sept., 1893 and lasting just one year. But I suspect the listing is in error and should have noted an n1883 beginning as this is the vol. 1 number 14 issue. In any case very rare as only one institution has any issues of this title recor... See More  

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Early from Stockton, California...

Item #664217

September 12, 1878

DAILY EVENING HERALD, Stockton, California, Sept. 12, 1878 

* Wild Old West

* Rare title

A wide range of content including a ftpg. item: "He Killed it in Self-Defense" and pg. 3: "Sierra Nevada - A Calm Survey of the Present Situation".

Four pages, very nice, clean condition.... See More  

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From the Arizona Territory...

Item #664216

June 19, 1875

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Arizona Territory, June 19, 1875 

* Very rare title

Many years ago we had a reasonable inventory of this title, but today this issue is among our last.

A nice assortment of news articles and ads including: "Letter From Col. Hodge" datelined at Camp Grant; "Mining Summary" "The Tucson Public Schools" "Telegraphic News" and... See More  

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Early Arizona newspaper...

Item #664203

July 09, 1887

PRESCOTT MORNING COURIER, Arizona (Territory), July 9, 1887 

* Very rare title

* Wild Old West

From 25 years before Arizona would become a state. Articles include: "The Opium Habit" "Lynching in Oregon" "Two Men Killed by Caving Earth" and more.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, new agent's stamp in the masthead, tape at the inside spine, good cond... See More  

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Truckee, California, near Lake Tahoe...

Item #664157

January 30, 1875

TRUCKEE REPUBLICAN, California, Jan. 30, 1875 

* Wild Old West 

* Rare publication

From this town at the "elbow" of California near the Nevada border at an elevation of 5800 ft. Historically well known for the Donner Party tragedy which happened nearby in 1846.

Four pages, some ink stains, never bound nor trimmed, good condition.... See More  

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From Eureka, California...

Item #664130

December 17, 1873

THE WEST COAST SIGNAL, Eureka, California, Dec. 17, 1873 

* Rare Old West title

From this town in Northern California just south of the Oregon border. It was once a lumbering town & today the entire city is a state historic landmark with its many Victorian homes, etc.

A typical newspaper of the day with varied news reports & a great wealth of advertisements.

Four pages, somewh... See More  

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From this historic mining town in Southern Oregon...

Item #664088

November 01, 1876

OREGON SENTINEL, Jacksonville, Nov. 1, 1876 

* Rare Old West publication

* Historic gold mining town

A quaint & historic small town in Southern Oregon designated a National Historic Landmark in 1966, the site of the first placer gold claims in the area.

The content is typical for the day, with a blend of local & regional news items and a wealth of advertisements, many with a ... See More  

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Very early from San Diego...

Item #663807

June 03, 1873

THE WORLD, San Diego, California, June 3, 1873 

* Rare Old West title

A very early issue from this now-famous Southern California city, this issue published when the population was just 2,300.

The ftpg. has some reports on the Modoc Indian War with: "...Surrender of Modocs--Approaching Wind up of Captain Jack". Page 3 has a report on a: "Dash To Julian", east of San... See More  

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News from Northern California...

Item #663805

September 11, 1878

DAILY EVENING HERALD, Stockton, California, Sept. 11, 1878 

* Rare Old West title

* Yellow fever epidemic

The ftpg. and pg. 3 have reports concerning the Memphis Yellow Fever Epidemic.  An interesting ftpg. report: "A Kentucky Bear--Mr. Wilson's Struggle for Life With a Bear in Rowan County".

Four pages, very nice condition.... See More  

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Death of the President James A. Garfield...

Item #663510

September 21, 1881

THE DESERT NEWS, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sept. 21, 1881

* President James A. Garfield

* Assassination death (1st report)

* 19th century era original

From 15 years before Utah statehood. Page 8 has all columns black-bordered due to the: "Death Of President Garfield" (see), being an early report without many details. The front page has: "Willful Murder" "Attempt to Sh... See More  

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Butte, Montana, newspaper from 7 years before statehood...

Item #663248

February 16, 1882

THE DAILY MINER, Butte, Montana, Feb.16, 1882  An 8 page issue of a newspaper which is quite scarce, with a wide variety of news items, social items, advertisements, etc. A wealth of Western-style ads with many of a mining focus as well.

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, bit of foxing at folds, minor wear at the margins.

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Terrific account of the legendary life of Wild Bill Hickok...

Item #663169

August 25, 1876


* "Wild Bill" Hickok biography

* American old West folk hero

Page 2 has perhaps the finest obituaries we have seen on the death of Western legend Wild Bill Hickok.

Fully 1 1/2 columns contain all the details, with the top of a column headed: "WILD BILL" "A Tribune to the Memory of James B. Hickock" "Reminiscences... See More  

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Early San Diego...

Item #663062

June 01, 1877

SAN DIEGO NEWS, California, June 1, 1877  This is a volume one issue from this now-famous Southern California city. Various news reports of the day and a great wealth of advertisements.

Four pages, a portion from the spine causes some text loss, plus a few smaller bits from the spine margin as well. Somewhat fragile & must be handled carefully.

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First transcontinental excursion from coast to coast...

Item #662918
TRANS-CONTINENTAL -- a complete reprint collection of all 12 issues of this fascinating newspaper.

The newspaper titled "Trans-Continental" was a stroke of historical genius in the mind of its editor, W. R. Steele. On May 24, 1870 over 130 passengers boarded a beautiful eight car Pullman train built under special orders of George M. Pullman specifically for this trip, the first chartere... See More  

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From the Arizona Territory: 37 years before statehood...

Item #662666

July 03, 1875

ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Pima County, A.T. [Arizona Territory] July 3, 1875 

* Very rare title

Many years ago we had a reasonable inventory of this title, but today this issue is among our last.

A nice assortment of news articles and ads. The back page has a full column: "Letter From Col. Hodge - Description of the Country About San Carlos and on the Way to Camp Apache".

Fou... See More  

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Huge image of "Buffalo Bill" Cody...

Item #662567

September 11, 1875

NEW YORK SATURDAY JOURNAL, Sept. 11, 1875  The front page is dominated by a very large image of: "Hon. William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill)", along with the beginning of a story by him titled: "Deadly-Eye, the Unknown Scout, by Buffalo Bill, the Celebrated Scout, Guide, and Hunter-Author." The story takes most of page 2 and is continued in a later issue.

Some crude repairs to t... See More  

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Short-lived labor newspaper...

Item #662359

February 23, 1884

TRUTH, San Francisco, California, Feb. 23, 1884  During its brief life (1882-1884), "Truth" published local, national, and international labor news, along with a wide range of radical literature.

The ftpg. has: "William Morris" "What the Poet, Artist, Decorator and Socialist Has to Say" "He Writes A 'Fable' for the People"

Four pages, archival... See More  

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Considerable baseball reporting... Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show...

Item #662281

May 11, 1884


* Buffalo Bill Cody

* Wild West Show ad

* Much on baseball

Page 11 is mostly taken with with reports on over 20 baseball games, including the box scores. Uncommon to find such lengthy baseball coverage in a single issue.

Page 12 has as a feature advertisement one headed: "Last Day! Last Day! Last Day!" "Buffalo Bill's Wild We... See More  

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Civil War map of Port Hudson, Louisiana...

Item #662263

February 11, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 11, 1863 

* Port Hudson, Louisiana map

* Lebanon TN Tennessee

* Sabine Pass - Galveston TX Texas

The front page is dominated by a Civil War map titled: "Situation Of Port Hudson" which shows the vicinity as well, from Baton Rouge to the south, to St. Francisville & Bayou Sara to the north. Many one column war-related heads as well including: "... See More  

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Great Tombstone newspaper printed 3 months before the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral...

Item #662244

July 26, 1881

THE TOMBSTONE EPITAPH, Cochise County, Arizona, July 26, 1881 

* Best Old West title to be had

* Pre Gunfight at the O.K. Corral

Few could argue for a more recognizable title from the Old West, nor could any town be more linked to the romance of the West than this one. Tombstone is steeped in Western lore, and the several movies done concerning the gunfight at the O.K. Corral have kept... See More  

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From Arizona 19 years before statehood...

Item #662213

May 02, 1893

ARIZONA DAILY GAZETTE, Phoenix, May 2, 1893 

* Rare old West title

* Maricopa County

This issue is from the Arizona Territory, 19 years before it joined the Union. Varied news reports both local & national with a nice wealth of ads as well, many of which are illustrated.

The front page has: "Killed His Mother--The Act of a Young Man Crazed by Drink" and: "Her Skull ... See More  

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Truckee, California, near Lake Tahoe...

Item #662210

October 27, 1877

TRUCKEE REPUBLICAN, California, Oct. 27, 1877 

* Wild Old West 

* Uncommon title

From this town at the "elbow" of California near the Nevada border at an elevation of 5800 ft. Historically well known for the Donner Party tragedy which happened nearby in 1846.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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A boom & bust mining town in Colorado...

Item #662113

December 04, 1885

WHITE PINE CONE, White Pine, Gunnison County, Colorado, Dec. 4, 1885

* Very rare Old West title

* Ghost town - silver mining

An interesting newspaper from a fascinating town which went through two boom & bust periods.

White Pine
began in 1880 as a fledgling mining camp just west of the Continental Divide, boomed in the mid-1880's then went bust by 1893. But in 1930 thru 1944 corpo... See More  

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Capture of the bandit Vasquez...

Item #662031

May 16, 1874

THE WORLD, New York, May 16, 1874 

* Californio bandido

* Los Angeles outlaw

On the front page in the second column below the fold is rather inconspicuous report  under "Crime" that is headed: "The Capture Of The Bandit Vasquez And Two Of His Gang--Vasquez Not Seriously Wounded."

The report, datelined "San Francisco, May 15", reads, in part: "Th... See More  

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One of our last...

Item #662023

September 15, 1879

DAILY ARIZONA CITIZEN, Tucson, Pima County, Sept. 15, 1879 

* Very rare Old West title

Many years ago we had a reasonable inventory of this title, but today this issue is among our last. And it is a volume one issue in nice condition.

A nice assortment of news articles and ads. The ftpg. is mostly taken up with ads although it does have a "Grand Jury Report". Page 2 has more ... See More  

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Very early Idaho newspaper, shortly after creation of the Idaho Territory...

Item #661808

November 12, 1864

IDAHO TRI-WEEKLY STATESMAN, Boise City, Nov. 12, 1864 

* Very rare territorial title

* American Civil War era

A very early and rare newspaper from just 18 months after the Idaho Territory was created, and some 26 years before Idaho statehood.

This is the volume 1, number 48 issue.  The ftpg. is filled with ads with pages 2 & 3 containing various news of the day. Mostly ads on... See More  

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The Oklahoma Land Rush has begun...

Item #661795

April 23, 1889

THE DAILY PICAYUNE, New Orleans, April 23, 1889 

* Oklahoma land rush beginning

* Boomers and Sooners

* Town of Guthrie riot

The front page has a nice report on the Oklahoma Land Rush with the top of the page having column heads: "Oklahoma Opened" "Settlers Admitted to the New Territory at Noon Yesterday" "A Mad Rush for Land All Along the Line" "The... See More  

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Creating the Oklahoma Land Rush...

Item #661573

March 28, 1889

THE DAILY PICAYUNE, New Orleans, March 28, 1889  The front page includes a one column print of: "Robert Todd Lincoln- Of Illinois, U.S. Minister at the Court of St. James". This was Abe Lincoln's only son to live to adulthood.

Page 2 has a nice report on the Oklahoma Land Rush with the top of the page having column heads: "Oklahoma Opened" "President Harrison'... See More  

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Interview with Jesse James' wife...

Item #661536

April 29, 1882


* Outlaw Jesse James

* Interview w/ his wife

Page 9 has nearly a full column taken up with: "JESSE'S TRANING" "The Delicate Way in Which Mrs. James Refers to Her Husband's Peculiar Vocation" "An Hour's Talk with the Outlaw's Widow--Some of the Savings Invested in Business--A Mysterious Friend Said to be ... See More  

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