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Great war content from the Confederacy... "Pursuit of Morgan's Guerrillas"...

Item #676789

July 18, 1862

DAILY DISPATCH, Richmond, Virginia, July 18, 1862  A very nice newspaper from the capital of the Confederacy. Among the front page items are: "From Vicksburg" "The Lines Beyond the Rappahannock" "Kentucky" "A Reminiscence" "The Yankees And the Negroes" "Through Connection to Staunton" "Latest From the North--Defeat of the Federa... See More  

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Knute Rockne named Notre Dame coach...

Item #676628

February 21, 1918

NEW YORK TIMES, February 21, 1918  Here is a terrific report for any Notre Dame fan. A small one column headlines near the bottom of page 12 announces: "NEW NOTRE DAME COACH" "Rockne Appointed to Succeed Harper as Athletic Director" which tells of the hiring of Knute Rockne as the new coach for the Fighting Irish. Rockne would put Notre Dame on the map as a football powerh... See More  

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Earliest newspaper in your collection?

Item #676621

December 07, 1641

NOUVELLES, Paris, France, December 7, 1641  The heading roughly translates to: "Ordinary News"." This issue predates the earliest English language newspaper we have in our inventory. It was the "sister" publication of the "Gazette", the very first regular newspaper published in France, started in 1631 by Théophraste Renaudot but with influential backi... See More  

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Pre-Holocaust plea for Jewish homeland...

Item #676509

June 19, 1936

THE SCRANTON TIMES, Pennsylvania, June 19, 1936

* David Lloyd George appeals for Jewish homeland

* Former Prime Minister of England

The front page has: "PLEA IS MADE BY LLOYD GEORGE IN BEHALF OF JEWS", with subhead: "SAYS ENGLAND SHOULD CARRY-OUT PLEDGES - RECALLS AID GIVEN TO ALLIES DURING WAR", with considerable supporting text. See images for details.

The front page... See More  

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1944 Lupe Velez suicide... Mexican actress...

Item #676270

December 15, 1944

THE NEW YORK TIMES, December 15, 1944

* Lupe Velez suicide death

* Mexican film actress

The back page (pg. 36) has one column headings: "LUPE VELEZ SUICIDE BY SLEEP TABLETS"

"'Tempestuous' Actress Was Depressed by Failure of Romance With French Actor"
with smaller subheads and one column photo of Velez. First report coverage on the suicide death of famous Mexica... See More  

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Nazi military parade.. Adolph Hitler's birthday..

Item #676101

April 21, 1936

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 21, 1936

* Adolph Hitler's birthday

* Germany - Nazi military

* Shows it's strength

The front page has two column headlines that include: "Germany Parades Military Power To Celebrate Hitler's 47th Birthday" and more. 1st report coverage on the Nazi parade that showed the World Germany's military strength for the first time.

Other news, s... See More  

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St. Peter, MN State Insane Asylum fire...

Item #676096

November 17, 1880

ST. LOUIS GLOBE-DEMOCRAT, Missouri, November 17, 1880

* St. Peter MN Minnesota

* Insane asylum fire disaster

This uncommon Midwestern title has news of the day with many interesting advertisements. The front page has an article headed: "A PITIFUL PYRE" "The Destruction of the Minnesota Insane Asylum" "'A Sight Once Seem Never to be Forgotten'" "The... See More  

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Alvin Karpis's Atlantic City shootout escape....

Item #676090

January 21, 1935

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 21, 1935

* Gangster Alvin "Creepy" Karpis

* Public enemy # 1 criminal

* Atlantic City NJ shootout & escape

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "BREMER KIDNAPPER SHOOTS HIS WAY OUT OF TRAP IN JERSEY" with subheads. (see) First report coverage continues on page 3 with a few related photos. (see) Lengthy text. Always nice to ... See More  

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Death of Eva Peron... First Lady of Argentina...

Item #676088

July 28, 1952

THE TIMES-PICAYUNE, New Orleans, July 28, 1952

* Eva Peron's death

* First Lady of Argentina

The front page has a two column heading: "Thousands Take Last Look Before Casket of Mrs. Peron" with subhead and related photo. (see)

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete in 42 pages, some spine wear, otherwise nice.

... See More  

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Paul Bern (husband of Jean Harlow) suicide in 1932...

Item #676087

September 07, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, September 7, 1932

* Director Paul Bern suicide death

* Actress Jean Harlow's husband

The front page has one column headings that include: "WIDOW IS MYSTIFIED BY BERN'S SUICIDE" "Tried To End Her Own Life" and more. (see) Coverage on the suicide of Paul Bern, husband of the famous movie actress, Jean Harlow. Always nice to have notable events i... See More  

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Boxer James Sheady's death...

Item #676086

March 06, 1886

THE WHEELING INTELLIGENCER, West Virginia, March 6, 1886

* James Sheady death

* Boxer - boxing

The front page has small one column headings: "Brutal Prize Fight" "Near Fayetteville, West Virginia, Which Ends in Murder" See images for text here.

Other news and advertisements of the day. Complete in 4 pages, large sized paper measuring 25 x 19 1/2 inches, a little irregul... See More  

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Six issue set on the stock market crash of 1929...

Item #676085

October 25, 1929

THE COLDWATER DAILY REPORTER, Michigan, a six issue set from the week of the stock market crash, dates of October 25, 26, 29, 30, 31, and November 1, 1929.

* Stock market crash of 1929

* During the heart of the crash

Each issue has a front page one column head relating to the infamous stock market crash which triggered the Great Depression. The photos show each of the heads, some including;... See More  

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Review & premiere of "Videodrome", in a Los Angeles newspaper...

Item #676083

February 04, 1983

LOS ANGELES TIMES, February 4, 1983

* Best "Viedeodrome" advertisement

* Grand Opening Day movie premiere review

* Science fiction horror cult film

A terrific issue on the premiere of the motion picture hit "Videodrome" and perhaps no better issue could be found than this, the leading newspaper from the home of the entertainment industry - the Hollywood area's prime... See More  

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Wright Brothers National Memorial erected....

Item #676082

May 03, 1928


* Wright Brothers National Memorial

* Kill Devil Hills, Kitty Hawk, North Carolina

* Granite boulder - cornerstone erected

The top of page 4 has a two column heading: "Kitty Hawk Honors First Plane Flight In Monument to the Wright Brothers" (see) Always nice to have notable events in history reported in this World famous publication.

Other news, ... See More  

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Review & premiere of "An Innocent Man", in a Los Angeles newspaper...

Item #676081

October 06, 1990

LOS ANGELES TIMES, October 6, 1989

* Best "An Innocent Man" advertisement

* Grand Opening Day movie premiere review

* Crime drama thriller film - Tom Selleck

A terrific issue on the premiere of the motion picture hit "An Innocent Man" and perhaps no better issue could be found than this, the leading newspaper from the home of the entertainment industry - the Hollywood a... See More  

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First print of an American President in a periodical?

Item #676080

November 23, 1844

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Nov. 23, 1844  

* 1st illustration of a U.S. president in a periodical

The front page begins with an article: "The American Presidency" carrying over to page 2, with some interesting commentary on the American democratic election process including; "...almost the only remaining instance of the elective principle applied to creating t... See More  

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Billy Graham's NYC crusade begins...

Item #676077

May 16, 1957

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Massachusetts, May 16, 1957

* Billy Graham opens crusade

* Madison Square Garden - NYC

The front page has a three column heading: "18,000 Flock to Hear Graham" with subhead and related photo. (see) This was one of his more famous crusades.

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete with all 48 pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Advertisement on the Salem witch trials...

Item #676076

February 11, 1693

THE ATHENIAN MERCURY, London, Feb. 11, 1693 

* Rare Salem witch trials advertisement

* Very early and rare 17th century title

The back page has an advertisement for the book "The Second Edition of the late TRYALS of several WITCHES in New-England. Written by Cotton Mather, and Published by the Special Command of the Governour." (see)

This is the only periodical we have ever ... See More  

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Battle of Port Hudson in a rare Confederate title...

Item #676072

March 16, 1863

THE MEMPHIS DAILY APPEAL, Jackson, Mississippi, March 16, 1863 

* Very rare Confederate title

* Battle of Port Hudson

If the title and city of publication seem to be in conflict, they are not. This newspaper had a fascinating history during the Civil War. Memphis was a Confederate stronghold up through the Battle of Memphis on June 6, 1862, at which time the Yankees moved in and it bec... See More  

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1871 Henryville, Indiana... Park family murders...

Item #676069

November 16, 1871

THE NEW YORK HERALD, November 16, 1871

* Henryville, Clark County, Indiana

* Slaughter of the Park family - murders

The top of page 8 has one column headings: "FRIGHTFUL MURDER IN INDIANA" "A Whole Family Butchered" and more. (see) Text takes up over a full column.

Other news of the day. Complete in 12 pages, some margin wear with some tiny tears, generally good.... See More  

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Gilda Radner tells all, in The Village Voice...

Item #676017

June 30, 1987

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, June 30, 1987  As most might be aware "The Village Voice" was an American news and culture paper, known for being the country's first alternative newsweekly. It introduced free-form, high-spirited, and passionate journalism into the public discourse a tradition it maintained throughout its 60+ year history.

The front page has an image with subtitle:... See More  

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Pink Floyd, Jean Harlow, and The Church Lady...

Item #676015

June 30, 1987

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, June 30, 1987  Page 63 has a full page ad for the October 5-7 & 10-12 Pink Floyd concerts at both Madison Square Garden and the Meadowlands Arena. Another noteworthy item is the lengthy article covering Dana Carvey's portrayal of The Church Lady on Saturday Night Live (with photo). Additionally, there are many large and/or full-page movie ads, to incl... See More  

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Battles at Paducah and Olustee...

Item #675958

April 16, 1864


* The Battle of Paducah

* The Battle of Olustee

The front page features many one column headlines covering events of the Civil War including:  "The Battle of Olustee", "Our Duty to Our Country and Her Defenders" ,"The Battle of Paducah", and much more. There is additional war-related text on the inside
... See More  

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The 1906 World Series: Chicago vs. Chicago... Booker T. Washington...

Item #675957

October 10, 1906

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Fitchburg Sentinel, Mass. A set of 5 issues reporting on 5 of the 6 games (missing game #5) of  the 1906 Major League Baseball World Series. The newspapers are dated October 10-13, 15, 1906. The final issue shows the victory of the Chicago White Sox over the Chicago Cubs. See images and the note below.

Additionally, there is an article titled, "NEGRO CITIZENSHIP, Boo... See More  

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Alex Rodriguez's 600th home run... with double-page color print...

Item #675913

August 05, 2010

NEW YORK POST, August 5, 2010  The back page has: "FINALLY! A-Rod "treasures' historic No. 600", which includes a large color photo. Inside pages show coverage from A-Rod's 600th home run "A 'T' PARTY FOR A-ROD'S 600"  A souvenir poster of A-ROD, the "ALL-TIME HOME RUN LIST", and a two page article with the banner "IT'S ABOU... See More  

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Marking charcoal illustrations...

Item #675547

December 27, 1879

HARPER'S WEEKLY, December 27, 1879 (print only) This is a single leaf full page print taken from this issue entitled "Charcoal Burning" drawn by S. G. McCutcheon and is comprised of several illustrations showing the life and procedure of charcoal. This is a genuine leaf from the issue--not a reprint measuring approximately 10.25 x 15.25 inches, with a few archival mends for small ed... See More  

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Original Star Wars ad, F.I.S.T. review, & ad for ELP concert...

Item #675106

July 10, 1977

LOS ANGELES TIMES (Calendar section only), Friday, July10, 1977

* (unusual?) full-page ad for the original STAR WARS

*Early review of Sylvester Stallone's F.I.S.T.

* ELP Concert

Page 6 has what appears to be an unusual full-page ad for the original Star Wars: "STAR WARS NOW", with the subheading, "the FORCE is with you at these theaters" (with a list of theaters sho... See More  

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River Side Park, New York... General Grant's burial place...

Item #674688

August 08, 1885

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, August 8, 1885  The prime feature of this issue is the front page illustration: "RIVERSIDE PARK, NEW YORK - THE BURIAL PLACE OF GENERAL GRANT". Inside illustrations include: "DAVENPORTS MAGIC LANTERN", "SURGERY FOR PIANO-FORTE PLAYERS", "THE RIGHT WHALE OF THE NORTH ATLANTIC" and more.

Complete in 16 pages, in very good c... See More  

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Large illustration of an early Gatling Gun...

Item #674683

April 13, 1878

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, April 13, 1878  The prime content within this issue is: "THE GATLING GUN IN A MAN-OF-WAR'S TOP". Also present are: "MASON'S OUTRIGGER HOIST", "CLEMINSON'S FLEXIBLE WHEEL BASE SYSTEM",  "STEAM POWER MOLDING MACHINE", and more.

Other illustrations and descriptions of the latest inventions and improvements o... See More  

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Very displayable front page on the Spanish-American War...

Item #672603

April 25, 1898

NEW YORK JOURNAL, April 25, 1898  The entire front page is taken up with a wealth of headlines and subheads on the Spanish-American War, plus a nice graphic  captioned: "How The Patrol Fleet Will Protect New York Harbor".


Present are the outer leaves of the first (of two) secti... See More  

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Bridge at Harlem...

Item #672594

September 02, 1865

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Sept. 2, 1865  Inside has a half page print of: "The Present Condition Of The New Iron Bridge, Harlem, New York".  A full page shows: "The Grand Annual Picnic and Excursion Of The New Jersey Farmers and Their Families To Raritan Bay, Amboy New Jersey On Saturday, August 19."  And a full page with 4 prints of: "The Frightfu... See More  

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Baseball scenes... Texarkana...

Item #672593

May 03, 1890

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED NEWSPAPER, New York, May 3, 1890  The full ftpg. is a nice cartoon: "Trying to Convince the President--A Sketch in the White House from Life".

Among prints inside: "May Day in Central Park" "KoKo-Ko-Ho, the Largest Canoe Ever Seen in New York Waters"; a full page with 11 prints of buildings: "Views in Texarkana, Arkansas and Texas&q... See More  

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Early & very nice newspaper from San Diego...

Item #672584

September 29, 1871

SAN DIEGO DAILY UNION, California, Sept. 29, 1871 

* Old Wild West Original

* Interesting Advertisements

Very early from San Diego--a volume 2 issue--when the population was just 2300, with a nice engraving of the harbor in the masthead.  All four pages have various news tidbits of the day, including local, regional, and national reports. A great wealth of advertisements as well, ... See More  

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"Our Army and Navy in the Philippines"... Golf centerfold by A. B. Frost...

Item #672578

September 17, 1898

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Sept. 17, 1898  Full front page illus. of "Our Army and Navy in the Philippines" showing Admiral Dewey & General Merritt on the flagship 'Olympia'.

Inside has two full pages of illus. of "Scenes at Camp Wikoff." Full pg. illus. of "On a Homeward-Bound Transport from Cuba."

Doublepage centerfold of "I've Played... See More  

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Governor Woodrow Wilson.... Baseball... Coney Island...

Item #672574

August 19, 1911

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Aug. 19, 1911  The front page is a photo of: "Admiral Togo in America."

A full page is taken up with: "Some Chips from the Diamond" by Kemble, being a collection of ten somewhat comic prints of baseball players. The players include Honus Wagner, Christy "Matty" Mathewson, Ty Cobb and Johnny Evers, among others.

Twenty-four pages, ... See More  

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Baseball and cricket reports from 1856......

Item #672572

September 20, 1856

PORTERS SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, N.Y., Sept. 20, 1856  Inside this sporting newspaper is a detailed report: "Cricket" "The Great Match At Hoboken!!!" "The United States Victorious!!" "Canada Vs. United States".

But more intriguing is the report headed: "Base Ball" with gives details of a game between the Eagle team and the Empire team, including ... See More  

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Baseball game reports from before the Civil War...

Item #672571

August 15, 1857

PORTER'S SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, Aug. 15, 1857  Page 5 has reports under the heading; "Base Ball" with some details of games involving: "The Enterprise and Lone Star" and: "Charter Oak vs. Hamilton" with listing of the players' names and positions.

Early baseball reports, from 4 years before the Civil War.

The balance of the issue is mostly takin... See More  

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Reports of baseball games from during the Civil War...

Item #672570

July 05, 1862

WILKES' SPIRIT OF THE TIMES, New York, July 5, 1862  Over one-third of page 4 has: "Base Ball" reports with details of five games and box scores for 3 of them. Uncommon to find much baseball reporting from during the Civil War.

Sixteen pages, 11 by 16 inches, some foxing and light damp staining, otherwise good.

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Baseball in England with a full page engraving...

Item #672541

August 15, 1874

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Aug. 15, 1874  Formatted very much like Harper's Weekly with many nice prints, the prime feature of this issue is the very nice full page print titled: "The Americans Playing Baseball at Prince's Ground". The engraving shows the entire field with all defensive players plus a batter and a runner on first base.

On a preceding page is a ni... See More  

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Print of Kaaterskill Falls in the Catskills...

Item #672538

May 31, 1851

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, May 31, 1851  The front page features a print of: "Kauterskill Falls" (Kaaterskill). This is one of the tallest waterfalls in the Eastern United States, and one of America's oldest tourist attractions. It is located in the Catskill Mountain of New York.

Four pages, large folio size, many folds and creases with wear at some folds. Folder size... See More  

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Working to abolish alcoholic beverages...

Item #672535
YOUNG WOMEN, Chicago, March, 1896 

* Young Women's Christian Temperance Union

An interesting magazine published by the Young Women's Christian Temperance Union whose focus was the outlaw of alcoholic beverages. They also worked to promote women's right to vote.

Decorative title page, 12 pages, 9 1/2 by 13 inches, minor binding slits at the blank spine, nice condition.... See More  

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Filled with military content... The Seminole Indian War...

Item #672523

March 15, 1838

ARMY AND NAVY CHRONICLE, Washington, D.C., March 15, 1838  As the title might suggest, filled with various military content.

Within are several letters signed by: I. Chauncey from the U.S. Navy. Some articles include: "Florida War" with the Seminole Indians; "Naval Architecture"  "Naval Gunnery" "Florida War" again; "From the Canada Frontier-... See More  

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Curious little newspaper calling itself "The Smallest Newspaper in the World"...

Item #672522

November 19, 1937

THE MEARS NEWZ, Mears, Michigan, Nov. 19, 1937  This is a fascinating little newspaper which dubbed itself as: "The Smallest Newspaper in the World" as noted in the masthead. Created by one of the more interesting publishers in Michigan history, Swift Lathers, this weekly was just 4 pages & measured 5 1/4 by 7 1/4 inches.

It was usually hand delivered to subscribers, was filled... See More  

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Very early newspaper report on the San Francisco earthquake...

Item #672500

October 18, 1989


* San Francisco earthquake (1ST REPORT)

* Best title to be had ?

This was one of the earliest editions on the street after the earthquake. The banner headline proclaims: "HUNDREDS DEAD IN HUGE QUAKE" with several subheads, plus a large photo of a collapsed apartment building.

The first 8 of the 16 pages are exclusi... See More  

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Reporting John F. Kennedy's assassination...

Item #672485

November 23, 1963

GREENSBORO DAILY NEWS, North Carolina, Nov. 23, 1963 

* John F. Kennedy assassination

The banner headline announces: "KENNEDY IS ASSASSINATED; PRO-RED HELD AS SUSPECT" with two related photos.

Complete in 2 sections and 22 pages, minor toning at the fold, nice condition.... See More  

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Rare title with the original outer wrappers...

Item #672451

August 01, 1797

THE MONTHLY REVIEW ENLARGED, London, August, 1797  This very uncommon title still has the blue/green outer wrappers. These wrappers are in remarkably nice condition as more typically they are quite worn.

The front wrapper includes the title/index page. Among the articles are: "Fair Statement of Grievances in the Navy" "Narrative of the Proceedings of Sir Jervis's Fleet&quo... See More  

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President Zachary Taylor dies in office...

Item #672450

July 13, 1850

THE GREENSBOROUGH PATRIOT, North Carolina, July 13, 1850

* President Zachary Taylor death

* "Old Rough and Ready"

All columns on page 3 are black-bordered due to the report headed: "Death Of Gen. Taylor" which announces: "The sad & melancholy news of the death of President Taylor has just reached us...He died at the Presidential Mansion on Tuesday night the 9th.... See More  

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A letter from VMI...

Item #672448

January 25, 1872

THE GREENSBORO PATRIOT, North Carolina, Jan. 25, 1872  Page 2 has a letter from the "Virginia Military Institute" in Lexington concerning immigration. Also an article on "Constitutional Amendments" for the state of North Carolina.

Four pages, a few creases, and a bit of foxing, good condition.

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Report on the 1862 Battle of Antietam...

Item #672444

October 08, 1862

DAILY COLUMBUS ENQUIRER, Georgia, Oct. 8, 1862 

* Very rare Confederate publication

* Battle of Antietam - Sharpsburg

Certainly one of the less common Confederate titles from the Civil War. Columbus is in Southwest Georgia on the Alabama border very near Montgomery.

Among the various reports inside are: "To the Citizens of Columbus" "From Knoxville--News from Gen. Smith... See More  

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Nice letter from a soldier in the war...

Item #672442

August 06, 1861

THE DAILY JOURNAL, Wilmington, North Carolina, Aug. 6, 1861

* Rare Confederate publication

This is one of just a few newspapers which printed: "Confederate States of America" in their dateline.

While the ftpg. is taken up with ads, inside has some war content including: "The Utley Gun" "Demoralization of the 'Grand Army' " "In A Bad Fix" ... See More  

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