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Alligator attack in North Carolina in 1816...

Item #219555

July 02, 1816

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, July 2, 1816.


* Woman killed by alligator in North Carolina

Page 3 has a report from Lumberton, N. Carolina about a woman attacked and killed by an alligator while riding across the Gum Swamp, with mention that the gator was killed later and measured eleven feet in length. Other news of the day includes: "Execution" "A Good Method of Destroying Crows"
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Bolivar Victory... Concord New Hampshire...

Item #203573

July 09, 1816

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT, Concord, July 9, 1816 Page 2 has a report: Bolivar Victorious". Front page has stray writing above the masthead and an area of rubbing, occasional foxing. 4 pages.

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Freedom of religious expression protected on campus...

Item #616693

July 11, 1816

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 11, 1816 

* Freedom of religious expression protected on campus

Page 2 has an interesting article: "Religious Liberty" which is prefaced with a note stating the piece is taken from the new charter of the University in New Hampshire and is: "...of the highest value, & will reflect immortal honor on the Legislature...". Portions ... See More  

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Need to create a naval depot near the nation's capital...

Item #649794

July 13, 1816

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, July 13, 1816  The ftpg. has most of a column headed: "NAVAL DEPOT" which begins: "The events of the late  war have established the opinion that it is necessary for the United States to create a Naval Depot or establishment on some part o the Chesapeake for the repairing of ships and their protection in time of war..." with much mor... See More  

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Dewitt Clinton in 1816....

Item #217786

July 25, 1816

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 25, 1816.


* Dewitt Clinton

* Stephen Van Ransellear

A page 2 report from the Utica Patriot states that: ...Stephen Van Ransellear [sic] and DeWitt Clinton, two of the commissioners appointed to explore the country through which it is proposed to cut the contemplated Canal, have arrived in this village for the purpose of the duty assigned to them.
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