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Renewing trade agreements with England after the War of 1812...

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January 02, 1816

NEW-HAMPSHIRE PATRIOT, Concord, Jan. 2, 1816  Page 2 has: "Commercial Treaty with England" containing the text of: "A Convention To Regulate the Commerce between the Territories of the United States and His Britannic Majesty." It is signed in type by American diplomats and James Madison as President.

This was an important treaty that eliminated various duties and all... See More  

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Mississippi Territory hopes to join the Union...

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January 06, 1816

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Jan. 6, 1816  The back page has a lengthy article on the: "Mississippi Territory" which concerns the: "...praying for admission into the Union as an independent state." Before the following year would end Mississippi would become the 20th state of the Union.

Also on the bkpg. is: "The Algernine Treaty" signed in type by ... See More  

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Item #151591

January 08, 1816

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Jan. 8, 1816 Taking 2 columns on pg. 2 is: "The Close Of Revolution And The Close Of The Year. Addressed To The Readers Of The Connecticut Mirror" being the carrier's address. Good.

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1816 United States Canada border....

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January 22, 1816



* United States & Canada border

* General Peter Porter

A page 2 report states that John Holmes of Maine and General Peter Porter of New York were appointed commissioners by the President and Congress ...under the late treaty with Great-Britain, to settle the boundary between the United States and the British Provinces. Other news of th
... See More  

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