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Creating the Territory of California...

Item #665457

December 08, 1846

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 8, 1846  Page 2 has a very early report: "From California" which is quite historic on the creation of the state of California: "The Proclamation of Commodore Stockton, the governor of California" in which he makes the very significant statement: "...do hereby make known to all men that, having by right of conquest t... See More  

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Uncommon to find period Kit Carson reports...

Item #657313

August 24, 1847

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Aug. 24, 1847  The top of page 3 has a report: "From The Western Plains" with a rather rare report on the famed Kit Carson: "...it seems probable that Kit Carson, who was going out with dispatches to California, has lost all his horses and mules. He was seen near the Pawnee Rock & afterwards heard from by a party who said they... See More  

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Considerable reporting on the California Gold Rush...

Item #636164

December 05, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 5, 1848 

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - miners

A terrific & early issue on the California Gold Rush as nearly half of the front page has great gold-related content, items headed: "The Gold Region Of California", plus a letter datelined from "Monterrey, California, July 31, 1848; a "Proclamation" from... See More  

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Great, early content on the California Gold Rush...

Item #656573

December 23, 1848

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Dec. 23, 1848

* California Gold Rush

* 49ers - mining - mine

The front page has not one but three articles on the California Gold Rush including: "California Adventurers" beginning: "The 'stream of human life' is now setting as irresistibly towards California...The gold attraction is so strong that few are willing to lose the ... See More  

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Col. Fremont's disastrous fourth expedition...

Item #656384

March 29, 1849

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 29, 1849 

* John C. Fremont

* Fatal 4th expedition

The top of the front page has a nicer account headed: "Col. Fremont--A Distressing Report" which is concerning his fateful fourth expedition in the West during which his party was caught in a snowstorm in Colorado causing loss of ten of his men & 130 of his pack mules. Near ... See More  

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Lengthy & descriptive on early California...

Item #657350

August 03, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Aug. 3, 1849 

* Early life in California

Page 2 has a simply terrific & very lengthy letter on California, taking nearly two columns it is headed: "A Mexican View Of California" "California Seen by a Mexican--Description of the Country--Its Physical, Agricultural, Commercial, and Mineralogical Characteristics".

Thi... See More  

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Latest news from the Gold Rush...

Item #657347

August 10, 1849

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Aug. 10, 1849  Page 3 has a variety of reports under: "From California" which has the latest reports concerning the Gold Rush, a few bits noting: "...Gold is plenty, large quantities being brought every day from the placers...The quantity was thought inexhaustible...The health at the placers is very bad...A kind of Lynch law remai... See More  

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Very early California, death of Henry Clay, a notable duel...

Item #668038

August 03, 1852

PLACER TIMES & TRANSCRIPT, San Francisco, California, Aug. 3, 1852  Certainly one of the earlier newspaper we have offered from California, during the midst of the Gold Rush.

And page 2 has two notable reports, one being the death of Henry Clay in two articles, both headed: "Death of Henry Clay" with black borders.

There is also a nice account of a: "Fatal Duel--Death of ... See More  

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Early farming newspaper from California...

Item #666179

June 22, 1854

THE CALIFORNIA FARMER, San Francisco June 22, 1854 

* Rare Old West title

* Gold mining era

* Nice decorative masthead

This is quite early for a California newspaper. A nice engraving in the masthead with much of the content having a farming theme, although there are other items as well. This is a volume 1 issue.

Eight pages, never bound nor trimmed, 12 by 18 inches, staining at the ... See More  

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The Grattan Indian massacre...

Item #667747

September 11, 1854

NEW YORK DAILY TIMES, September 11, 1854 

* Grattan Massacre (1st report)

* United States Army

* Lakota Sioux Indians

The front page has an article headed: "Important from Fort Laramie--An Entire Detachment of United States Troops Massacred by the Indians" Early, 1st report coverage on what was known as the "Grattan Massacre". This was the opening engagement of the... See More  

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The Ward Indian Massacre...

Item #666150

November 01, 1854

NORWICH AURORA, Connecticut, Nov. 1, 1854 

* Ward Massacre - Idaho

* Shoshone Indians

* Oregon Trail

Page 2 has a report headed: "Important From Oregon - The Indian Outrages on Boise River" which details the Ward Massacre. Much good details of this battle which happened near present-day Caldwell, Idaho.

Four pages, good condition.

wikipedia notes: One Indian tried to ta... See More  

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Very early print of Salt Lake City...

Item #671359

October 06, 1855

SATURDAY EVENING POST, Philadelphia, Oct. 6, 1855 

* Rare Salt Lake City, Utah view print

* Mormons - Mormonism headquarters

The feature print on the front page is a very early scene of: "Great Salt Lake City" with related text beginning: "The Mormon head-quarters is situated near the east bank of the Jordan River which connects Great Salt Lake with Utah Lake..." w... See More  

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The rare "steamer edition" of an early California newspaper...

Item #665945

October 06, 1856

SAN FRANCISCO HERALD, California, Oct. 6, 1856  A very rare & early newspaper from California as this is the "San Francisco Herald For The Steamer" as noted at the top of pages 2-8, more commonly known as the "steamer edition". Such editions are much more rare than the "regular" editions.

Note that the masthead specifies what the market is for this edition: ... See More  

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Extremely lengthy on Indian appropriations...

Item #669411

March 10, 1857

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., March 10, 1857  A large size newspaper of 4 pages with most of page 2 taken up with "An Act making appropriations for the...expenses of the Indian Department & for fulfilling treaty stipulations..." with headings for each of the tribes and specifics as to how the money is to be used. Only portions are shown in the photos below. This text... See More  

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Brigham Young's Proclamation of martial law... Much more Mormon reporting...

Item #671995

November 18, 1857

NEW YORK HERALD, Nov. 18, 1857  Page 6 contains one of the more historic documents in Mormon history, with the report headed: "The Mormon War" which has a report from military officers on the situation: "...confirming the destruction of the supply trains...". This is followed by a letter from the: "Governor's Office Utah Territory" written to: "The Offic... See More  

Item from Catalog 302 (released for January, 2021)...

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Brigham Young's Proclamation of martial law throughout Utah...

Item #655297

November 20, 1857

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 20, 1857 

* Mormons - Mormonism

* Governor Brigham Young

* Proclamation of martial law

* Utah War delcaration

Page 3 contains one of the more historic documents in Mormon history, with the report headed: "The Mormon Treason" which is primarily occupied by the: "Proclamation By The Governor" which is signed in ty... See More  

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Much fine text on the Mormon War...

Item #655872

November 21, 1857

DAILY NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Nov. 21, 1857  Page 2 has a column headed: "The Mormon War" which is a very detailed letter from: "Col. Alexander to the Adj. 

General" Johnston, followed by Johnston letter of reply. Some great content on the Mormon War.

More on page 3 with: "Mormon and Indian Alliance - 20,000 Indians Ready to take the Field Aga... See More  

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Latest from the Mormon country...

Item #595258

February 02, 1858

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Feb. 2, 1858  Page 3 has: "Latest News From Utah" which  is a report from Camp Scott noting: "...all hands engaged making comfortable for the winter...Plenty of good grass and buffalo very fat...Mormons continuing to fortify between army and Salt Lake..." & more (see).

Four pages, great condition.

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Brigham Young a prisoner in his own house...

Item #595264

August 28, 1858

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Aug. 28, 1858  Page 3 has: "Mormondom" which reports on a letter from Great Salt Lake City noting: "...There is...considerable stagnation of Mormon intellect. Brigham is literally a prisoner in his own house..." and more on attempts to visit with him (see).

Four pages, great condition.

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Overland Mail initiates the first transcontinental mail service to San Francisco...

Item #647687

October 10, 1858

NEW YORK HERALD, Oct. 10, 1858 

* First transcontinental mail service success

* Arrives at San Francisco, California

Page 4 has a report noting the very first transcontinental mail service to San Francisco, with: "Very Late From California" "Arrival of the First Overland Mail" "Short Trip Across the Plains" with several dispatches. See the hyperlink for fu... See More  

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Very early from California...

Item #130218
SACRAMENTO UNION, California 1859  This is one of the earliest California newspapers we have the pleasure to offer. As might be imagined issues from the Gold Rush vicinity--just ten years after the start of the rush--are difficult to find. As perhaps you've noticed most of our California inventory is from the 1870's and 1880's.

This issue has a wealth of news of the day, not just from ... See More  

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Civil War map of Port Hudson, Louisiana...

Item #662263

February 11, 1863

NEW YORK TRIBUNE, Feb. 11, 1863 

* Port Hudson, Louisiana map

* Lebanon TN Tennessee

* Sabine Pass - Galveston TX Texas

The front page is dominated by a Civil War map titled: "Situation Of Port Hudson" which shows the vicinity as well, from Baton Rouge to the south, to St. Francisville & Bayou Sara to the north. Many one column war-related heads as well including: "... See More  

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Kit Carson defeats the Indians...

Item #223430

September 04, 1863

SPRINGFIELD DAILY REPUBLICAN, Massachusetts, Sept. 4, 1863

* Kit Carson defeats the Navape Indians

* Civil War news

The bkpg. has a rather small report headed: "Defeat of Indians by Kit Carson" with the report from Albuquerque, New Mexico, giving the details (see photos below).

Rarely is the famed explorer & scout Kit Carson ever mentioned in period newspapers. Page 2 has... See More  

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Item #130293
OREGON STATEMAN, Salem, Or. 1864 A rare and very early issue from Oregon.

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Very early Idaho newspaper, shortly after creation of the Idaho Territory...

Item #661808

November 12, 1864

IDAHO TRI-WEEKLY STATESMAN, Boise City, Nov. 12, 1864 

* Very rare territorial title

* American Civil War era

A very early and rare newspaper from just 18 months after the Idaho Territory was created, and some 26 years before Idaho statehood.

This is the volume 1, number 48 issue.  The ftpg. is filled with ads with pages 2 & 3 containing various news of the day. Mostly ads on... See More  

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A Colorado newspaper printed eleven years before statehood...

Item #665726

September 15, 1865

THE DAILY DENVER GAZETTE, Colorado, Sept. 15, 1865 

* Very rare & early territory publication

* Post Civil War reconstruction era

This is actually a territorial newspaper as Colorado did not become a state until 1876, eleven years after this issue was published. And this is a volume one issue.

Outside of several issues of the Rocky Mountain News we have offered--which was Colorado... See More  

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