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A substitute for British tea... Letter to the ladies of North America...

Item #657569
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Jan. 4, 1768  (currently spelled Gloucester)  Page 2 has a report from Boston concerning the finding of "hyperion or Labrador tea" in the colonies, of special interest given the recent non-importation of tea from England.

Also an item noting: "By letters from Philadelphia we are credibly informed that a number of new buildings are going to ... See More  

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Seeking cheaper labor and products prohibited...

Item #648916

January 09, 1768

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, January 9, 1768  The previous issue included a warning on the front page making clear the penalties for Artificers and Merchants seeking cheaper labor, products, and materials from foreign locations outside the umbrella of The Kingdom - making it infinitely more difficult for those Artificers and Merchants following the regulations and laws of the land to be compe... See More  

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An alternative to Capital punishment?

Reports from America... Colonists economically distressed by duties..

Item #687574

January 19, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, January 19, 1768  This issue may start with a review of a book on Gout and end with a set of fables, but within are a set of reports from America and the description for how Denmark handles certain capitol offenses - all of which make interesting period reading. Other news of the day from locations  throughout the world are also present.

The reports from America in... See More  

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American merchants distressed... An encounter with a great whale..

Item #687575

January 21, 1768

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, January 21, 1768  The front page has reports from America - two from Boston and another from Providence, Rhode Island. One of the former gives details of an unusual encounter with a great whale, and the latter briefly mentions the distress that merchants are experiencing due to the importation of goods and the additional burdens which have been placed upon them. Page 6 h... See More  

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