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Great article on the kindness of Native Americans...

Item #659755

October 01, 1765

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, October, 1765  Perhaps the most interesting feature is the full title/contents page which has a very intricately engraved view of the skyline of London at the time, making this very decorative.

Inside has over a full page taken up with an: "Extract of a Letter from Philadelphia" on "Indian Generosity and Humanity", an uncommonly nice, complim... See More  

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Detailed article on America, with mention of trade and taxes...

Item #659756

October 01, 1765

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, October, 1765  Over two pages are taken up with a fine and quite detailed article on America, its geography, economy,  and relations with England. It begins: "The British empire on the continent of America is well known to be extremely extensive, and is, by our late conquests, and the cessions that have been made to us, become entirely compact..." ... See More  

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Nice plate of Windsor Palace...

Item #672421
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, October, 1765  A nice issue of this very famous & successful British magazine from this significant year of the Stamp Act, and some ten years before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

One of the features is the very nice full page plate of: "A View of the Royal Palace at Windsor" so closely connected to the Royal Family today. It is acc... See More  

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