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Inventions, patents, and more... From the early 1900's...

Item #180068
(10) SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York  A lot of ten issues from 1900 - 1915. Not a "supplement" of the regular issue, but rather a separate stand-alone title which got its start to report on the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia. Nice condition with a wealth of illustrations and photos throughout.

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Printed on board a cruise ship...

Item #631806

January 20, 1939

PACIFIC EMPRESS "A Newspaper Printed & Published Daily Aboard Canadian Pacific Steamships", Jan. 20, 1939  An interesting newsletter printed on board a ship with various travel-related items with advertisements as well.

Four pages, 9 by 12 1/2 inches, good condition.

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A World War II newspaper from the Navy Yard...

Item #575571

January 01, 1944

BEACON, Philadelphia Navy Yard, 1944  A military paper produced at the Navy Yard, which was a major site for not only the building of new warships but also the repair of vessels damaged in the war. As would be expected there is a great wealth of war-related content, with an emphasis of naval items.

Eight pages, 10 1/2 by 16 pages, printed on high quality paper, nice condition. The photos sho... See More  

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Rosenberg's sentence to death... Electric chair at Sing Sing...

Item #631939

April 05, 1951

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts,  April 5, 1951  

* Julius and Ethel Rosenberg sentenced

* Russian spies - Atomic bomb

* Electric chair - Sing Sing prison in New York

The banner headline announces: "BULLETIN: Two Convicted Atom Bomb Spies Are Sentenced To Death" with smaller subheads as well. This is the report of Julius & Ethel Rosenberg being sentenced ... See More  

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Newspaper poster promotes "The Star"...

Item #631744

January 01, 1955

NEWSPAPER PROMOTIONAL POSTER for the London newspaper the "The Star". This poster would have been displayed where "The Star" newspaper was sold. Not dated but I would suspect from the 1950's.

Measures 20 by 30 inches, nice condition.

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Patty Hearst is captured and found guilty...

Item #631940

September 18, 1975

PHOENIX GAZETTE, Sept. 18, 1975 and the ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Phoenix, March 21, 1976

* Patty Hearst, convicted bank robber, captured 

* Newspaper heiress, socialite, actress & kidnap victim

* Simbonese Liberation Army SLA - Sentencing

A nice pair of issues almost 3 years apart with headlines: "PATTY HEARST CAPTURED!" and: "PATTY HEARST GUILTY" respectively. Front... See More  

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