War of 1812

War of 1812

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Breaking news on the Embargo...

Item #603019

April 04, 1812

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, April 4, 1812  The top of page 2 has a breaking news report headed: "EMBARGO. By Express from Washington in 76 hours...containing the Highly Alarming Information that an Embargo would be proposed to Congress on Wednesday last..." with further details (see). All set in larger-than-normal type.

Four pages, nice condition.

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The historic Embargo, which would lead to the War of 1812...

Item #667217

April 11, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 11, 1812  Over half a page is taken up with the full text of this historic: "Embargo Law" signed in type by the President: James Madison on April 4, 1814. It is titled: "An ACT Laying an Embargo on all the Ships and Vessels in the Ports and Harbours of the United States, for a Limited Time." Further inside are reports from the "Ho... See More  

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Death of the Vice President...

Item #617013

April 29, 1812

ESSEX REGISTER, Salem, Mass., April 29, 1812

* VP George Clinton death

Page 2 is highlighted by a black-bordered report headed: "Death of the Vice-President" which includes a report to the Senate beginning: "Upon me devolves the painful duty of announcing to the Senate the death of our venerable fellow citizen George Clinton, Vice President of the United States..." with f... See More  

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Military career of Henry Dearborn... Early on wine...

Item #654814

May 16, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 16, 1812  Inside has nearly 2 pages taken up with a quite detailed biography of the military history of: "Major-General Henry Dearborn, Commander-in-Chief of the Northern Army" with a great on his career in the Revolutionary War. Also: "Cultivation of the Vine" takes over half a page concerning vineyards.

Sixteen pages, 6 by 9 3/1/4 4 i... See More  

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America is about to declare war...

Item #670877

June 03, 1812

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, June 3, 1812 

* Declaration of war close

* War of 1812 to begin

Page 2 has a notable report headed: "War with England!" stating: "A letter has been received in town from a Senator of the United States, dated May 28th, which says, The Committee of the Senate on Foreign Affairs have agreed unanimously [Mr. Lloyd being absent] to recommend a Dec... See More  

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Diplomatic attempts to prevent war, but the printed presumption would prove true...

Item #671564

June 06, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 6, 1812  Inside has the beginning of what would become a continuing article on: 'Paul Jones", the famed John Paul Jones. Also several correspondences under: "Public Documents" signed in type by: J. Monroe to Augustus Foster and Jonathan Russell, British & American diplomats respectively, all relating to what would become th... See More  

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Our foreign policy from the War of 1812...

Item #595793

June 09, 1812

SUPPLEMENT TO THE CONNECTICUT HERALD, June 9, 1812  The entire four page issue is taken up with various "Correspondence"  with an introductory note signed by the President: James Madison, which includes: "I communicate to Congress...correspondence of the Secretary of State & the Minister Plenipotentiary of the U.S. at Paris. These documents will place before Congress t... See More  

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Horrid murders by Indians... War of 1812...

Item #649099

June 13, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 13, 1812  Several pages are taken up with correspondence & documents between the United States and England relating to the upcoming War of 1812. Several documents are signed in type by the Secretary of State, James Monroe.

The bkpg. has most of a column headed: "Indian Murders" which details: "...the late inhuman murders committed on th... See More  

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War is declared, beginning the War of 1812...

Item #647748

June 20, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 20, 1812  An inside page has a lengthy: "Declaration of War" which takes over 1 1/2 columns and is signed in type by the President: James Madison. This is followed by related reporting from the "Committee on foreign relations..." which takes over 2 pages. And on the back page is the formal Act of Congress declaring war against England, ... See More  

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The War of 1812 is declared...

Item #644333

June 26, 1812

THE WEEKLY MESSENGER, Boston, June 26, 1812 

* War of 1812 start

* Declaration of war

On page 3 near the top of the second column is A Proclamation issued by President James Madison confirming the Congress declaration of war against Great Britain, stating in part: "...Now therefore, I JAMES MADISON, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim the
... See More  

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Declaration of war...

Item #657281

June 27, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, June 27, 1812 

* War of 1812 declaration by United States 

* James Madison proclamation

* Historic report

This issue has one of the best presentations on the declaration of war against Great Britain, beginning the War of 1812.

Most of the first column of the front page is a somewhat decorative "Proclamation" headed with an engraving of ... See More  

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Early from the War of 1812...

Item #657039

July 09, 1812

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 9, 1812  From the early weeks of the War of 1812 with items including: "War Or No War" "Commodore Rogers" "Privateers Look Out!!!" "General Orders" from the governor of Mass. beginning: "War having been declared by the government of the U.S. against G. Britain..." with more.
Complete in 4 pages and in
... See More  

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Africans celebrate the abolition of the slave trade...

Item #657040

July 13, 1812

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 13, 1812  The front page has three Acts of Congress signed by President James Madison, One for: "Making further provision for the Army of the United States" from this early period in the War of 1812. Other war-related items on page 2.

But the most notable content is on page 3 headed: "Thanksgiving" which begins: &quo... See More  

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President Madison signs a Proclamation...

Item #672061

July 18, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 18, 1812 

* President James Madison proclamation

* Day of fasting and prayer

The front page features: "A Proclamation" by the president for "...a day of public humiliation and prayer...to offer, at one and the same time, their common vows, and adorations to Almighty God...of seeking his merciful forgiveness, and his assistance... that... See More  

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Early from the War of 1812...

Item #647749

July 25, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 25, 1812  Pages 1 thru 6 have much concerning the "Journal of the Stamp Act Congress" held at New York, 1765. But also much on the War of 1812 from the beginning months including: "Alien Enemies" "An Act Respecting Alien Enemies" from 1793 signed in type by the President: John Adams; "Restoration of American Seamen" ... See More  

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General Hull's historic Proclamation to the people of Canada...

Item #656901

August 03, 1812

THE UNITED STATES' GAZETTE, Philadelphia, Aug. 3, 1812 

* General William Hull proclamation

* To the inhabitants of Canada

Reports include: "Commodore Rodgers' Squadron" "From Halifax" "Latest From Baltimore" "Fate of War" "United States' Frigate Constitution" and more items on the War of 1812.

Perhaps the most notable cont... See More  

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The Baltimore riots... War of 1812...

Item #649108

August 08, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, August 8, 1812 Inside includes: "Account of the Late Riots" in Baltimore with a related "Proclamation" by the mayor. Much on the War of 1812 with: "Military Notices - Naval" "Cop of a Letter from Colonel Cass to Gen. Hull" dated at Sandwich, Upper Canada; "False Reports" and more.

Sixteen pages, 6 1/4 by 9 3/4 inche... See More  

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Great chart on the ships of war...

Item #649109

August 15, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Aug. 15, 1812 

* War of 1812

* United States Navy

Inside has over half a page on: "An Act to Authorize the Issuing of Treasury Notes" signed: James Madison. Also: "Drafted Militia" "Proclamation" by the governor of Connecticut concerning the War of 1812; "North Carolina Patriotism" and a nice chart headed: "Ve... See More  

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Enormous creature... Full front page eyewitness retelling of Baltimore Mob Riot of 1812...

Item #659583
NEW YORK HERALD, August 15, 1812 

* Baltimore riots of 1812

* Scudder's American Museum

A back page notice for the: "Mammoth Turtle In Scudder's American Museum" takes nearly half a column and offers many details about this enormous creature. Includes a rather large woodcut of the turtle's head as well.

The front page coverage of the Baltimore mob action on July ... See More  

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Nice editorial on the War of 1812...

Item #672726

August 27, 1812

BOSTON GAZETTE, Aug. 27, 1812  The front page has a full column editorial concerning the: "Present State of Our Affairs" relating to the War of 1812. Bits include: "The government of our country have deliberately chosen their opportunity to make a trial of  their strength with Great Britain...the President should be authorized to fill up the old army, to raise a new one,&n... See More  

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The Articles of Confederation... The War of 1812...

Item #638637

October 03, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, October 3, 1812 The entire front page is taken up with a printing of the "Articles of Confederation & Perpetual Union" which were approved by Congress in 1777 and ratified in 1781. The text carries over to take most of page 2 as well, where it concludes with the signature of the various members of Congress.

Other items include: "An Act to Prohibi... See More  

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The frigate Constitution...

Item #672741

October 08, 1812

BOSTON GAZETTE, Oct. 8, 1812  The front page has a reflective article headed: "The Frigate Constitution" which begins: "This superb and fortunate ship, the pride of Boston and of Federalism, was launched from Mr. Hart's Yard...on the 21st of Oct., 1797..." with much more.

The front page also has: "Appointments in the Navy of the United States" confirmed by C... See More  

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Wm. H. Harrison & the War of 1812...

Item #672831

October 14, 1812

BOSTON PATRIOT, Oct. 14, 1812  Page 2 has a report: "North-Western Army" reports on the actions of General William H. Harrison. Page 2 also has: "War Intelligence" which reports on various naval actions from the War of 1812.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Latest from the War of 1812...

Item #647750

October 24, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 24, 1812  Among the articles are: "Distillation of Spirits" and a chart headed: "The War on the Ocean" "The British in the Peninsula".

Under the heading: "Events of the War" are several reports on the on-going War of 1812 including subheads: "Military" "Extract of a Letter from S. Dinsmore, Agent for ... See More  

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Battle of Queenston Heights...

Item #644843

October 31, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Oct. 31, 1812  There are several pages with reports headed: "Events of the War" with a major portion taken up with a lengthy letter: "...from major-general VanRensellaer...to major general Henry Dearborn..." datelined at Lewistown, Oct. 14, 1812.

This is almost entirely concerned with the battle of Queenston Heights during which he led his ... See More  

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The "Wasp" is captured... Madison's state-of-the-union address...

Item #644276

November 07, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 7, 1812  There are at least two notable reports in this issue, the first being the annual state-of-the-union address by the President, signed by him in type: James Madison. This was the first war-time annual message and much of this 2+ page "Message" deals with the War of 1812.

Nearly five pages are taken up with: "Events of the War" w... See More  

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President Monroe concerning the War of 1812... Two Monroe signatures...

Item #660375

November 16, 1812

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Nov. 16, 1812  Pages 1 and 2 have many "Documents Accompanying the President's Message to Congress" which include several to British official concerning the War of 1812. Two are signed in type: James Monroe. Also inside: "Army In Ohio" "The President's Message".

Four pages, great condition.

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Discussing the slave trade...

Item #647753

November 21, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 21, 1812  The front page begins with a "Message from the President to Congress, signed: James Madison. Inside includes: "West Florida" "Russia & Spain"  "Privateering" "Important Discovery" being perpetual motion; "The Slave Trade" and more. Near the back is over a full page on: "Events o... See More  

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Lengthy on the Indian war in the War of 1812...

Item #667215

November 28, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Nov. 28, 1812  Inside has; "Monroe's Treaty" with subhead: "Treaty of Amity, Commerce & Navigation between his Britannic Majesty and the United States of America" which takes several pages with 4 signatures in type, including James Monroe, and dated Dec. 31, 1806.

Also within: "New Sicilian Constitution" "Revolutionar... See More  

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General Smyth's rousing letter, and his ultimately failure...

Item #673042

December 03, 1812

NEW YORK HERALD, Dec. 2, 1812  Page 2 has over half a column taken up with the noted address of: "General Smyth to the Soldiers of the Army of the Centre". It begins: "Companions in Arms!  The time is at hand when you will cross the stream of Niagara to conquer Canada, and to secure the peace of the American frontier. You will enter a country that is to be one of the Unite... See More  

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The "contemptible braggart" General Smyth...

Item #673043

December 04, 1812

THE REPERTORY & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Dec. 4, 1812  The ftpg. has over a column taken up with the situation at Sacket's Harbor, including a lengthy letter from there signed in type by: Isaac Chauncey.

But the most interesting piece may be the brief report on page 2: "Of all the contemptible & ridiculous braggarts that ever disgraced the profession of a soldier, it is a... See More  

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The Wasp captures the Frolic...

Item #642245

December 05, 1812

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 5, 1812  This newspaper actually has much content concerning the War of 1812, but one of the more historic reports is that found on an inside page concerning the naval battle of the Wasp and Frolic. There are actually two such reports in this issue, both shown in the photos.

Other War of 1812 reports are found under the heading: "Events Of The War&qu... See More  

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Exploits of the U.S. Navy...

Item #672745

December 10, 1812

BOSTON GAZETTE, Dec. 10, 1812  Page 2 has: "United States and Macedonian Frigates" followed by: "The Navy" which is mostly editorial commentary on the naval battle between the Frolic and the Wasp.

Four pages, good condition.

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You know of Molly Pitcher. Do you know of Betsy Doyle?

Item #673017

December 16, 1812

BOSTON PATRIOT, Dec. 16, 1812 

* Rare Betsy Doyle report

* Fort Niagara heroine

* War of 1812

Page 2 has: "Official Report To Brig. Gen. Smyth" signed by Geo. McFeeley commanding at Fort Niagara. This is a fine & very detailed account of the cannonading of Fort Niagara by the British, with the most notable portion being the report of the involvement of Betsy Doyle.

With... See More  

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The United States vs. the Macedonian... War on the Niagara frontier...

Item #672746

December 17, 1812

BOSTON GAZETTE, Dec. 17, 1812 

* USS United States vs. HMS Macedonian

Page 2 has: "The War Department" followed by: "Splendid Exhibition" which is on the American success in the naval battle between the frigates United States and the Macedonian.

Also on page 2: "Progress of the War on the Niagara Frontiers" which has much war reporting; then: "The War... See More  

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General Smyth's failed effort to invade Canada...

Item #674223

December 18, 1812

THE REPERTORY & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Dec. 18, 1812  Inside reports include: "Gen. Smyth's Expedition", a letter signed in type by: Stephen Decatur datelined from the "U.S. S. United States, at sea, Oct. 30, 1812"; "The Prize" concerning the British frigate Macedonian; "The Crew of the Macedonian"; nearly 1 1/2 columns on: "Highly Imp... See More  

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Hartford, Connecticut...

Item #605333

December 28, 1812

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Dec. 28, 1812  Page 2 has much reporting from Congress as well as the military situation in Europe. The back page has an early advertisement for the: "Hartford Fire Insurance Company" (see).

Four pages, great condition.

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Extensive naval report... Duel between Generals Smyth & Porter...

Item #673018

December 30, 1812

BOSTON PATRIOT, Dec. 26 and 30, 1812 A nice pair of consecutive issues containing the full: "NAVAL REPORT" "Report of the Committee...Which Relates to the Naval Establishment Recommending an Increase of the Navy of the United States" dated Nov. 27, 1812.

The first portion takes 2 1/2 columns of the front page of the Dec. 26 issue & is signed in type: Paul Hamilton. The rem... See More  

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Trial and conviction of a spy...

Item #673028

December 30, 1812

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 30, 1812  Page 2 has an interesting report, taking about half a column, beginning: "...proceedings at Buffaloe, of a Court Martial appointed to try Elijah Clark as a Spy. The facts which appeared at the trial are that the said Clark was born in New Jersey...he removed to Canada...must have become naturalized & a British subject. Clark, being found wit... See More  

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Item #151416
THE STAR , London, England, 1813  This newspaper is in nice condition due to the use of cotton and rags when making newsprint at that time.

This 4 page issue contains news of the day and various interesting advertisements which give a sense of what life was like during the War of 1812. This issue has a partial red-ink stamps on the upper right hand corner. See!

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A newspaper which existed solely to report on the War of 1812...

Item #153127
THE WAR, New York, 1812-1814 Here is a fascinating quarto-size newspaper which started in 1812 and ended at the conclusion of the War of 1812. The expressed purpose of this newspaper was to report events of the War of 1812, and almost all text on all 4 pages deals exclusively with just that. Uncommon newspaper for any war collection with very detailed reading. Nice.

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The War of 1812...

Item #207496
COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, dated during the War of 1812.   The issue you will receive is similar to the issues shown in the image - slight wear, minor staining and foxing, etc..  The issue will be dated from during the War of 1812 (between 6/18/1812 and 2/18/1815), and will have war related news and news of the day.  A great issue to own at an incredible price. Although the im... See More  

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Latest from the War of 1812, and more...

Item #647760

January 02, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 2, 1813  Inside includes a lengthy address headed: "Legislature of Kentucky" signed; Isaac Shelby. Other content includes: "Privateers" "Distribution of Army" which includes a state-by-state chart; "Imprisonment of Seamen" which includes documents signed by James Monroe, James Madison & others.

Over 4 pages are ... See More  

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Impressment of seamen... On the Constitution vs. the Guerriere...

Item #673019

January 02, 1813

BOSTON PATRIOT, Jan. 2, 1813  Over two front page columns are taken up with: "Impressment Of Seamen". Inside includes: "Com. Rodgers' Squadron" being a lengthy naval report. Also: "Naval Dinner" "War Intelligence On the Ocean" "Civil Honors to Naval Heroism" which concerns the Constitution vs. the Guerriere.

Four pages, archival strengthe... See More  

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Court case for stealing a hog...

Item #653279

January 03, 1813

A court document dated at the bottom: January 3, 1813 from Lycoming Country, Pennsylvania. The details note that: "...Thomas Mayberry..." and others noted: "...with force and arms one black hogg of the value of six dollars of the goods and chattels of Patrick Hughes,...did steal, take and carry away to the great damage of the said Patrick Hughes & against the peace & dignity... See More  

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Has the collectable Carrier's Address...

Item #153566

January 04, 1813

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, Jan. 4, 1813  Taking a full column on the front page is: The Carrier Of The Independent Chronicle To Its Patrons being the carriers address.

Four pages, a bit of stray writing in the margin above the masthead, two foxing spots in unrelated text, occasional foxing.

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Latest from the War of 1812, and more...

Item #619086

January 09, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 9, 1813  Content includes: "Medal & Premiums" "Law Case--Clark, the Spy" "Military Supplies" which includes a lengthy chart; "American Seamen" "Treaty of Peace" with Sweden; "Distribution of Prize Money" split evenly between the govt. and the captors of vessels; and more.

Taking over 2 pages ... See More  

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Much news from the War of 1812...

Item #671468

January 09, 1813

THE WAR, New York, Jan. 9, 1813  The front page begins with an interesting editorial: "The War", and also has: "Sickness Of The Army" signed by: James Mann, Hospital Surgeon, U.S. Army. Items inside include: "Prospect of Peace" "Battle with the Indians" "The Sailor's Dinner" "Summary" "Loss of the U.S. brig Vixen of 2 Guns &... See More  

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Latest from the War of 1812, and more...

Item #619088

January 16, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 16, 1813  Among the articles are: "Legislature of South Carolina - An Act to Prevent Dueling" "East Florida" "Mint Establishment", and nearly 3 pages under the heading: "Our Naval Victories".

Over 3 1/2 pages are headed: "Events of the War" with various subheads including: "Military"; a letter si... See More  

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Details of a naval battle...

Item #662767

January 16, 1813

ESSEX REGISTER, Salem, Mass., Jan. 16, 1813  Various War of 1812 items including: "Militia" "Regular Army" "Army" "New York Volunteers" "Temporary Army" but the best item would be the lengthy page 3 report: "Gallant and Destructive Engagement - The Montgomery's Cruize" nothing in part: "...Here began a terrible contest. The ... See More  

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