French & Indian War Era

French & Indian War Era

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Battle of Quebec in the French & Indian War...

Item #642781
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, England, October, 1759 

* Battle of the Plains of Abraham

* Capture of Quebec, Canada

This issue contains a terrific & very detailed account of the Battle of Quebec, headed "Operations of the Army Before Quebec" and "Authentic Accounts of the Proceedings Before Quebec", taking seven pages of text and includes the &qu
... See More  

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The capture of Quebec...

Item #644420

October 20, 1759

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Oct. 20, 1759 

* Battle & capture of Quebec, Canada

* French and Indian War

* General James Wolfe

Page 6 has the: "Abridgment of the Placart Published by Gen. Wolfe...on His Arrival in the River St. Lawrence, 1759" containing in part: "The King justly exasperated against France, has set on foot a considerable armament by land and sea, ... See More  

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Map of the St. Lawrence River includes Quebec... French & Indian War...

Item #640106
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1759 

* St. Lawrence River - Quebec, Canada map

* French and Indian War

The most notable item in this issue is the very nice & detailed full page map of the St. Lawrence River and present-day city of Quebec, titled "An Authentic Plan of the River St. Laurence from Sillery to the Falls of Montmorency." (see). The map is in ni... See More  

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The British take Quebec...

Item #647077
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1760  A very nice magazine from the French & Indian War period from the "mother country" with a wide range of varied content including news of the day, political reports, literary items, and other unusual tidbits. This was the first periodical to use the word "magazine" in its title, having begun in 1731 and lasting until 1907... See More  

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Great foldout plate of a naval battle...

Item #654172
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, April, 1760  A prime feature of this issue is the very nice & dramatic foldout plate captioned: "A Representation of the Engagement between his Majesty's Ship the Monmouth Capt. Gardiner, and the Foudroyant, a French Man of War on 28th Feb., 1758" which shows a dramatic naval  battle (see photo). This plate folds out to measures 9 1/2 b... See More  

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Map of Germany... French & Indian War...

Item #585531
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1760 

* Battle of Quebec

* Map of the war in Germany

* French and Indian War

A feature of this issue is the "French Account of the Raising the Siege of Quebec" which takes over half a page (see for portions). There is also: "A Description of a Water Mill of a New Construction..." for grinding sugar cane in Jamaica, which in... See More  

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The French & Indian War... A flying meteor...

Item #664833

* French and Indian War

* General Jeffrey Amherst

* Oswego, New York

Most of a column near the back of the issue is taken up with reports on the French & Indian War in America, portions including: "...account of Col. Montgomery's expedition against the Cherokees appeared in the public papers...that the troops unde
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News from America on the French & Indian War...

Item #638424

September 27, 1760

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 27, 1760  Inside has nearly two-thirds of a page taken up with reports headed: "America" with items from Charleston concerning the Cherokee Indians, and also noting: "When Col. Montgomery marched from Congarees...brought the troops from New York to be in readiness to take them on board again..." and more. Also a nice letter from an offi... See More  

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French & Indian War... Death of the King of England... Montreal...

Item #640175
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, October, 1760 

* George II of Great Britain death

* French and Indian War

Contains a lengthy article: "An Account of the Taking of Montreal & the subjecting all Canada to the Crown of Great Britain, from the Letters of Maj. Gen. Amherst...". This article takes over 3 pages. It is followed by another nice article: "Description of the ... See More  

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The importance of Canada...

Item #638423

October 18, 1760

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Oct. 18, 1760  Two-thirds of page 2 is taken up with: "A Succinct View Of The Importance of Canada" being a lengthy chart which provides details on the navigation of the various rivers, and other information. Also most of a page taken up with: "...account is given of the French Ecclesiastical Government at Louisbourg in the Island of Cape Breton&q... See More  

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Mention of the capture of Montreal in the French & Indian War...

Item #642504

October 23, 1760

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Oct. 23, 1760  The top of the front page has an item headed: "America" with a report from St. Augustine, Florida, noting: "...they are so reduced for want of fresh meat there that the governor was obliged to kill some of the King's oxen at the celebration of the late coronation..." with more (see). The top of pg. 6 has: "America"... See More  

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Map of Germany... Funeral of King George II...

Item #650312
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1760  Among the articles in this issue are: "Scheme for Widening the Narrow Streets in London" "Charge Against Gen. T--sh--d for his Conduct at Quebec" which takes over 3 pages (see for beginning); "The Anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's Accession" "History of the London Brewery" "Queries Concerning the... See More  

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Hopes of peace with the Cherokee & Creek Indian nations...

Item #645903

November 25, 1760

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Nov. 25, 1760 

* Anglo-Cherokee War - peace ?

* Creek Nation - Indians

Inside has half a column headed: "America" with news from Charleston concerning relations with the Cherokee & Creek Indians (see).

Eight pages, 8 by 10 3/4 inches, very nice condition.... See More  

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News from America...

Item #645467
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1760  Among the articles in this issue are: "A Treatise on Canine Madness" "On The High Price of Candles" "Reflections by M. Maubert on the Importance of Canada" "A Description of Montreal & the Adjacent Country" "Some Account of Carisbrook Castle in the Isle of Wight..." which is accompanied by ... See More  

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