U.S. Founding Fathers - 19th Century

Many of the Founding Fathers of the United States continued to have direct and/or indirect impact well beyond the end of the Revolutionary War... their influence extending far into the early 19th century. The following issues, while dated post-1799, have references to these historic figures from American History.

U.S. Founding Fathers - 19th Century

Many of the Founding Fathers of the United States continued to have direct and/or indirect impact well beyond the end of the Revolutionary War... their influence extending far into the early 19th century. The following issues, while dated post-1799, have references to these historic figures from American History.
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Bonaparte & the Bible in St. Helena...

Item #622024

May 01, 1816


* Napoleon exiled to St. Helena

The front page has a brief letter from St. Helena concerning Bonaparte in banishment (see). Also on the ftpg: "Earthquake at Lisbon". Page 2 has a very lengthy Act of Congress "To regulate the Duties on Imports & Tonnage" signed in type by the President: James Madison.

Four pages, bit irregular at ... See More  

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Interesting church and state item...

Item #621325

March 12, 1811

THE REPERTORY, Boston, March 12, 1811 

* Church and State

* President James Madison

Page 2 has: "National Legislature" being a rather inconspicuous report mentioning not only a rare veto by the President, but also concerns a religious establishment issue. The report states: "The bill for incorporating a Baptist Society in the Mississippi Territory, and granting five acre... See More  

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News from the War of 1812, and more...

Item #619090

January 30, 1813

THE WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Jan. 30, 1813  Inside has a full page chart; "A Statement of the Annual Expenditures of the United States" (see); an article: "Impressed Seamen" which contains 6 letters from James Madison, Jno. Rodgers & others; over two pages under the heading: "Events of the War" with various subheads including a letter signed in type by: Z.... See More  

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War in the Chesapeake...

Item #615458

July 02, 1814

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 2, 1814  Among the articles are: "Affair At Scituate" "War in the Chesapeake Waters" "War in the Chesapeake Waters" "War in the Chesapeake" "Detached Corps" "Canadian Papers" "Our Envoys In Europe" " and "A Proclamation" signed in type by the President: James Madison which con... See More  

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Sackett's Harbor & Milledgeville...

Item #614072

August 24, 1813

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington City, Aug. 24, 1813  The front page has: "Latest From Lake Ontario" which has an: "Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman at Sackett's Harbor..." "Indian News" datelined from Milledgeville; "Report of the Big Warrior to Colonel Hawkins" "Croghan's Gallant Feat - Further Particulars".

Inside has 3 Acts ... See More  

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Celebrating the 4th of July...

Item #610524

July 01, 1820

NILES WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, July 1, 1820  The entire front page is an editorial headed: "Independence" concerning the upcoming anniversary of the 4th of July. Some great reading, with one paragraph beginning: "Nearly all the great actors in 1776 have made their exit to another & a better world, but some venerable men yet remain to bless our land with their presence...... See More  

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Front page illustrated ad for the Revere bell foundry...

Item #604762
BOSTON DAILY ADVERTISER, Massachusetts, 1822 The front page includes a nice illustrated ad for the "Joseph W. Revere..." bell foundry. Joseph was one of the 16 children of Paul Revere, who continued the business from his father. Nice to have this Revere item on the front page of a Boston newspaper.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, very nice condition. ... See More  

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James Lawrence and his famous quote: "Don't Give up the Ship"...

Item #600286

May 11, 1816

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, May 11, 1816  Perhaps the best content in this issue is a nice back page report on a monument erected to the memory of famed Naval hero James Lawrence, which includes at the bottom his very famous quote: "...His dying words were, 'DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP' ".

Among the other reports in this issue are: an article titled: "Natural... See More  

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The Shakers...

Item #600005

March 29, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, March 29, 1817  Content includes: "law of the United States - An Act to Provide for the Redemption of  the Public Debt" signed in type: James Madison. Also: "Legislature of New York - An Act Concerning the Shakers" which is an uncommon item concerning this religious society (see hyperlink).

Also: "Relations with Russia"... See More  

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Acts of Congress signed by President Madison...

Item #600004

March 22, 1817

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Maryland, March 22, 1817  Among the items in this issue are: "Laws of the United States - An Act More Effectually to Preserve the Neutral Relations of the United States" signed in type: James Madison, & another "An Act Concerning the Navigation of the United States" also signed by: James Madison. Also: "On Indian Affairs"... See More  

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Reorganizing the U.S. Navy...

Item #599943

December 10, 1814

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, Dec. 10, 1814 

* United States Navy

* William Jones

The first five pages are taken up with the very lengthy & detailed: "Naval Report" datelined Navy Department, Nov. 15, 1814, beginning: "In obedience to the resolution of the senate...directing the secretary of the navy to devise and digest a system for the better organization ... See More  

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General Jackson and General Scott...

Item #599594

April 10, 1819

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, April 10, 1819 

* Asbury College (Maryland)

* Andrew Jackson & Winfield Scott

Inside has nearly 2 pages taken up with much on Asbury College, a one-time Methodist school in Baltimore, which ended in 1832 (see hyperlink for more). Also in this issue: "General Jackson and Scott" which takes 5 1/2 pages and includes 2 letters signed by ... See More  

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John Adams gets free use of the postal system...

Item #599167

March 03, 1801

THE SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Massachusetts, March 3, 1801 

* President John Adams

* Early U.S postal service

Page 3 has a letter to Congress signed by the President: John Adams, followed by a note: "An engrossed bill for extending the privilege of franking to John Adams, now President of the United States, was read and passed..." allowing him free use of the posta... See More  

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Death of Joseph Haydn... Proclamation signed by the President...

Item #598466

August 17, 1809

BOSTON GAZETTE, Aug. 17, 1809  The top of the front page has: "A Proclamation" signed in type: James Madison, and also: "French Piracies" which takes an entire column. On page 2, under the "Deaths" is a small announcement "In Vienna, May 31st, Hayden, [Hadyn] the celebrated musical composer, Aet. 79...".

Four pages nice condition.... See More  

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Our foreign policy from the War of 1812...

Item #595793

June 09, 1812

SUPPLEMENT TO THE CONNECTICUT HERALD, June 9, 1812  The entire four page issue is taken up with various "Correspondence"  with an introductory note signed by the President: James Madison, which includes: "I communicate to Congress...correspondence of the Secretary of State & the Minister Plenipotentiary of the U.S. at Paris. These documents will place before Congress t... See More  

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James Madison and Wellington...

Item #595145

July 13, 1811

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington City, July 13, 1811  Pages 2 and 3 contain three documents, each signed in type by the President: James Madison (see for portions). Also a lengthy letter on the: "Battle of Agueda" signed by: Wellington.

Four page, never bound nor trimmed, minor foxing near the top, nice condition.

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The late correspondence of John Adam's...

Item #594236
BOSTON PATRIOT, Massachusetts, 1809  A "typical" newspaper of the day with various news and advertisements. However, the issue has the front page printing of one of a series of letters, "Correspondence Of The Late President Adams", with his block type signature, John Adams. Other news of the day with period advertising throughout.

Note that the photo is representative of ... See More  

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1811 James Madison...

Item #588135

January 12, 1811

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., Jan. 12, 1811  As would be expected from this title, a considerable amount of reporting from Congress including all of pages 1 & 2. Pg. 3 has "An Act..." of Congress for the relief of distressed seamen, signed in type: James Madison (bit close-trimmed here: see). The back page has a "$100 Reward" ad for a runaway mulatto slave,... See More  

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Early Kentucky newspaper...

Item #586787

April 02, 1824

WESTERN MONITOR, Lexington, Kentucky, April 2, 1824 

* Rare title

A quite rare & early newspaper from Lexington. Typical news & ads of the day. Page 2 includes: "Yesterday the President of the U. States presented to Gen. Jackson the Gold Medal, heretofore voted to him by Congress for his gallant defence of New Orleans...", which includes the acceptance speech of Andre... See More  

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Athenaeum Gallery was reopened... Daniel Webster...

Item #563393

May 21, 1828

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, May 21, 1828  A pg. 2 report says that Athenaeum Gallery was reopened "...with an addition of nearly forty pictures from the valuable collection of the late President Jefferson..." There is also a letter to the Mayor of Boston stating that Congress appropriated money for the preservation of Deer Island in Boston Harbor, and for the removal ... See More  

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Death of Col. William S. Smith... son-in-law of John Adams...

Item #561934

June 26, 1816

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, June 26, 1816

* William S. Smith death

* Abigail Adams

Among the "Deaths" on page 2 is one that reads, in part: "In New York State, Col. William S. Smith, a brave and intelligent officer of the revolutionary war....an independent Member of Congress....He was son-in-law of President Adams; but was bereaved of his excellent consort se... See More  

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From the heart of Thomas Jefferson's Presidency...

Item #559604
(5) GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, For The Country, Philadelphia, 1807-1809  A lot of 5 issues offering an interesting insight into the early period of the Jeffersonian era, as the government transitioned away from Federalist policy. Average condition.  The images show an example of the condition and look of the issues you will receive. Actual dates vary within the years noted.... See More  

Item from Catalog 299 (released for October, 2020)...

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Oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States...

Item #559596
(8) CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, 1809-1810  A lot of eight issues of the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States.  Each with occasional foxing; otherwise nice.  Great to have from the heart of Thomas Jefferson's presidency.  The image shows the look and condition of the issues you will receive.  Actual dates vary within the specified time-frame.... See More  

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From Thomas Jefferson's Presidency...

Item #559591
(10) BOSTON GAZETTE, dated in 1803-1805  A lot of ten issues from the early 19th century when Thomas Jefferson was president.  News and advertising of the day provide perspective on this formative period.  Irregular at the spine but without loss of text; some foxing and wear with lite staining, typical for the period.  The photo shows an example of the look and condition of the... See More  

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Boundry line between Georgia and Florida...

Item #556878

November 22, 1826

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, November 22, 1826

* Boundary line between Georgia and Florida

* Early Arctic expedition

On the front page under "Arctic Land Expedition" is an informative letter from one of the members of the expedition.

From "Columbia" is word that Thomas Mann Randolph, late governor of Virginia was appointed by the President "...to be ... See More  

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Daniel Webster's wife dies...

Item #549252

January 26, 1828

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, January 26, 1828

* Daniel Webster's wife's death

Listed among the page 3 obituaries is one that begins: "In New-York, on Monday Morning last, Mrs. Grace Webster, consort of the Hon. Daniel Webster, Member of the Senate of the United States, From Massachusetts. Her remains are to be removed to this City for interment..." and more, ... See More  

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Formalizing the United States flag as new states join the Union...

Item #548749

April 25, 1818


* Design of the United States flag

This small size newspaper began in 1811 and was a prime source for national political news of the first half of the19th century. As noted in Wikipedia:

"Niles edited and published the Weekly Register until 1836, making it into one of the most widely-circulated magazines in the United States and himself into ... See More  

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Thomas Hart Benton kills opponent in a duel...

Item #545779

November 05, 1817

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Massachusetts, November 5, 1817

* Thomas Hart Benton in a duel

* Kills Charles Lucas

* Andrew Jackson

On page 2 under "Missouri" is a report from St. Louis dated "Sept. 29" that reads in full: "On Saturday last Charles Lucas, Esq. a lawyer, was honorably murdered in this place, by Col. Benton, another lawyer. The quarrel originated in a... See More  

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1824 Presidential election...

Item #220854

January 12, 1825

THE COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 12, 1825

* Andrew Jackson & John Quincy Adams - Presidential Election

* Message from the President of Harvard College

On pg. 2 under Choice Of President is a report that recalls the election of 1800, with details about the mode of balloting. Has a chronology of the balloting that determined the outcome. Other news of the day includes: "Ha
... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson in 1827.....

Item #220150

January 03, 1827

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 3, 1827.


* Thomas Jefferson family relief plan

A page 3 item says: The legislature of South Carolina has passed a resolution, appropriating ten thousand dollars of six percent stock, redeemable in 1850, for the relief of the family of THOMAS JEFFERSON. The resolution in the Senate had but three negatives, and in the House of Representatives it pa
... See More  

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1812 James Madison....

Item #220103

January 31, 1812

SALEM GAZETTE, Salem, Mass., Jan. 31, 1812.


* James Madison Army Law

* Salem  Massachusetts

On the front page under The New Army Law is: An Act To Raise And Additional Military Force. Takes two columns on the front page and concludes on page 2, signed in type: James Madison. Other news of the day with some ads. Has a foxing spot in the first head, bit of lite rubbi
... See More  

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Delaware & Chesapeake Canal...

Item #217840

June 03, 1829



* Chesapeake & Delaware Canal

* Paul Revere

A pg. 3 report says the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal will be navigable by July 1st. The report describes the canal as ...one of the greatest works of human skill and ingenuity in the world; the greatest perpendicular of which is upwards of 76 feet, the whole lengthy four miles, and over the deepe
... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson in 1808....

Item #217564

August 30, 1808

THE BALANCE, Hudson, New York, Aug. 30, 1808


* Thomas Jefferson

* USS Chesapeake winning prizes

Page 3 brief commentary: Mr. Jeffersons war against the United States, says a remarker, is carrying on very successfully. The Chesapeake, which has been but a few days on a cruise, has already sent in six or eight prizes. Some other news as well. Quarto-size, 4 pages in nice condit
... See More  

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Harvard University Commencement in 1825....

Item #217542

September 09, 1825

RECORDER & TELEGRAPH, Sept. 9, 1825.

* 1825 Harvard University commencement

A back page report under Harvard University has some details about the recent commencement, mentioning in part that the degree of L.L.D. was conferred on the Hon. Henry Clay, Secretary of State. Also word that Lewis Cass, the governor of Michigan, received an honorary degree of L.L.D. at the commencement at
... See More  

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Thomas Jefferson's Monticello estate in 1826...

Item #217538

February 24, 1826

BOSTON RECORDER AND TELEGRAPH, Feb. 24, 1826  Page 3 news under Summary includes: An application has been made to the Legislature of Virginia for a lottery, for Mr. Jefferson, to dispose of his estates to relieve himself of embarrassment, without a sacrifice of his remaining property. Granted in the House of Delegates 90 to 86.

The back page has details about the Capitol building in
... See More  

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1810 Trade with France Resumes.....

Item #215364

November 12, 1810

CONNECTICUT MIRROR, Hartford, Nov. 12, 1810.

* Trade with France resumes

* President James Madison proclamation

The front page has A Proclamation reinstating trade with France, signed in type: James Madison. Madison did so because he thought the Berlin and Milan Decrees had been rescinded by France. Such was not the case and the French continued to harass American shipping
... See More  

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Robert Fulton 1807 Invention....

Item #215318

July 23, 1807

INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE, Boston, July 23, 1807


* Robert Fulton invention

Page 2 has a report from New-York stating that the Governor, Sec. of War and others "...attended at Ft. Jay, when Mr. Fulton exhibited and explained the principles of his machinery for blowing up ships..." plus a few details about the experiment to be conducted the next day. Other news of the day in
... See More  

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1811 Samuel Chase Address....

Item #213212

August 03, 1811

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington City, Aug. 3, 1811.


* Samuel Chase Address

* 1811 Original Newspaper

* Complete

The front page has the Address of Samuel Chase, Esq. To his Constitutents, the voters of Anne Arundle county, on the right of Constituents to instruct their Representatives, signed in type: Samuel Chase. Other news of the day with advertisements. Subscribers n
... See More  

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1810 James Madison & The French...

Item #212900

November 14, 1810

CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, Nov. 14, 1810.


* James Madison

* Trade With France & U.K.

Page 2 has A Proclamation which reinstated trade with France and forbade any trade with Great Britain, signed in type: James Madison. Believing that Napoleon had rescinded the Berlin and Milan Decrees, Madison issued the aforementioned proclamation. He was, however, deceived by the French, and
... See More  

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Elbridge Gerry & a political "Black List" report...

Item #210323

March 30, 1811

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 30, 1811 The photo below shows the broadside-like presentation of the politically-themed notice:  "Black List" of "American vessels laden with American property..." with more on this political situation involving Elbridge Gerry. The item is headed: "Gerry and Sequestration! See the Black Cloud of Wienesses below." This issue is complete in 4 pages, sme c... See More  

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General Andrew Jackson...Indian Battles...

Item #201379

May 21, 1818


On pg. 2 under "Domestic" and "Of The Indian War" is an "intelligence" report from an officer about the operations of General Jackson. Mentions the conflagration of the Indian town Missiskauki and that Jackson "..proceeded to St. Marks--the Spanish garrison surrendered...and [he] had arrived at Pensacola.." The rep... See More  

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James Madison declaration... U.S. census...

Item #201241

June 14, 1811

UNIVERSAL GAZETTE, Washington City, June 14, 1811  The back page has a declaration issued by the President suspending certain building regulations in the city of Washington, signed in type: James Madison.

Lite staining and occasional foxing at the corners, lite foxing to unrelated text on the back page.

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1818 Alexander Arbuthnot Court Martial..

Item #200019

December 15, 1818

NEW-ENGLAND PALLADIUM & COMMERCIAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Dec. 15, 1818 On the ftpg. under "Arbuthnot" are the charges and specifications pertaining to Alexander Arbuthots court martial ordered by Andrew Jackson. Rubbing and some lite dirtiness does not affect this report.

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Item #151620

April 07, 1804

NEW-YORK HERALD, Apr. 7, 1804 The front page has a letter of appeal and a "Memorial" to the House of Representatives from Samuel Chase with regard to his impeachment. The memorial concludes on pg. 2. Both are signed in type: Samuel Chase. Minor rubbing on the ftpg., stray writing above the masthead, and a few traces of foxing.

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Paul Revere foundry advertisement...

Item #153095
BOSTON DAILY ADVERTISER, Boston, 1822  A nice newspaper with news and ads of the day, but the prime item in this issue is the front page, illustrated advertisement for the Joseph Revere bell foundry (son of Paul). Note that the photo is "generic" and the issue you get will not have this specific date but will have the format as shown.

Measures approximately 21x15 inches and contain... See More  

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Short-lived campaign newspaper to electd Andrew Jackson...

Item #153124
UNITED STATES' TELEGRAPH--EXTRA, Washington,  1828  This was a campaign journal "...devoted exclusively to the Presidential election..." as stated in the masthead. It was published by Duff Green, who had come to Washington to establish a newspaper to promote the candidacy of Andrew Jackson. Mott says, "Green proved to be of the hard-hitting politician type of editor.&q... See More  

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Alexander Hamilton's newspaper...

Item #180082
NEW-YORK EVENING POST, 1806 A lot of 6 issues with the front page having at least 4 ship ads, each with a small woodcut of a ship. All issues are in overall good condition, with only minor foxing and rubbing, but may be close-trimmed at the margin. The New-York Evening Post was founded by Alexander Hamilton. The issues within this set are from the first few years after his death.  The newspap... See More  

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From Thomas Jefferson's administration...

Item #180083
COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, 1807-1809  A lot of 10 issues of this popular title from the "Hub City". All have the subscriber's name written in the margin above the masthead, some minor edge tears, a few scattered stains, and occasional foxing, but overall quite nice.

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