Curtis Linder - Auction

Items suggested to Curtis Linder for inclusion in a Heritage Auction

Curtis Linder - Auction

Items suggested to Curtis Linder for inclusion in a Heritage Auction
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First election of Abraham Lincoln...

Item #660381

November 08, 1860

NATIONAL INTELLIGENCER, Washington, D.C., November 8, 1860  This is the tri-weekly edition of this famous newspaper which is perhaps the best newspaper to have with news on any Presidential election, being from the nation's capital.

The front page has a report: "The Presidential Election" which begins: "As it has been currently supposed within the last few weeks that the i... See More  

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Rare Union occupation newspaper with the Emancipation Proclamation...

Item #637462

October 04, 1862

THE NEW SOUTH, Port Royal, South Carolina, Oct. 4, 1862  This newspaper was established in March of 1862 after its capture by Union forces during the early part of the Civil War. Issued in a "military command", the newspaper sought to provide mostly military reports and other items. It is also interesting that a Union newspaper was published in South Carolina considering the state r... See More  

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Lincoln formalizes Thanksgiving Day as a national holiday...

Item #655887

October 05, 1863

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, October 5, 1863  Although almost every President since George Washington has issued a proclamation for a "day of thanksgiving", typically celebrated in November but at other times of the year as well, it was Abraham Lincoln who formalized Thanksgiving Day to be celebrated the fourth Thursday of every year and making it a national holiday.

On page 4 is the co... See More  

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Lincoln's inaugural & inaugural address on the front page... Biting editorial...

Item #647047

March 06, 1865

THE WORLD, New York, March 6, 1865  The front page has nice & detailed reporting on the inaugural of Abraham Lincoln with column heads: "WASHINGTON" "Inauguration Day in the National Capital" "Bad Weather & a Tame Affair" "Second Inaugural of Abraham Lincoln" "Speech of Vice-President Johnson" & a bit more. Included on the ftpg. is... See More  

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The surrender of Robert E. Lee & many reports regarding the assassination of Lincoln...

Item #654536

April 22, 1865

ARMY & NAVY JOURNAL, New York, April 22, 1865  Subtitled: "Gazette Of The Regular And Volunteer Forces", this 16 page issue is simply filled with military reports, almost entirely on the Civil War at this time. 

Certainly the most significant content in this issue is an inside page which is entirely taken up with reports concerning the assassination of President Abraham Li... See More  

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The day Lincoln was buried, in a newspaper from the city where he was buried...

Item #654277

May 04, 1865

ILLINOIS STATE JOURNAL, Springfield, May 4, 1865  Obviously a damaged newspaper however this is a newspaper from Lincoln's hometown, with coverage of his funeral & interment, and from the city where Lincoln was buried.

Although the front page has some content concerning the closing events of the Civil War and the trial of Lincoln's conspirators, the prime Lincoln content is on pa... See More  

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