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Seccession Bill passed...

Jewish refugee vessel, Exodus 1947, seized by British...

Item #703917

July 19, 1947

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York, July 19, 1947

* Exodus 1947 - Jewish refuge vessel boarded - 3 killed

* Presidential Succession Act of 1947

The front page has: "3 Slain on Zionist Vessel As Refugees Fight British," which continues on an inside page. Page 5 has: "SILVER ASSAILS SEIZURE - Zionist Hopes U.N. Will Not Tolerate British Action," and, "AMBUSHED BRITON SLAIN ... See More  

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Kennedy assassination report in a Dallas newspaper...

Item #703736

November 23, 1963


* From the city where it happened

A quite rare & extremely desirable newspaper with a first report on John F. Kennedy's assassination, from the city where it happened.

The two line bold banner headline proclaims: "KENNEDY SLAIN ON DALLAS STREET" with subhead: "Johnson Becomes President", plus a rather large photo of &q... See More  

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1993 World Trade Center Bombing...

Item #703710

February 27, 1993

DAILY NEWS, New York, NY, February 27, 1993

* 1st attack on World trade Center

The front page has a nice headline: "NEW YORK'S DAY OF TERROR" with related photo and subhead. (see) Much more on the following pages. Great to have from this famous NYC tabloid publication.

Complete with all 32 pages, great condition.

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2007/2008 financial crisis begins...

Worldwide sell-off hits Wall Street...

Item #702970

February 28, 2007

LOS ANGELES TIMES, Feb. 28, 2007

* The Financial Crisis of 2007/2008 begins

* Worldwide sell-off

* Sub-prime lending is implicated

The front page has: "WORLDWIDE SELL-OFF HITS WALL STREET"... "One-day event or start of a sustained slide?", which includes a large photo. Coverage continues on an inside page as well as on several pages of the Business Section. See ima... See More  

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Death of famed actress Jean Harlow...

Item #702902

June 08, 1937

SAN FRANCISCO CHRTONICLE, California, June 8, 1937 

* Actress Jean Harlow death (1st report)

* 1930's sex symbol - Blonde bombshell

The top of the front page has a photo headed: "HER UNPLAYED ROLE - Death Rewrote Her Script", which is followed by the related article: Death Ends Career of Jean Harlow. She was 26 years old. The article includes in part: "Jean Harlow, t... See More  

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Record Volume on Stock Market... Rare, good news...

Item #702584

March 17, 2000

THE NEW YORK TIMES, March 17, 2000  In contrast to the more negative reports which typically make stock market headlines collectible, here is a significant upbeat headline. The front page announces "A Record Volume As Stocks Surge On The Big Board" with the main article reported on page 7 of Section C "March Madness on Wall St. As Dow Gains 499 Points" and other related
... See More  

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Review & premiere of "Lethal Weapon", in a Los Angeles newspaper...

Item #702578

March 06, 1987

LOS ANGELES TIMES, March 6, 1987

* Best "Lethal Weapon" advertisement

* Grand Opening Day movie premiere review

* Buddy cop action film - Mel Gibson

A terrific issue on the premiere of the motion picture hit "Lethal Weapon" and perhaps no better issue could be found than this, the leading newspaper from the home of the entertainment industry - the Hollywood area's p... See More  

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"Pretty Woman" - premier ad & review, in a Los Angeles newspaper...

Item #702553

March 23, 1990

LOS ANGELES TIMES, March 23, 1990

* Best "Pretty Woman" advertisement

* Grand Opening Day movie premiere review

* American romantic comedy film - Julia Roberts

A terrific issue on the premiere of the motion picture hit "Pretty Woman" and perhaps no better issue could be found than this, the leading newspaper from the home of the entertainment industry - the Hollywood ar... See More  

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The Fed rescues AIG... The financial crisis of 2008...

Item #702143

September 17, 2008

LOS ANGELES TIMES, September 17, 2008

* Fed bails out AIG - the largest in U.S. history!

* Money market fund falters

* Financial crisis continues

The front page banner head notes: "Fed rescues giant insurer AIG", with subhead: "85-billion loan, the largest such bailout in U.S. history, signals depth of crisis" with supporting text which continues on inside page.

O... See More  

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2008 financial crisis...

Federal regulators take over IndyMac... The largest bank failure in history (to-date)...

Item #702128

July 12, 2008

LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 12, 2008

* Fed. regulators take over IndyMac

* Financial crisis of 2007-2008

* Wall Street and the L.A. region in panic

The front page has: "Federal regulators seize crippled IndyMac Bank", with subheading: "A run on the Pasadena thrift ends in one of the biggest financial failures ever. Doors will reopen Monday". The coverage includes multiple f... See More  

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2008 Financial crisis...

Federal Government takes over Fannie May & Freddie Mac...

Item #702120

September 08, 2008


* Fed. Gov. takes over Fannie May & Freddie Mac

* Financial crisis of 2007-2008

* Wall Street is in a panic

The front page has: "U.S. seizes mortgage titans in multibillion-dollar rescue", with subheading: "The move averts potential global turmoil, Treasury secretary says." The coverage includes multiple front-page graphs along with a... See More  

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Kennedy assassination report in a Dallas newspaper...

Item #702070

November 23, 1963


* President John F. Kennedy JFK assassination

* From the city where he was assassinated

* Slightly 2nd rate with a little right margin wear

A quite rare & extremely desirable newspaper with a first report on John F. Kennedy's assassination, from the city where it happened.

The two line bold banner headline proclaims: "KENNEDY SLAI... See More  

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Berlin Wall Falls... In a Berlin newspaper...

Item #702027

November 10, 1989

B.Z., Berlin, West Germany, November 10, 1989

* Fall of the Berlin Wall

* Brandenburg Gate

A great tabloid-size newspaper with huge headlines reading (translated from German): The Wall Is Gone!" "Berlin Is Again Berlin!" with several photos inside and reactions of the people.

The complete issue, very nice condition, and terrific to have such an historic event of the 20th cen... See More  

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The "Battle of Los Angeles" during World War II...

Item #701956

February 25, 1942


* Battle of Los Angeles - Air Raid

* Japanese airplane attack ? UFO's ?

The front page has a two column headline: "War in California: Intern Japs, Congressmen Demand; Sub Raider Is Still Loose" with subheads. (see images)

This is a report on what is known as the "Battle of Los Angeles".  This event was a curious inci... See More  

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1903 Alexander Graham Bell photo...

Item #701105

May 02, 1903

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, from New York, dated May 2, 1903

* Alexander Graham Bell cover photo (nice for display)

The full front cover of the issue features a photo of "Alexander Graham Bell" which also features his signature below it. An article is content within.  Also within the issue is the latest Atlantic Line "Kaiser Wilhelm II".

This is a complete issue in 16 pa... See More  

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Death of Henry Ford...

Item #701075

April 08, 1947

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Leominster, Massachusetts, April 8, 1947

* Henry Ford death

* Automobile pioneer - Detroit MI

* 1st report

This 10-page newspaper has a five-column headline on the front page: "Henry Ford Dies At Dearborn, Mich." with subheads and nice photo of Ford (see photos). Great for display!

Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Little spine wear... See More  

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1943 Operation Kutuzov... Orel, Russia...

Item #701008

August 05, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 5, 1943

* Operation Kutuzov

* Oryol - Orel, Russia

* WWII Red Army

The front page has a nice 3-line, 5-column headline: "RUSSIANS ENTER OREL, NAZIS FLEE; RED ARMY ATTACKS AT BELGOROD; WARSHIPS AID ADVANCE IN SICILY", with subheads and a related photo. See images for details.

Complete with 36 pages, "rag edition" (print for libraries), slightly ... See More  

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Jack Sharkey Defeats Max Schmeling... Nikola Tesla....

Item #700728

June 22, 1932

THE NEW YORK TIMES, June 22, 1932

* Jack Sharkey vs. Max Schmeling

* Heavyweight boxing championship fight

* Nikola Tesla - father of radio

The top of the front page has a one column heading: "70,000 SEE SHARKEY OUTPOINT SCHMELING TO WIN WORLD TITLE" with subheads. (see images) Much more in the sport's section (pages 28 & 29) with headlines, photos and round by round cov... See More  

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1993 World Trade Center Bombing...

Item #700724

February 28, 1993

NEW YORK POST, February 28, 1993

* 1st attack on World trade Center

The front page has the headline: "BOMBED" with related photo and subhead. (see) Much more on the following pages. Great to have from this famous NYC tabloid publication.

Complete with all 48 pages, great condition.

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Kennedy shot...

Item #700541

November 23, 1963

THE SPRINGFIELD UNION, Mass., Nov. 23, 1963  

* John F. Kennedy JFK assassination

* Lee Harvey Oswald as a suspect (early)

The front page features a banner headline:  "NATION MOURNS SLAIN PRESIDENT; Pro-Red Texan Suspect in Assassination; Johnson Takes Oath, Pledges to Do Best" with subheads and 3 related photos. (se images)

Complete 42 pages, minor spine wear, nice con... See More  

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1902 Panama Bay naval battle..

Item #700158

January 20, 1902

THE EVENING TRIBUNE, San Diego, Jan. 20, 1902

* Panama Bay naval battle

* Colombian & rebel warships

* Thousand Days' War

* Sinking of the Lautaro

The top of the front page has a two column headline: "NAVAL ENGAGEMENT IN PANAMA HARBOR" with subhead. (see) Surprisingly this issue is in good condition being from the "wood pulp" era. Very hard to find issues that ... See More  

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Thanksgiving Day, 1945... The 1945-6 "Strike Wave"...

Item #700067

November 22, 1945


* Thanksgiving Day edition

* Great front-page graphic

* The 1945-6 workers strike-wave

The front page has the banner headline: "U.S. ACTS IN 2 BIG STRIKES", followed by a related article. This most prominent feature is the large, color, Thanksgiving-themed illustration of the front page. Other news of the day, sports, and advertising are found... See More  

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Great Christmas prints, many in color, with a displayable cover...

Item #700023

December 08, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, December 8, 1900  The color cover has a very displayable print showing the Wise Men on camels and noting this is the: "Christmas Number 1900". 

Inside has some Christmas-themed prints including: "The Santa Claus of the Sea" "The Christmas Possum" which is by A.B. Frost; "Making Toys for the Christmas Trade" which is ... See More  

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Death of John Lennon reported in a Liverpool newspaper...

Item #699958

December 09, 1980

LIVERPOOL ECHO, England, December 9, 1980 

* John Lennon death

* Beatles front man

* Best title to be had ?

Few could argue for a more desirable and scarce newspaper on the death of John Lennon than this, his hometown newspaper.

To anyone who grew up on the 1960's the death of Beatle John Lennon was a tragic event and the end of an era. Reports of his death are desired by collect... See More  

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By A. B. Frost: "Selecting The Turkey"...

Item #699839

December 01, 1900

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Dec. 1, 1900  The front page has the Uncle Sam cartoon, "LET US GIVE THANKS", by W. A. Rogers - a political cartoonist who was hired by Harper's Weekly in 1887 to replace Thomas Nast after he retired. The double-page centerfold is a very displayable illustration also by A. B. Frost: "Selecting the Turkey", showing an American farm family ... See More  

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Simon Frith's early review of Elvis Costello... Mel Brooks going crazy?

Item #699711

December 26, 1977

THE VILLAGE VOICE, New York, December 26, 1977  The front page has: "Elvis Costello: Pleased to Aim", which shows the introduction to a review by the world renowned music critic Simon Frith, and includes a small image of Costello. The text of the review is found on page 55 and includes an additional photo.

The front page also includes: "Mel Brooks: Aim to Please", which d... See More  

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Winslow Homer print: "Gathering Berries"...

Item #699621

July 11, 1874

HARPER'S WEEKLY New York, July 11, 1874 

* Winslow Homer illustration - print

Although there are many fine prints in this issue, certainly the most desired is the full page by noted artist Winslow Homer titled: "Gathering Berries".

The full front page shows: "A Kansas Land Office" and prints inside include: "A Boy's Dream of the 'Glorious Fourth'... See More  

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Notable American-Indian ball players... Jim Thorpe and more...

Item #699576

November 13, 1913

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED, New York, Nov. 13, 1913  Inside has a full page that features a column called: "The Old Fan Says" by Ed  A. Goewey, which discusses the world tour by the Giants and White Sox plus other baseball news of the day.

Also a report headed: "Three Noted Indian Baseball Players".

This article is about Charles (Chief) Bender, Jim Thorpe and John (Ch... See More  

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Woman's Amateur Golf Championship hits year three - Ardsley on the Hudson River...

Item #699170

October 03, 1898


* 3rd USGA Woman's Open announced

* Amateur Golf Championship - Ardsley Country Club

* 2 years prior to the first woman's professional championship

Page 5 has: "GOLF - WOMEN TO PLAY FOR CHAMPIONSHIP HONORS AT ARDSLEY", which is a lengthy article providing considerable details regarding women's golf, with a focus on the c... See More  

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America's Cup - Great Columbia Sketch... Review of Israel Zangwill's "Children of the Ghetto"...

Item #699169

October 17, 1899

NEW-YORK TRIBUNE, Oct. 17, 1899

* America's Cup - great front-page sketch of the Columbia

* Review of Israel Zangwill's play, "Children of the Ghetto"

The front page has one of the better illustrations of the Columbia, of America's Cup fame. It also includes detailed coverage of the first race. Nice to have this displayable report in a New York Newspaper, the loca... See More  

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1858 Boston Olive Branch; Very Uncommon Title!

Decorative Masthead

Item #699025

July 31, 1858


* Great masthead for display

A family-oriented newspaper with science, literary, horticultural, art and humor-related content. Large decorative mastheads. Several small wood-block illustrations. Page 7 has an ad for: "LIFE THOUGHTS", by Henry Ward Beecher.

We have only had 3 issues of this title in nearly 50 years.

Complete in 8 pages. Archivall... See More  

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1899 - The Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race - The Battle of the "Blues"...

Item #698476

March 25, 1899

THE ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, March 25, 1899

* The legendary battle between Oxford and Cambridge

* The Battle of the Blues (Dark Blues vs. Light Blues)

* Each crew team shown in their school color

The centerfold shows the crew teams of the upcoming Oxford and Cambridge Boat-Race, with the members of the Oxford "Dark Blues" on the left, and the members of the Cambridge &qu... See More  

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Three color political prints...

Item #698451

August 23, 1890

JUDGE magazine, New York, Aug. 23, 1890  Judge magazine was founded in 1881 by a group of artists, headed by James Albert Wales, who left the staff of the popular comic weekly Puck. The magazine featured bold satire and good political drawing with chromolithographic front and back covers and center spread.

After a strong start, the magazine found itself struggling to compete with its very si... See More  

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Celebrating Robert Burns, the renowned Scotish poet...

Item #698358

January 29, 1859

ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, England, Jan. 29, 1859  The issue has several illustrations related to Robert Burns (Rabbie Burns), the notable Scottish poet and lyricist. In this regard, the front page has: "The Burns Centenary, 'Alloway's Auld Kirk'". The inside has: "The Burns - Centenary - Burns In The Plough-Field Composing His Poem 'To A Mountain Daisy'"... See More  

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Mussolini kicked out...

Item #698163

July 26, 1943


* Italy - Benito Mussolini ousted

* Pietro Badoglio takes over

* World War II - WWII

See the photo for one of the largest & most bold headlines to be found during World War II, announcing: "MUSSOLINI KICKED OUT" with subhead. (see images) Great for display.

First section only with 10 pages, light toning, minor margin wear, gener... See More  

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Great color cover of a baseball player...

Item #698044

April 02, 1914

LESLIE"S ILLUSTRATED, New York, April 2, 1914  See the photo for the terrific, color cover on this issue, featuring a baseball player at bat. A terrific item for display. Such color covers rarely survived, hence quite scarce.

Very nice condition, although with a rather discrete inked stamp near the top just under the wing of the eagle--almost unnoticeable. Complete with all 20 pages.... See More  

Item from Catalog 341 (released for April, 2024)

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Crossroads Guitar Festival... Darrell David Rice charged..

Item #697942

June 08, 2004


* The Crossroads Guitar Festival

* Darrell David Rice charged

The front of the Calendar Section has: "Strum of its parts", which tells of the 2004 Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas. Included is a very graphic containing individual photos of guitar greats Joe Walsh, John Mayer, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Carlos Santana, J.J. Cale, Jimmie Vaughn, an... See More  

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The Skyline Drive Murders... The Scorpion King, Changing Lanes, Jason X...

Item #697935

April 26, 2002

LOS ANGELES TIMES, April 26, 2002

* Murders in Shanandoah National Park

* Darrell David Rice pleads "not guilty"

* Changing Lanes, The Scorpion King, & Jason X

Page A16 has the brief article headed: "Man Pleads Not Guilty in Killing of Female Hikers at National Park". This is in regard to Darrell David Rice being accused of murdering Laura Winans and Julianne Willia... See More  

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Mary Pickford poses for a 4th of July-themed photo...

Item #697928

July 19, 1925


* July 4th coverage

* Mary Pickford poses for the Detroit Free Press

* Great for framing

Fans of the Golden Age of Hollywood and prior will appreciate the full-page, July Fourth-themed illustration which included Mary Pickford. She posed especially for The Detroit Free Press. Would look great framed.

Other illustrations are fou... See More  

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The finest trio on Desert Storm...

Item #697884

January 17, 1991

DAILY GAZETTE, Sterling-Rock Falls, Illinois  This is a trio of exceedingly displayable issues, each formatted similarly although with individually significant headlines on Desert Storm: the beginning of the air war: "WAR!"; the beginning of the land war: "INVASION!" and the "VICTORY!" once Iraq conceded and agreed to all U.N. resolutions.

These three newspapers... See More  

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Emancipation remembered...

Item #697831

January 04, 1902

HARPER'S WEEKLY, New York, Jan. 4, 1902 (reduced price - see below re: condition)  Frontpage photo "A Memory of Emancipation Day"; Ice Hockey and Its Players; a colored print "Jan Kubelik - The Bohemian Violinist Now Touring The United States"; a page of photos of Marconi's Latest Experiments in Wireless Telegraphy; a page of photos Winners at the First annual Sow ... See More  

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Robert Durst captured... George Harrison death...

Item #697624

November 30, 2001

DAILY NEWS, New York, Nov. 30, 2001

* Murderer Robert Durst captured

* American real estate heir

* George Harrison death (1st report)

* The Beatles - English rock band

The top of the front page has a a headline: "NABBED" with subhead and photo. (see images) Pages 2 & 3 has a banner heading: "DURST COLLARED IN PA. GROCERY STORE" with a few more related photos.

Als... See More  

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Saddam Hussein captured... Iraq...

Item #697621

December 14, 2003

DAYTON DAILY NEWS, EXTRA !, Ohio, December 14, 2003

* Saddam Hussein capture

* 5th President of Iraq

* Great issue for display

Here is a very displayable issue on the capture of Saddam Hussein. The front page features a large photo of a captured Hussein with a two line banner headline: "'WE GOT HIM'; SADDAM HUSSEIN CAPTURED" with some subheads. (see) The entire 8 page ex... See More  

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War Is Over...

Item #697543

August 15, 1945

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Ohio, Aug., 15, 1945  

* World War II ends - V-J

* Japanese surrenders

The triple banner headline announces: "WAR IS OVER, TRUMAN ANNOUNCES; M'AETHU PICKED TO RULE JAPAN" with various subheads including: "President Calls 2 Legal Holidays".

Two front page photos show Truman and a celebratory crowd in Cleveland. Much related reporting insi... See More  

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Review & premiere of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", in a Los Angeles newspaper...

Item #697257

July 03, 1991


* Best "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" advertisement & review

* Grand Opening Day premiere of this science-fiction action classic starring Arnold Schwarzenegger

A terrific issue on the premiere of the motion picture hit "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" and perhaps no better issue could be found than this, the leading newspaper from the home o... See More  

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Golfer Ben Hogan's death report... One of the greatest...

Item #697228

July 26, 1997

LOS ANGELES TIMES, July 26, 1997 (1st four sections)  The front page reports the death of Ben Hogan, generally considered one of the greatest golfers to have ever played the game. He won 4 U.S. Opens and 9 Majors, and some argue his tally should be credited as 5 and 10 respectively as he also won the Hale American Open which was the replacement for the U.S. Open the year it was cancelled by t... See More  

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Premier of The Rock... Dragonheart ad and review...

Item #696869

June 08, 1996

LOS ANGELES TIMES, June 8, 1996 (Calendar Section)

*  "The Rock" and "Phantom" premier ads

*  "Dragonheart" ad and review

*  "Mission: Impossible", week 3 full-page ad

A terrific issue published on the premiere weekend of the motion picture hits: "THE ROCK" and "PHANTOM", with full-page ads of each. A... See More  

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A very displayable "Hallowe'en Number"...

Item #696787

October 27, 1910

LESLIE'S ILLUSTRATED WEEKLY - "Hallowe'en Number", October 27,1910  Collectors tend to like displayable magazine covered for various holidays and events, and this is one of the nicest Halloween covers we have seen. And it's the complete issue with a wide variety of articles, illustrations, and photos inside. One curious article is: "Is the Automobile A National Mena... See More  

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Mrs. Doubtfire... "Dangerous Woman"... "Grumpy Old Men"...

Item #696571

December 03, 1993

LOS ANGELES TIMES, December 3, 1993 (Calendar Section only)

* "Dangerous Woman" - premiere ad and review

*Mrs. Doubtfire - week two, full-page ad

A terrific issue featuring many popular movie advertisements of the day in the Calendar Section. In addition to the two mentioned above, additional full-page and/or large movie advertisements include: "We're Back", "Re... See More  

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Annual automobile issue...

Item #696528

January 06, 1917

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, January 6, 1917  This issue features a color cover" "A Graphical Representation of the Magnitude of the Automobile Industry". Throughout the issue are various articles & photos concerning the automobile industry, however other topics are reported as well.

The back page is a color advertised for "Firestone Tire" and the inside back c... See More  

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