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Item #160328

July 07, 1928

MID-WEEK PICTORIAL, July 7, 1928 Full ftpg. photo is a nice portrait of Al Smith, Gov. of NY and the Democratic Candidate for President. An inside pg. has nearly a fullpg. photo of Bobby Jones and Johnny Farrell, who had just defeated Jones for the National Golf Open. A bit of wear at the top, some foxing in the margins on the ftpg., otherwise very good.

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Item #160327

October 22, 1951

LIFE, Oct. 22, 1951 Page 133 has the famous report by Dodgers scout Andy High in which he critiques each of the Yankee players. The story about the report is headed: "Never Saw A Report Like It" "Leo Durocher pays tribute to Brooklyn's scout's analysis of the N.Y. Yankees which didn't pull Giants through but will make fuel for the hot-stove league." Despite having the report, the Giants still lost... See More  

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Item #160318

December 27, 1936

SCREEN & RADIO WEEKLY, from the DETROIT FREE PRESS, dated Dec. 27, 1936. The photo below shows the cover featuring Greta Garbo and Robert Taylor from the movie "Camille" as described in the caption. You get the complete issue! Browned a bit at the top and the spine, otherwise in good condition. Note: Glare and discoloring due to the photography. Image is clean and color is generally sharp.

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Rocket Airplane 1,327 M.P.H...

Item #160291

November 22, 1953

DETROIT FREE PRESS newspaper from Michigan, dated Nov. 22, 1953. See the photo below for the very nice one column report on a record-breaking speed achievement. Small binding holes at the spine, otherwise a complete issue in nice condition.

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Item #160274

July 20, 1966

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass., July 20, 1966 Page 8 has a 2 line, 2 col. head: "Sinatra And His Mia Vanish From View." The report begins: "Singer Frank Sinatra honeymooned, somewhere, with his third wife Mia Farrow today after a Las Vagas wedding...". Two col. photo of Sinatra & Farrow.

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Item #160270

October 12, 1901

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, N.Y., Oct. 12, 1901 The ftpg. has seven photos: "The Manufacture Of High-Grade Steel" re. U.S. Steel plant at West Everett, Mass. Small ink library stamp in the upper right corner, otherwise good.

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Item #160264

December 23, 1968

EVENING TELEGRAM, Dec. 23, 1968 Two line, three column head: 'Pueblo Crew Comes Home' on the 82 U.S. Pueblo crewmen being set free from North Korea after 11 months in captivity. Minor mend.

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The making of veneers...

Item #160255

November 05, 1904

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT, New York, November 5, 1904 The ftpg. has six photos showing: "The Manufacture Of Sawed And Sliced Veneers" which is regarding the Astoria Veneer Mills on Long Island, N.Y. Within the issue are: "80-Horse-Power Diesel Engine"; a text report "The Aeroplane"; "Electric Welding"; "A Swarm of Butterflies as Sea" and addit... See More  

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Three homers in a double-header... during the streak...

Item #160195

June 09, 1941

THE NEW-YORK TIMES, June 9, 1941 Banner head on pg. 27: "Yanks Down Browns Twice With Barrage of 7 Homers and Tie for Third" plus a two line, one column head: "DiMaggio Connects For Circuit Thrice". Subhead: "Drives Two Homers in Opener, One in 7-inning Nightcap, as Browns bow, 9-3, 8-3". Game summaries and box scores. Rag edition. Nice condition.

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Boston Bruins Set Win Record...

Item #160134

February 14, 1941

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 14, 1941 Banner head on pg. 21: "Bruins Sink Rangers and Set Record at 20 Games in Row Without a Defeat" & subheads: "15,312 See Boston Rally To Win, 5-3" "Rangers Get 2 Goals in First Period, Then Bruins Score 5 Without a Break" THE NEW YORK TIMES, Feb. 14, 1941 Banner head on pg. 21: "Bruins Sink Rangers and Set Record at 20 Games in Row Without a Defeat" & subhe... See More  

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Item #160113

December 19, 1908

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, Dec. 19, 1908 Fullpg. illus: "The Aeroplane Military Scout". Show a plane in flight with the pilot making a sketch of the area. Text discusses the use of planes for scouting purposes.

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Item #160109

April 11, 1908

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, N. Y., Apr. 11, 1908 The ftpg. has two illustrations of: "The Great Arch Of The Henry Hudson Memorial Bridge". Inside text about this proposed bridge and its design. Good condition.

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"Top Cat" cartoon...

Item #160105

September 30, 1961

DETROIT FREE-PRESS WEEKLY TV MAGAZINE, Sept. 24 - Sept. 30, 1961 Formatted very much like the TV Guide, the color cover shows the cast from the cartoon Top Cat. Inside the issue are articles and photos of new and returning shows.

Complete in 36 pages measuring 10 x 7.5 inches with two binding holes at the top, otherwise in good condition.

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Daredevil... Fourth Paris Aviation...

Item #160082

November 30, 1912

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, November 30, 1912 Full fullpage photo: "The Modern Industrial Daredevil" shows a worker on a rope 500 ft. above New York. Additional photos inside of other men who work in high places. Also within the issue are: "The Fourth Paris Aviation Salon", "Inventions New and Interesting" and other articles, illustrations and advertisements.

Th... See More  

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Published by prison inmates...

Item #160057

January 01, 1913

THE SUMMARY, Elmira,New York, 1913 A quarto-size paper "Published Weekly by & for the Inmates of the N.Y. S. Reformatory at Elmira". The editor is noted by his prisoner number, not his name. Interesting & unusual 8 pg. newspaper printed on rag paper.

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Rare and early stock market title...

Item #160001

January 01, 1903

WALL STREET DAILY NEWS, New York, 1903  This interesting & quite rare newspaper is subtitled: "A Daily Journal Devoted to Financial Interests", from over a century ago. This newspaper has a wealth of early stock market reporting & would be a great companion newspaper for any modern report on the stock market.

Four pages, 10 by 13 1/2 inches, re-joined at the spine, nice con... See More  

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Rare title...

Item #130453

January 01, 1905

THE EXETER SUN, Exeter, California, 1905 Here is a title I've never had before, and I only have a few issues. From early in the 20th century, various news of the day. An 8 page newspaper evenly browned, loose at the spine, various chipping at the margins. Must be handled carefully.

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