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Great letter on Dummer's War...

Item #682627

January 01, 1726

THE POST-BOY, London, Dec. 30 to Jan. 1, 1725(6)  This early title typically has little if any American content, but this issue is an exception, and a notable one at that.

The back page has a speech signed in type by William Dummer, the Lt. Governor of Massachusetts Bay. This speech is concerning events what is known as "Dummer's War" with the local Indians, with mention that h... See More  

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A notable event in the history of religious freedom in America...

Item #682626

December 26, 1724

THE POST-BOY, London, Dec. 26, 1724  This early title typically has little if any American content, but this issue is an exception. The back page has: "By a letter from New-England we have advice that on the 10th of November last came on the trial of Mr. John Checkley before the Superior Judges, upon an appeal from a judgment given against him in the Inferior Court in July before. After ... See More  

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A new governor for North Carolina...

Item #682625

December 31, 1724

THE POST-BOY, London, Dec. 31, 1724  

* Rare & early 18th century publication

* Nice masthead engravings

* Very early North Carolina

Although the reporting is mostly concerning England as well as the rest of Europe, page 2 has a brief item: "Sir Richard Everet is appointed Governor of North Carolina, in the room of Capt. Barrington."

Single sheet newspaper with two hand... See More  

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Handsome masthead...

Item #682618

June 23, 1798


* 18th century publication

Nice engraving in the masthead. The news reports are almost entirely from England but a few items from elsewhere in Europe. Nice red tax stamp on the front page.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, a few good condition.

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Handsome newspaper from the era...

Item #682617

April 07, 1795

KENTISH GAZETTE, Canterbury, England, April 7, 1795 

* Uncommon 18th century publication

A handsome issue of the 18th century, with two decorative embellishments in the masthead & ornate lettering in the title. Various British news & ads of the day.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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A displayable 18th century newspaper...

Item #682602

October 02, 1716

THE POST BOY, London, Oct. 2, 1716 

* Rare title w/ nice masthead

One of the nicer mastheads of the 18th century as it features two handsome engravings (see). Various news reports from Europe. The back page is mostly filled with advertisements and notices.

Complete as a single sheet newspaper, measures 8 1/4 by 14 inches, very nice condition.... See More  

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Cook's voyage to the Northwest coast, with the rare plate of natives from Oonalashka...

Item #682586
THE UNIVERSAL MAGAZINE, (London), December, 1784.

* HMS Resolution - Royal Navy

* Captain James Cook

* Third Voyage - Gulf of Alaska

Included also is the "Supplement" issue.

This magazine--much more scarce than the Gentleman's Magazine--published in serial form the account of: "Captain Cook's Voyage to the Northern Hemisphere...", this issue containing reports ... See More  

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Rare map of Captain Cook's voyage...

Item #682585
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1776 

* Revolutionary War era

* Captain James Cook

* Discoveries map

* Great year to have (1776)

This issue includes a lengthy article (3+ pages) on Captain Cook and the: "Resolution's Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Hemisphere".

Accompanying this article is a rare full page map titled: "Part of the Tropical Discoveries... See More  

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Reporting from colonial America...

Item #682584
THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, June, 1755  Always one of our favorite magazines if only because of the very nice engraving at the top of the title page, showing the skyline of London at the time. Within is a very nice foldout map of the county of Glamorgan (located in the southern portion of Wales), measuring 8 by 9 inches showing much detail, & includes a related article.

Articles includ... See More  

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Early Georgia... Map of the English Channel...

Item #682582

* Article on the weather in Georgia

* Map of Havre De Grace, the English Channel, Isle of Wight

The first article is: "A Description of Havre de Grace" which takes over a full page and is accompanied by a nice foldout map showing part of the English Channel including the Isle of Wight off the coast of Southampton and a
... See More  

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Eulogy of Dr. Halley... Three full page plates...

Item #682572
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1747 

* Edmund Halley, of comet fame

Nearly five pages are taken up with the continuation of: "The Eulogy of Dr. Halley" (spelled elogy), being the famous Edmund Halley, the astronomer, and for whom "Halley's Comet" is named. Part 1 is found in the October issue.

Two pages are consumed with a lengthy "
... See More  

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Much reading on the Revolutionary War...

Item #682568
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1778 

* Revolutionary War

* From the enemy

* Lengthy reporting

The first article is: "Lord North's Propositions for Peace with America" taking over 4 pages. There is also a very lengthy item: "Extracts from the Congress Accounts of the Northern Expedition" which takes over 6 pages with terrific reading & includes ... See More  

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Map of the Old World before the Great Flood... More Protestant Germans for Georgia...

Item #682567
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1736 

"A Map of the Old World, as it Appeared before God Destroy'd it with the Waters of the Flood."

Perhaps of greatest significance is: "The People before the Flood did not Understand Navigation" with an accompanying & sensational full page plate titled: "A Map of the Old World as it Appeared  Before... See More  

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Map of the Caribbean island of Tobago...

Item #682559

* Map of the Caribbean island of Tobago

* American Revolutionary War era

A very nice "Supplement" issue published at the end of the year, & from the Revolutionary War.

Perhaps the best item in this issue is the very nice foldout map titled: "A Map of the Island of TOBAGO, Drawn from an Actual Survey by ... See More  

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On Ben Franklin's water spouts, with a print...

Item #682557
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1788 

* Benjamin Franklin on water spouts

* Post Revolutionary War era

Perhaps the most interesting article is: "Dr. Lindsay on Dr. Franklin's Doctrine of Water-spouts" which comments on Ben Franklin's work. This article takes 2 1/2 pages and one of the plates includes prints of various water spouts.

An article: "Edict... See More  

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Adams's inauguration: the peaceful transfer of power...

Item #682538

March 13, 1797

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT, Hartford, March 13, 1797

* John Adams inauguration

* Thomas Jefferson

A very historic issue as it reports the true test of the great American republic: the peaceful transfer of power. 

Page 2 has a report noting in part: "On Saturday at twelve o'clock...soon after his election, JOHN ADAMS as President of the United States attended in the Chamber of th... See More  

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What will Sherman do?

Item #682532

January 05, 1865

THE WORLD, New York, Jan. 5, 1865 

* Final months of the American Civil War

* William T. Sherman - post march to the Sea

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "SAVANNAH" "Present Condition of Affairs in the City" "What Will Gen. Sherman Do?" "Rebel Speculations as to his Future Movements" "THE SOUTHWEST" "campaign... See More  

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Grant, Sherman and Sheridan working together...

Item #682530

February 21, 1865

THE WORLD, New York, Feb. 21, 1865 

* Final weeks of the American Civil War

* Capture of Columbia, South Carolina

Among the front page column heads on the Civil War are: "SOUTH CAROLINA" "Grant, Sherman and Sheridan Moving Together" "Lee Reinforcing Beauregard" "Charleston Evacuated & Admiral Dahlgren on his Way to the City" "Details of... See More  

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Ten bookplates from the 18th century...

Item #682477

March 09, 1760

LOT OF TEN BOOKPLATES, mostly (if not all) from the 1700's. Various engravings of shields and coats-of-arms, most measuring about 3 by 4 inches, mostly nice.

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Terrific map of the "West Indies"... Hebrew customs discussed...

Item #682427
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1740 

* Early and rare 18th century map

* West Indies & Southeast America

Certainly the prime feature of this issue is the terrific foldout map titled: "An Accurate Map of the WEST INDIES, Exhibiting not only  all the Islands possessed by the English, French, Spaniards, & Dutch, but also all the Towns and Settleme
... See More  

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Letter concerning "...the ingrates of America..."

Item #682417

September 01, 1778

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 1, 1778 

* Revolutionary War Era

* 18th century original

* From The Enemy

Page 2 has: "An address of the Oneida Sachems to a party of young warriors, bound to Gen. Washington...", for those joining the military forces under Washington, and includes in part: "...if you observe good order, sobriety, and play the man, your deportment i... See More  

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Mary Wollstonecraft, one of the earliest feminists...

Item #682416

April 21, 1795

KENTISH GAZETTE, Winchester, England, April 21, 1795 

* Mary Wollstonecraft - feminist

This newspaper has one of the more decorative & beautiful mastheads of the era. Note the two very detailed engravings on either side, one being the fabled Canterbury Cathedral. The back page has a brief item mentioned Mary Wollstonecraft, one of the earliest woman's rights advocates, with ment... See More  

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Rare publication from the 1600's...

Item #682415

May 28, 1689


* Very rare 17th century publication

The year of this issue is printed in the dateline of the lead article on the front page, as the dateline contains only the month and day.

This is issue #24 of a short-lived title which existed to report on the ongoing disputes between the S... See More  

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Terrific 18th century ship illustration...

Item #682414
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, July, 1748 

* Great 18th century ship illustration

Certainly the feature item in this issue is the terrific, full page illustration of: "A Ship Of War" with considerable detail, and with most of the facing page having the "Explanation to a Ship of War of the third Rate with Rigging, &c., at Anchor".

The "Explanation" n... See More  

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Nice item on Sir Christopher Wren...

Item #682413

September 08, 1716

THE POST BOY, Sept. 8, 1716 

* British architect Christopher Wren

* Rare publication w/ nice masthead

Near the top of the back page is a very significant item on the famous architect Sir Christopher Wren.

The report reads: "Christopher Wren, Esq., is removed from being Clerk of his Majesty's Works, and is succeeded by John Mercer Esq., formerly belonging to Mr. How's Offi... See More  

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News from America...

Item #682412

March 01, 1787

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1787  Included near the back is nearly a full page of: "American News" beginning with mention that Virginia has created duties on imports, with details. From New York is mention that: "Congress have lately concluded a negociation with the Court of Lisbon in respect of trade..." with some details. A few other items as well.

Included... See More  

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Day of thanksgiving in Boston... an abacus... music writing machine....

Item #682411
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, February, 1748  Interesting articles: "Invention of Writing Music by Playing It" with two small illustrations; "Articles For a General Peace"  "Introduction to Heraldry" "A Religious Tax Proposed" "Proclamation Against Commerce with France".

There is also content regarding the war in America & p... See More  

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From Germany during the Revolutionary War...

Item #682370
INTELLIGENZ-BLATT [Intelligence Sheet], Leipzig, Germany, Nov. 14, 1778  Above the title, translated, is "Most Priviledged".

An interesting title from during the American Revolutionary War. I am not aware of American content due to the German text, but given Hessian involvement in the war, some interest in American affairs would be logical.

Eight pages, 9 by 7 inches, very nice co... See More  

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Interesting title & newspaper...

Item #682360

July 07, 1787

OLLA PODRIDA, Oxford, England, July 7, 1787 

* Rare publication

Although having a Spanish name (translates to "any miscellaneous collection or assortment") this newspaper is in English. The content is essentially a lengthy editorial on a topic.

Complete in six pages, 7 1/4 by 11 3/4 inches, very nice condition.... See More  

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Great map showing North America... On taxing America without their consent...

Item #682287
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, April, 1776  The prime feature of this issue is the great map showing all of the western hemisphere titled: "A New Projection of the Western Hemisphere of the Earth on a Plane shewing the proportions of its several parts nearly as on a Globe, By J. Hardy, at Eton College."  The map is dated at the bottom: "by F. Newbery, Ludgat
... See More  

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By the famed Isaiah Thomas...

Item #682284

November 25, 1795


* 18th century American publication

Published by Isaiah Thomas, perhaps the most famous printer of the 18th century, and whose collection became the foundation of the American Antiquarian Society. Handsome masthead makes this a displayable newspaper.

Four pages, some foxing, a bit irrregular at the spine, some rubbing ... See More  

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A handsome, 18th century displayable newspaper...

Item #682265

April 21, 1794


* Nice 18th century American publication

A handsome issue for display given the decorative masthead and the wide, untrimmed margins. Various news reports of the day with a number of illustrated advertisements on the back page.

Four pages, a little irregular at the margins, generally very nice.... See More  

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Cabinet positions in Washington's new government include John Jay as first Chief Justice...

Item #682219

November 01, 1789

THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1789  Near the back is a report headed: "America" which details the power of the Executive Dept. of the new federal government, including: "The Executive Power, which forms one of the branches of ours new fill the different departments are appointed as follows: Mr. Jefferson, Secretary of State; General Knox, Secre... See More  

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The immigrant issue in America in 1787...

Item #682214

May 01, 1787

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, May, 1787  Included is a brief section headed: "American News" which references the end of the Shays' Rebellion in Massachusetts, and also mention that: "...from Philadelphia...that thirty thousand emigrants have arrived there since the war; that twenty thousand Germans and Dutch occupy a tract of 50 miles; and that grants have been made of... See More  

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Rare, early title...

Item #682171
FOG'S WEEKLY JOURNAL, London, Nov. 20, 1731 

* Rare 18th century publication

A quite rare title from England with a very early date. Various news of the day both from England and the rest of Europe.

Four pages, 9 3/4 by 12 1/2 inches, very nice condition.

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Building a lighthouse on Cape Henry... Treasury Dept. document on the historic Funding Act of 1790...

Item #682060

September 29, 1790

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, New York, Sept. 29, 1790 

* Cape Henry Lighthouse (Virginia Beach)

* Funding Act of 1790

The front page has a short item signed: H. Knox, Secretary of War, concerning payments to wounded veterans of the Revolutionary War. The front page also has a notable item headed: "Treasury Department" concerning the historic Funding Act of 1790, wher
... See More  

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A report on the Great Plague from 1666...

Item #682029

August 23, 1666

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, August 23, 1666

* Among earliest of newspapers to be had

* Report on the great plague (rare)

A notable issue from the year when the Great Plague was raging, and also from the year of the Great London Fire.

At the bottom of the back page is a death report which ties it specifically to this significant year: "The Account of this Weeks Bill runs thus. The Tot... See More  

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Very handsome Revolutionary War newspaper from Philadelphia...

Item #682028

December 11, 1779


* American Revolutionary War

* Great masthead for display

This newspaper features one of the most ornate and decorative mastheads of the Revolutionary War, the words "Pennsylvania Packet" so frilly that it can be difficult to read.

Most of page 2 is taken up with; "An Act for Vesting the Est... See More  

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Set of five different mastheads for the same title...

Item #681916

February 01, 1707

THE POST BOY, London  Here is an interesting set of five different issues dating from 1706, 1715, 1719, 1729 and 1734

* Rare & early 18th century issues (5)

* Nice masthead engravings (different)

As was often the case newspapers which existed over 30 years the masthead would often change, sometimes subtly. Here is a set with each masthead being slightly different, the earliest 2 wi... See More  

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God is Dead Debate...

Item #681886

January 09, 1966

NEW YORK TIMES, January 9, 1966  Page E-7 has the noteworthy article: "'God is Dead' Debate Widens", written by John Cogley, which tells of the "God is Dead Movement" espoused by theologian, Dr. Thomas Altizer, of Emory University. Included is a cartoon reprinted from Christianity Today. It is interesting to note this article was printed a few month's prior to ... See More  

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America must remain vigilant...

Item #681751

January 19, 1793

DUNLAP'S AMERICAN DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Jan. 19, 1793  Page 3 has a great letter beginning: "The important struggle now is how America shall preserve her Liberty and Equality! For it is unbecoming her after she has contended with the power of Great Britain & conquered, that she must depend solely on the success of France for their continuance!...".

Four pages, nev... See More  

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Famous "Unite Or Die" engraving in the masthead...

Item #681728

November 16, 1774

THE PENNSYLVANIA JOURNAL; AND THE WEEKLY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, November 16, 1774  If there was one graphic which represented the spirit of the Revolutionary War it would have to be the ubiquitous segmented snake with the famous "Unite Or Die" caption.  The engraving, a prominent device in the masthead of this newspaper, shows a snake cut into various pieces, each with a
... See More  

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The Jacobite Rebellion... Battle of Falkirk with a "diagram"...

Item #681697
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1746  

* The Jacobite Rebellion

* Battle of Falkirk w/ diagram

There is good content on the Jacobite Rebellion with: "Order of Battle at Falkirk-muir" being a textual diagram of the placement of troops, with other related text concerning the Battle of Falkirk.

Also: "How the most noble Party of Free-Thinkers will suffe... See More  

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Naval reports from the French & Indian War in America...

Item #681528

March 22, 1759

THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, March 22, 1759  Page 2 has naval reports from the French & Indian War: "The Phila, Capt. Farmer, from New York...was taken the 17th of February by the Sampson privateer of Bayonne..." with more reports mentioning New York and South Carolina.

Four pages, 9 1/2 by 14 1/2 inches, red tax stamp on the front page, great condition.... See More  

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By the famed Isaiah Thomas...

Item #681520

May 20, 1796


* 18th century American publication

Published  by Isaiah Thomas, perhaps the most famous printer of the 18th century, and whose collection became the foundation of the American Antiquarian Society. Handsome masthead makes this a displayable newspaper.

Four pages, some wear at one of the top folds, bit of foxing, ge... See More  

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Genuine London Gazette newspaper from 1676...

Item #681513

December 14, 1676

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, December 14, 1676

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

This is the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, having begun in 1665 and is still printing in London to this day. And this is a very early, genuine issue. As was the case with most newspapers of the 17th century, this is complete as a single sheet, mea... See More  

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Madison proposes Amendments to the Constitution... Early edition of the Bill of Rights...

Item #681502

June 13, 1789

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, New York, June 13, 1789 

* Early edition of the "Bill of Rights"

* United States Constitution - Amendments

* President James Madison

An exceedingly significant issue which has, on page 3, a preliminary draft of the Bill of Rights described as  "...the Amendments to the New Constitution, proposed by the Hon. Mr. Maddison [sic]...".... See More  

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Benjamin Franklin receives an award...

Item #681445
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1753  Near the back is a small & inconspicuous item reading: "At the anniversary meeting of the Royal Society the prize medal of gold was voted to Ben Franklyn, Esq. of Maryland, for his electrical discoveries."  

Note that not only did they spell his name wrong but they have his home colony wrong.

At the back is the &q... See More  

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The new American states struggling with money issues...

Item #681443

June 01, 1787

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, June, 1787  Included near the back is nearly half a page headed: "American News" which begins: "The present state of America is rather to be deplored than envied..." concerning its financial situation, including; "...America, like every other rising state, must have much to struggle with before it can arrive at opulence...".

Inc... See More  

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President John Adams' reply... Bonaparte's expedition...

Item #681404

April 10, 1799

MASSACHUSETTS SPY, OR WORCESTER GAZETTE, April 10, 1799  Page 2 has an address of the North Carolina legislature to the President expressing their concerns about the situation with France, with his reply signed in type: John Adams. Other news of the day includes: "Bonaparte's Expedition" "Army Of Italy" "Ireland" and more. The back page has 7 illustrated a
... See More  

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