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Plantation news, and details on deserters...

Item #677304

February 28, 1758

THE EDINBURGH EVENING COURANT, Scotland, Feb. 28, 1758  The front page has some: "Plantation News" from St. John's in Antigua, otherwise mostly British content. Page 3 has most of a column taken up with; "Description Of Deserters" from the military.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Washington's concerns about apportioning numbers for Congress...

Item #677133

April 07, 1792


* President George Washington

* United States Congress

Page 3 has a letter from the President to Congress concerning his thoughts on apportioning representatives for the House according to the first census. Hid notes his two objections. Signed in type: G. Washington.

Four pages, untrimmed margins, nice condition.... See More  

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A report on the Treasury...

Item #677131

August 25, 1788

THE DAILY ADVERTISER, New York, Aug. 25, 1788  All of page 2 is taken up with a report concerning the U.S. Treasury. Page 3 has some news of the day, but most of the issue is taken up with a wealth of advertisements including 11 illustrated ship ads.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Latest war news from the middle of the Revolutionary War...

Item #677118

December 26, 1778

THE PROVIDENCE GAZETTE & COUNTRY JOURNAL, Rhode Island, Dec. 26, 1778  The entire front page and half of page 2 are taken up with the  second half of the: "Treaty of Amity and Commerce Between the Most Christian King and the United Starters of North America", this being the treaty of assistance between French and the colonies, which did much to support the American cause ag... See More  

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Closing moments of the Revolutionary War... Paul Revere engraving...

Item #677100

October 18, 1781

THE INDEPENDENT CHRONICLE & UNIVERSAL ADVERTISER, Boston, Oct. 18, 1781  Page 2 has a report which includes: "...we learn that the allied army had commenced operations against Lord Cornwallis, who was at that time closely penned up in York Town, which, it appears, he has rendered very strong by numerous fortifications...Sir Henry Clinton remains quiet in New York notwithstanding the ... See More  

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Washington responds concerning the Jay Treaty with England...

Item #677000

November 14, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 14, 1795  The front page has a letter from the President to the inhabitants of Georgetown concerning the late Treaty with Great Britain, known as the Jay Treaty.

One bit notes: "...On a subject so complex, and having such extensive relations, some diversity of opinion might be expected...", signed in type: Go. Washington

The ftpg. also has: ... See More  

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Sam Adams and Thomas Jefferson...

Item #676980

July 15, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 15, 1795  Fully half of the front page is taken up with three Acts of  the Mass. legislature, each signed in type by the governor, Samuel Adams.

The ftpg. also has lengthy letter concerning the Jay Treaty signed in type by: Thomas Jefferson.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Honor bestowed upon President John Adams...

Item #676971

August 30, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Aug. 30, 1797  Page 2 has a "Tribute of Respect" from the American Academy of Arts & Sciences written: "To John Adams, L.L.D., President of the United States of America" concerning an honor given to him. This is followed boy: "The President's Answer", signed in script type: John Adams.

Four pages, a bit irregular at the blank ... See More  

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Admiral Nelson loses his arm...

Item #676965

October 11, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Oct. 11, 1797  The front page has: "Louis the XVIth".

A report under "Virginia" on pg. 2 provides nice details about the failed British attack of the Spanish port at Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, a part reading: "...One small party of 50 men commanded by Admiral Nelson, and Capt. Bowen landed on the Mole; the first lost his... See More  

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Early Boston newspaper...

Item #676958

February 08, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, February 8, 1797 

* 18th century American original

Perhaps the most successful newspaper in America after the Revolutionary War with various news and ads of the day.

The entire front page is taken up with: "Documents" accompanying the message of the President, being a letter to Mr. Pinckney, America's ambassador to France.

Four pages, minor lo... See More  

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On Washington retiring from public office...

Item #676904

January 14, 1797

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 14, 1797 

* President George Washington

* End of his illustrious career

The ftpg. has: "Summary of the Points of the Debates in Congress on the Answer to the President's Address" referring to Washington's last state-of-the-union address. It begins: "On one side, it was openly declared that they did not regret the President was goi... See More  

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John Adams & Sam Adams...

Item #676897

November 19, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 19, 1796  The front page has a biography of John Adams.

Page 2 has a message addressed to the state legislature concerning the postponement of their adjournment " transact the business...respecting the elections of a President and Vice-President of the United States of America..." signed in type: Samuel Adams. The back page has 21
... See More  

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Settling the Natchez area... Albany's North Dutch Church...

Item #676881

June 01, 1797

NEW YORK MAGAZINE OR LITERARY REPOSITORY, June, 1797  The issue is filled mostly with an eclectic collection of articles, while the back several pages contain news items of the day. Among the news reports is content concerning settlement in the Natchez vicinity. Also a report of the laying of the cornerstone of what is now known as the First Reformed Church in Albany, or the North Dutch Churc... See More  

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Honors to Ben Franklin... No more slave trade...

Item #676828

March 01, 1794

NEW YORK MAGAZINE OR LITERARY REPOSITORY, March, 1794  The issue is filled mostly with an eclectic collection of articles, while the back two pages contains news items of the day.

Among the articles are: "A Humorous Description of Mortality, said to be written by the late Jonathan Swift...". Also a lengthy: "Extract from the Journal of the Society of 1789...the following Eulog... See More  

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Signed by Governor Sam Adams... Much on Washington...

Item #676749

February 24, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Feb. 24, 1796  The front page has two Acts of the Massachusetts Legislature, each signed in type by the governor: Samuel Adams.

Page 2 includes a report on the celebration of the 65th birthday of President George Washington, as well as an account from Harvard on honoring Washington.

Another pg. 2 item: "Washington Street" mentions: "The citizens of... See More  

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Plate of a "real" mermaid, and a plate of a castle...

Item #676682
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1759  The issue begins with an: "Historical Description of the country Round Quebec" which was the focus of the French & Indian War at the time. This article takes 2 pages.

Also in this issue is: "Some Account of Tattershall Castle" which includes a very nice full page plate of it. It still exists today in Lincolnshire.

... See More  

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Capture of Fort Frontenac...

Item #676678
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1758 

* Fort Frontenac captured

* French and Indian War

The prime content would be a report from the French and Indian War  prefaced with: "The following is Col. Bradstreet's Letter to Gen. Abercrombie after the Reduction of Fort Frontenac" with a dateline of Oswego, Aug. 31, 1758 & a nice account of the battle, the sit... See More  

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Friendly address to the Jews... Capitulation of Guadalupe...

Item #676665
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, June, 1759  Among the articles are a continued: "Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland" "Friendly Address to the Jews" which takes a full page; "Articles of Capitulation between their Excellencies & the Inhabitants of Guadelupe, etc." and "Gazette Account of the Taking of Guadaloupe" which takes more than ... See More  

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Benedict Arnold on the Battle of Quebec... Ethan Allen in irons...

Item #676625

February 22, 1776


* Battle of Quebec - Canada

* General Benedict Arnold report

* Ethan Allen in captivity

* American Revolutionary War

The top of the first column begins with a report from Cork that: "...there has been commotions amongst the soldiers who are to embark for America; that a great numbers of them have deserted & ... See More  

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Map of Italy...

Item #676622
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, September, 1764  Among the articles within are: "Inutility of Amputations" "A Description of the City of Chester"  "An Account of a Remarkable Darkness at Detroit, in America" which is an extremely early mention of Detroit; "Natural History of Kamtschatka" "Description of Turk's Island" and much more.... See More  

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Earliest newspaper in your collection?

Item #676621

December 07, 1641

NOUVELLES, Paris, France, December 7, 1641  The heading roughly translates to: "Ordinary News"." This issue predates the earliest English language newspaper we have in our inventory. It was the "sister" publication of the "Gazette", the very first regular newspaper published in France, started in 1631 by Théophraste Renaudot but with influential backi... See More  

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Earliest newspaper in your collection?

Item #676620

December 21, 1641

NOUVELLES, Paris, France, December 21, 1641 (date is at the bottom of the back page)

* Earliest newspaper in your collection?

The heading roughly translates to: "Ordinary News"." This issue predates the earliest English language newspaper we have in our inventory. It was the "sister" publication of the "Gazette", the very first regular newspaper published i... See More  

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A skirmish in North Carolina from the French & Indian War...

Item #676500
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1754  Among the articles in this issue are: "Description of a Remarkable Venomous Insect found in South America"; an article concerning a form of sun dial with an illustration of it; "Of the Junction of Asia and America" which begins: "The termination  & position of the N.E. parts of Asia, and the N.W. parts of A... See More  

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Philadelphia described... Discussion on the Jew Bill...

Item #676498
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1753 

* The Jew Bill in England

* Colonial Philadelphia description

Pages 1 through 4 are taken up with a fascinating article titled: "A Compleat View of the Controversy concerning the late Act in favour of the Jews". The subheads include: "Reasons for the Jews Bill and Answers" and "Objections to the Jews Bill and ... See More  

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James Oglethorpe fights the Spanish in Georgia, Florida...

Item #676468
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London,  September, 1740  

* Battle of Jenkins' Ear

* James Oglethorpe

* Georgia & Florida

Near the back is a section headed: "Historical Chronicle" with news from England & other parts of Europe, plus a report datelined "Hampton Road, Virginia, July 24, 1740" which takes a full column telling of military affairs ... See More  

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Hebrew customs discussed...

Item #676466
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1740  An article of note is: "Discourse on Hebrew Customs Concluded" - which is a continuation from the previous issue.

Under the "Historical Chronicle" near the back is a report which includes: "...Being a general fast was observed with great decency & solemnity throughout the city, & by the Jews also in the
... See More  

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Over 290 years old...

Item #676426

March 31, 1730

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, March 31, 1730

* 18th Century original

* Over 291 years old

This newspaper is 291 years old. Various news from London and other parts of Europe, with interesting advertisements as well.

This title is the oldest continuously published daily newspaper in the world which began in 1665 and is still in existence today. Complete as a single sheet, measuring
... See More  

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The young U.S. Navy... The President's palace...

Item #676388

December 29, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 29, 1798 

* United States Navy in it's infancy

Page 2 has a chart headed: "American Navy" being a: "List of Vessels In Service" noting the number of guns of commander of each.

It begins with the "United States" "Constitution" and "Constellation" then 12 other vessels, followed by a list of ship that ... See More  

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John Adams and the Bank of the United States...

Item #676384

July 21, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, July 21, 1798  

* President John Adams signed act

* Bank of the United States fraud

The front page has half a column take up with: "An Act to Punish Frauds committed on the Bank of the United States" signed in script type: John Adams.

Page 2 has a document headed: "John Adams, President of the United States of America: To All Whom It May Conc... See More  

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See the pig of knowledge...

Item #676372

March 07, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 7, 1798 

* Learned pig - of knowledge

* William Frederick Pinchbeck

Various news of the day both from Europe and America. Page 3 is taken up with ads, one of which is for the: "Pig of Knowledge" offering an exhibition of his talents, which include: "He reads print or writing, spells, tells the time of day...distinguishes colors, how man... See More  

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See the displayable front page from the 18th century...

Item #676361

December 29, 1720

THE POST-BOY, London, Dec. 29, 1720 

* Nice masthead engravings

One of my favorite 18th century newspapers with the two nice engravings in the masthead, plus the very decorative first letter in the text (see). Various European reports.

Single sheet, about 8 1/2 by 14 1/8 inches, good, displayable condition.

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Genuine London Gazette newspaper from 1692...

Item #676172

June 05, 1692

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, June 5, 1692

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

This is the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, having begun in 1665 and is still printing in London to this day. And this is a very early, genuine issue. As was the case with most newspapers of the 17th century, this is complete as a single sheet, measurin... See More  

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Advertisement on the Salem witch trials...

Item #676076

February 11, 1693

THE ATHENIAN MERCURY, London, Feb. 11, 1693 

* Rare Salem witch trials advertisement

* Very early and rare 17th century title

The back page has an advertisement for the book "The Second Edition of the late TRYALS of several WITCHES in New-England. Written by Cotton Mather, and Published by the Special Command of the Governour." (see)

This is the only periodical we have ever ... See More  

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Convicts shipped off to America... Oglethorpe before founding Georgia...

Item #675952

March 13, 1728

THE DAILY POST-BOY, London, March 13, 1728 (1729 by today's calendar) 

* Early James Oglethorpe

* Convicts to America

Near the bottom of the front page is a terrific item noting: "Also the same day nine felons convicts, eight men and one woman, were brought from Oxford City to the Oxford-Arms at Holborn Bridge, and from thence carry'd down the river and put on board a shi... See More  

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Handsome, early, displayable newspaper from 1715...

Item #675777

June 09, 1715

THE POST BOY, London, June 9, 1715 

* Rare & early 18th century issue

* Nice masthead engravings

This is one of our favorite early newspapers as it is single sheet, small folio size, and has two great engravings in the masthead making it very nice for display (see images). The front page has various reports from throughout Europe while most of the back page is taken up with ads.

M... See More  

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A hurricane in Virginia reported in a 1668 newspaper...

Item #675395

April 13, 1668

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, April 13, 1668 

* Among the earliest of English language newspapers to be had

* Early America report - Virginia storm

The front page has a report: "This day arrived a vessel of this place from Virginia, confirming the report of much damage they have there received by a hurricane."

Rare to find such an early news item from America on the front pa... See More  

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One of the earliest 17th century newspapers you will find...

Item #675381

February 23, 1641

GAZETTE, Paris, France, February 23, 1641  (date is in the imprint at the bottom of the back page).

* Earliest of newspapers to be had

This extremely early newspaper is filled with news reports with datelines from throughout Europe, including Naples, Rome, Nuremberg, Frankfort, Amsterdam, Cologne, with the back two pages containing reports from France. There are no advertisements.

This... See More  

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Capt. Cook explores the South Pacific...

Item #675104

July 30, 1771

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, July 30, 1771 

* HMS Endeavour - Royal Navy

* Captain James Cook

* 1st voyage of South Pacific

An inside page has an: "Extract of a Letter from a Gentleman on Board the Endeavour...", which includes in part: "We sailed in August, 1768 and after touching at several places, arrived at St. George's Land...great care was taken to cultivate... See More  

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Uncommon to find newspapers from York, England...

Item #675031

June 24, 1784

THE YORK CHRONICLE & GENERAL ADVERTISER, England, June 24, 1784  A British newspaper from shortly after the end of the Revolutionary War, Various news of the day with a wealth of ads. A full red tax stamp appears on the front page.

Four pages, never bound nor trimmed, minimal wear, good condition.

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Recruitment ad for joining the U.S. military...

Item #675024

June 05, 1799


* From the year of George Washington's death

Page 2 has a letter from Lord Nelson to his wife. Page 3 also has a very nice recruitment ad for the military headed: "ATTENTION ! " "To all who properly estimate the Independence of America, love its Constitution, and are willing to defend its Government &a... See More  

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On the slave trade in the West Indies...

Item #675010

October 04, 1766

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, October 4, 1766  The back page has a small report from West Florida on the French traders in Louisiana. Also from Senegal of "... there have been lately upwards of two hundred French trading ships on the coast of Africa; -- which was a principal cause of the price of slaves being so high, the Goree Merchants having contracted to supply the Spanish West Indi... See More  

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Fleshing out the details in the treaty with America...

Item #675007

April 17, 1783

DREWRY'S DERBY MERCURY, England, April 17, 1783  Page 2 has some reports from the House of Commons relating to the treaty with America, particularly the trade portion. The back page has some talk concerning relations with America as well.

Four pages, nice condition.

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Finding a Northwest Passage... Protecting the Carolinas...

Item #674993
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, January, 1745  Over 1 1/2 pages are taken up with: "The case of Carolina Consider'd, with Regard to its Danger of being Invaded, for want of Regular Forces...". This is a great article on the defense of the colonies. Three-quarters of a page are taken up with: "A List of Privateers".

Among other articles are: "Speech on the R... See More  

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Scarce title...

Item #674966

June 19, 1710

MEMOIRS OF LITERATURE, London, June 19, 1710

* Rare publication

A very uncommon title from England with no news of the day but rather editorials and literature reviews.  Four pages, minor tears at the wide, blank margin, otherwise in very nice condition, 8 3/4 by 13 1/4 inches. A nice opportunity to add this title to an early newspaper collection. ... See More  

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Interesting title from the 17th century...

Item #674963

December 12, 1679

THE WEEKLY PACQUET OF ADVICE FROM ROME: OR, THE HISTORY OF POPERY, London, Dec. 12, 1679  An unusual anti-Catholic newspaper which has a short life before being suppressed. Attached at the back is a single sheet headed: "The Popish Courant" of the same date.

Complete in 8 pages, 5 3/4 by 7 1/2 inches, minor wear to the right margin, generally good.

Item from Catalog 313 (released for December, 2021)...

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Two 1798 Thanksgiving sermons...

Item #674945

December 26, 1798

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Dec. 26, 1798  Over a column on the front page is taken up with: "Extracts From a Thanksgiving Sermon, Delivered in the Vicinity of Boston" which is under the heading: "Clerical Patriotism", followed by: "Extracts from the Rev. Dr. Eckley's Discourse on Thanksgiving Day", which carries over to page 2.  The balance of the issue... See More  

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Supporting the new Constitution...

Item #674685

May 03, 1788


* United States Constitution support

Ftpg. item from Baltimore notes: "The election for two members to represent the town of Baltimore in the Convention to meet at Annapolis the 21st to decide on the new Constitution was closed on Thurs...".

Page 2 has more concerning the consideration of the new Constitution with reports from... See More  

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Enemies of their country are outlaws from the United States...

Item #674627

October 11, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, Oct. 11, 1783  Page 2 has an item headed: "America - Extract of the Proceedings of the Assembly of the State of New York." which lists various men who: "...have not only given every aid & assistance to the enemies of their country, but have put themselves n arms to enslave the same...being enemies of their country, be, and are for ever outlawed from th... See More  

Item from Catalog 314 (released for January, 2022)...

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Capital moves to Princeton due to troubles with angry soldiers over lack of pay...

Item #674608

August 19, 1783

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Aug. 19, 1783 

* Princeton, New Jersey becomes Capital of U.S.

Page 2 has a nice account of the insurrection by solders in Philadelphia due to  being furloughed without their pay, noting in part: "...The Congress have thought fit to remove themselves to Prince Town [Princeton], the malcontents, consisting principally if not wholly, of the disband... See More  

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A conversion of a Jew... "Of a small Venomous Serpent..."

Item #674559
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, September, 1750  Over a page is taken up with: "Of a small Venomous Serpent...." which includes on page 2 a print of it. Another article is: "An Account of the Conversion of Daniel Tnangam Alexander, an Eminent Jew" to the Protestant religion.

There is a continued article on: "Lewis XIV Greatest of Monarchs" by M. de Voltair... See More  

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