Catalog 290 (January) - early-pre-release

Catalog 290 (January) - early-pre-release

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Over 340 years old and at a lesser price...

Item #649303
THE LONDON GAZETTE, 1670's (2nd-rate)  A genuine issue of this famous title, the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper having begun in 1665 & is still publishing today.

This newspaper is a bit "2nd rate" in condition, having minor disfigurements such as heavy foxing, edge tears, close trimming or other minor problems which allow us to discount ... See More  

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Before freedom of the press...

Item #617070

October 17, 1681

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, Oct. 17, 1681  The back page has a report noting: "Richard Janeway, Richard Baldwyn, and James answer to such information as shall be exhibited against them...ordered to prosecute them for publishing and dispersing divers false and seditious news-books and pamphlets tending to the disturbance of the peace and quiet of His Majesties government."... See More  

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On the Salem witch trials...

Item #662913

February 21, 1693

THE ATHENIAN MERCURY, London, Feb. 21, 1693  This was a fine gentlemen's newspaper which was very popular in the coffeehouses of early England. Interesting reading on a wide range of topics & one of the earliest periodicals in English. Partially in question/answer format.

The back page has an advertisement for the 2nd edition of a book: "The late TRYALS of Several  WITCHES ... See More  

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Trial and execution of the notorious pirate Captain Kidd...

Item #665373

May 12, 1701

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England. A part of very significant issues which are best kept together, dated May 12 and May 26, 1701. Sold individually for a combined total of $21,250, we offer a special price for the pair:

May 12, 1701  One of the best issues of all of this title we have offered, as page 2 contains a report on the trial & sentence of the pirate Captain Kidd.

Datelined May 10, ... See More  

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Unusual, short-lived newspaper...

Item #649279
THE VISIONS OF SIR HEISTER RYLEY: WITH OTHER ENTERTAINMENTS, London, 1710  Sir Heister Ryley, the fictitious editor of the Visions of Sir Heister Ryley, is a man interested in all fields of learning, a "stickler in the business of truth" and absolutely averse to siding with any political party. His little newspaper was a 4 page serial. It contained essays, letters and miscellaneous ... See More  

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The oldest continuously published English language newspaper...

Item #649293
(5) THE LONDON GAZETTE  A  lot of five issues of the world's oldest continually published English language newspaper, all from the early 1700's (1712-1739), priced at a bargain due to  being a blend of 2nd rate and slightly damaged issues. A great opportunity for authentic issues from the early 18th century at a fraction of their typical cost. The image shown is just an exam... See More  

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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a rare mention of women pirates...

Item #667178

May 28, 1726

MIST'S WEEKLY JOURNAL, London, May 28, 1726 

* Very rare mention of Woman pirates

* Rare 18th century title

The back page contains a neat advertisement (see) for a book just published, which is: "A General History of the PYRATES, from their first settlement in the island of Providence to the present time; with the remarkable actions and adventures of the two Female Pyrates Ma... See More  

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Eulogy of Dr. Halley... Three full page plates...

Item #662843
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1747  Nearly five pages are taken up with the continuation of: "The Eulogy of Dr. Halley" (spelled elogy), being the famous Edmund Halley the astronomer and for whom "Halley's Comet" is named. Part 1 is found in the October issue.

Two pages are taken up with a lengthy "List of Ships Taken", by the French &a
... See More  

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Two great maps plus some French & Indian War content...

Item #640090
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, December, 1758 

* 2 nice 18th century maps

* French and Indian War

The prime feature of this issue would be the two maps included, although only one is called for. One is a  very nice foldout map titled within the cartouche: "A Complete Chart of the Coast of France from Ostend to Cape Finistrerr, including the Opposite Coast of the British C... See More  

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Five British newspapers from the 1760's - 1790's...

Item #649294
(5) An interesting lot of five British newspapers, containing at least three different titles. They span the 1760's thru the 1790's and include at least one from each decade. In average or better condition. Some may have red ink stamps (partial or otherwise). Certainly a one-of-a-kind grouping. The photos are representative of the look and condition of what you will receive.

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News from America on the French & Indian War...

Item #638424

September 27, 1760

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Sept. 27, 1760  Inside has nearly two-thirds of a page taken up with reports headed: "America" with items from Charleston concerning the Cherokee Indians, and also noting: "When Col. Montgomery marched from Congarees...brought the troops from New York to be in readiness to take them on board again..." and more. Also a nice letter from an offi... See More  

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Full page engraving of the King's heart... Much on the situation in America...

Item #662795
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, November, 1762  Perhaps the most intriguing item in this issue is a nice, detailed engraving of the heart of George II, the late king of England who recently died. As the magazine describes it as: " anatomical representation of the Heart of his late Majesty, as it appeared upon opening his Body, in the presence of his Majesty's Physicians, e... See More  

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Detailed article on America, with mention of trade and taxes...

Item #659756

October 01, 1765

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, October, 1765  Over two pages are taken up with a fine and quite detailed article on America, its geography, economy,  and relations with England. It begins: "The British empire on the continent of America is well known to be extremely extensive, and is, by our late conquests, and the cessions that have been made to us, become entirely compact..." ... See More  

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Uncommon provincial title with a decorative masthead...

Item #649299
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, 1767-68 (currently spelled Gloucester). Here is a very nice, four page issue from the year the Stamp Act was repealed and just a few years before the outbreak of the Revolutionary War in the colonies. This issue has a very nice & decorative masthead featuring engravings on either side. The front page also has a red-inked tax stamp. This issue contains various ne... See More  

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The North Carolina economy is flourishing...

Item #657568
THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Dec. 28, 1767 

* Early Southern America reporting

(currently spelled Gloucester)  Page 3 has a paragraph: "A letter from Williamsburgh, in Virginia...says 'There is scarce any history, antient or modern, which affords an account of such a rapid & sudden increase of inhabitants in a back frontier country as that of North Carolina. ...that... See More  

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News from America...

Item #664054

September 12, 1768

THE GLOCESTER JOURNAL, England, Sept. 12, 1768  The ftpg. has an article concerning the Indians in the New Orleans vicinity. Page 2 has a report from Boston headed "America" concerning ships "...hovering round Castle William as if there was the greatest danger of its being attacked at a time of profound peace." and then other reports from Philadelphia and New York, the lat... See More  

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Boston newspaper with Loyalist leanings...

Item #667179

December 26, 1768


* Pro-British American publication

* Boston is causing trouble

The publisher of this newspaper had Loyalist leanings, causing its demise before the formal outbreak of the Revolutionary War.

All of pages 1 & 2 are taken up with a continued report on: "Voltaire on History". Page 3 has: "The Opinions of the Ministers of the colony o... See More  

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Map of the Balkan Peninsula...

Item #642101
SUPPLEMENT TO THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, 1770  This "Supplement" issue was produced at the end of the year. The prime content is the very nice & very detailed map, labeled in the cartouche as: "A New and Accurate Map of TURKEY IN EUROPE Drawn from the Best Authorities...1770" (see). This map shows the Balkan peninsula and includes the region from then-German... See More  

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From colonial Providence...

Item #662861

February 22, 1772


* Rare Colonial Rhode Island

The handsome masthead features an intricate engraving of the Royal cost-of-arms.

Varied content within, including a report noting: "...been problematical whether tea drinking out to be encouraged among us...". A report from Williamsburg mentions creating a canal between the ... See More  

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Curious little "newspaper"...

Item #662704

December 25, 1773


* Curious little "newspaper"

* Pre revolutionary era from France

This is a very curious little newspaper, loosely translated to: "Manifest of Goods Imported at the Port of Marseille". Qualifies as a periodical as the issue carries a specific date. But there is no text, instead ... See More  

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Gage arrives, Bostonians refuse to trade...

Item #659918

June 01, 1774

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, June, 1774  Articles include: "Some Observations on the Characters of the English in General, and the Lower People in Particular" "Thoughts on the Reformation" and so much more. Among "Review of New Publications" is: The Chains of Slavery" and; "A Speech Intended to have Been Spoken on the Bill for Altering the Charter of t... See More  

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On proposing peace with the Americans... Franklin's son on independence...

Item #662676

November 25, 1775

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, Nov. 25, 1775 

* Revolutionary War Tory original

* Rare Pro British issue from America

Page 2 has: "...Lord North's motion for a reconciliation with the Americans..." dated Feb. 20, 1775, which is followed by his explanation of it, in all taking most of a column. It includes: "The Tea-act also will be repealed if asked for."... See More  

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Provincial Congress meeting...

Item #667176

December 23, 1775

PENNSYLVANIA EVENING POST, Philadelphia, Dec. 23, 1775 

* Meeting of a Provincial Congress

* Early Revolutionary War

Front page report mentions the meeting of a Provincial Congress in Charlestown, South Carolina. Interesting ftpg. letter concerning a runaway slave on board a British ship. Pg. 2 has political reports from New York & Philadelphia, including mention that
... See More  

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Details on the British military in America...

Item #662675

May 25, 1776

THE PENNSYLVANIA LEDGER, Philadelphia, May 25, 1776 

* Rare Revolutionary War era title

* Tory issue from Pennsylvania

* Great year to have (1776)

This was a decidedly Tory newspaper, supportive of the British efforts in America. This newspaper ended publication in June, 1778 when the British evacuated the city.

The front page is taken up with the conclusion of the "Constitution... See More  

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General Lincoln occupying Georgia...

Item #659103

April 03, 1779

THE LONDON EVENING POST, England, April 3, 1779  Page 3 has a letter from Charleston which includes: "We learn that General Lincoln with 7000 regular troops has taken possession of several advantageous posts between the British forces and the town of Savannah. General Moultrie, with a large body of militia, is also marched to oppose General Campbell as he advances and the whole province ... See More  

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Proclamation by John Jay... The latest war news...

Item #658691

April 08, 1779

THE AMERICAN JOURNAL & GENERAL ADVERTISER, Providence, Rhode Island, April 8, 1779  A truly rare title from the Revolutionary War, as it lasted for less than 1 1/2 years from March, 1779 to August, 1781. This is the volume 1, #4 issue.

Some war news inside including an item: "...a party of the enemy...landed from a galley below Tarry-Town, were luckily early discovered by our people... See More  

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1781 Revolutionary War military pay document...

Item #649287
FASCINATING DOCUMENT for providing pay to soldiers through the Deputy Quarter Master of the Military for the "State Of Connecticut". This document contains a signature, is dated 1781 and is approx. 4 by 6 inches.

Minimal wear but generally very nice condition. A terrific item for display and dated during this very significant year in the war when Cornwallis surrendered.

The photo is re... See More  

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Much on the Siege of Augusta, or Fort Cornwallis... Terms offered to General Washington...

Item #658609

July 31, 1781


* Siege of Augusta, Georgia

* General Andrew Pickens

* George Washington

Almost all of page 2 is taken up with a wealth of correspondence and detail concerning the Siege of Augusta, also known as the Siege of Fort Cornwallis. Included are the "Articles of Capitulation..." and many of  the corr... See More  

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Early report of Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown...

Item #660210

November 01, 1781

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, November, 1781 

* American Revolutionary War

* Early Cornwallis' surrender rpt.

* General Benedict Arnold

Certainly the most notable content is found near the back under the "Postscript", so noted as it contains recently-received news inserted in the issue just before being printed. It is dated November 27.

The report reads in part: "W... See More  

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Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown: a first report...

Item #662725

November 27, 1781

THE LONDON CHRONICLE, England, Nov. 27, 1781

* Cornwallis surrenders at Yorktown

* Revolutionary War ending

* Historic item - 1st report

This is one of the more noteworthy issues of the Chronicle for the entire Revolutionary War, as it is the first issue in this title to announce the surrender of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown, essentially ending the Revolutionary War.

Although the formal le... See More  

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Reaction to the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown...

Item #658847

March 26, 1782

THE CONNECTICUT COURANT & WEEKLY INTELLIGENCER, Hartford, March 26, 1782  Page 2 has some nice reporting on the military events further to the west, from a letter from Kentucky dated Dec. 6. It reports on the work of General Clarke near Fort Pitt, Colonel Loughrie, and some events near Detroit. An item mentions: "...that the enemy had evacuated John's Island about six miles from ... See More  

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Ben Franklin creates a medal honoring the end of the Revolutionary War...

Item #642354
GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1783  Near the beginning are 15 pages of: "Summary Proceedings in the Third Session of the Present Parliament" which include some discussions concerning America. Another article concerns the tune Yankee Doodle, particularly details on the presumed author of the famous tune (questionable) who had recently died. It notes: "Your readers, &a... See More  

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Required treaties leading to a formal end of the Revolutionary War...

Item #660298

October 01, 1783

THE LONDON MAGAZINE, (England), October, 1783 

* Workings on the formal Treaty of Peace

* American Revolutionary War ending

This issue contains much great content on the work towards creating a formal treaty ending the Revolutionary War.

It contains 3 treaties with other European nations involved in the war, requirements before a formal treaty could be concluded between England and Am... See More  

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From the year before the creation of the Constitution...

Item #658796

January 28, 1786

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET & DAILY ADVERTISER, Philadelphia, Jan. 28, 1786  An issue from the brief period between the end of the Revolutionary War and before the creation of the Constitution & the new federal government.

Various news reports of the day. The back page has an illustrated ad for a "Hat Manufactory" which shows the iconic tricorne (three corner) hat of the colonial p... See More  

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Establishing a penal colony in Australia... Mention of Franklin...

Item #640612

* Botany Bay, Australia

* Penal Colony - Convicts

* Early chess - Benjamin Franklin

Near the back under the "Domestic Occurrences" heading is a report reading: "By the last accounts received from the fleet from Botany Bay, they arrived at the Cape of Good Hope on the 13th of October last and expected to sail again about t... See More  

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The Department of State is created...

Item #659060

July 29, 1789

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, New York, July 29, 1789   Considered by many as the most significant newspaper of the 18th century, particularly during this, the formative year of the new federal government, as the Gazette was the mouthpiece of all matters political. Most pronouncements from Congress & the President were printed first in this newspaper.

Holding true to this statement,... See More  

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At a lesser price... from Boston...

Item #649301
(6) COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, a lot of six 2nd rate issues dating from 1795-1799. Various news of the day from this famous colonial town. This was arguably the most successful & well-known newspaper of in 18th century America. Could contain close-trimming, staining, archival mending, etc., but will not have loss of text. Please note: The S&H for this lot is a bit higher than that of a si... See More  

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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Louis XVI, with print of the guillotine...

Item #642030
THE GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, March, 1793 

* King Louis XVI of France execution w/ print (historic)

This issue contains the: "Minutes of the Proceedings of the National Convention of France" which takes 4 pages with considerable detail on the trial of Louis XVI with a subhead: "The Final Judgment of Louis XVI" which has text which includes: "...Is Louis ... See More  

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Celebrating Washington's birthday...

Item #660416

May 23, 1794

GAZETTE OF THE UNITED STATES, Philadelphia, May 23, 1794  Page 2 contains a letter written to Congress by the President concerning relations with England, signed in type: G. Washington.

Page 3 has a report noting the birthday of the President and includes the 15 toasts to his honor.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, great condition.

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Monroe is the ambassador to France...

Item #662990

November 12, 1794

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Nov. 12, 1794  The front page features a report from France on the introduction of "James Monroe" as the ambassador to that country, with his lengthy address to the French National Convention. Page 2 has: "The Mineral Waters of Saratoga in the State of New York" which takes over a full column.

Four pages, very nice condition.

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Three front page script signatures by the President...

Item #662713

March 11, 1795

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, March 11, 1795 

* President George Washington

* 3 Acts of Congress signed in script

The front page features 3 Acts of Congress, each signed in script type by the President: Go. Washington, & in block type by the V.P.: John Adams.  A displayable issue as such.

Four pages, scattered foxing, nice condition.... See More  

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Beautiful masthead in this 1795 Canterbury newspaper...

Item #649281

June 16, 1795

KENTISH GAZETTE, Canterbury, England, 1795  We seldom have titles to offer from Canterbury, and this newspaper has one of the more decorative & beautiful mastheads of the era. Note the two very detailed engravings on either side, one of which is the fabled Canterbury Cathedral. A coat-of-arms in the middle, with very ornate lettering for 'Kentish Gazette'.

A fine issue of this ti... See More  

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Washington responds to criticisms of the Jay Treaty...

Item #662854

October 22, 1795

FEDERAL ORRERY, Boston, Oct. 22, 1795 

* George Washington letter

* re. Jay's Treaty

Page 3 has a letter from the county of Westmoreland to the President complaining about the terms of the Jay Treaty, followed by his response in which he notes: " deliberate opinion that in ratifying the treaty I had consulted the true interests of my country...". It is signed in type... See More  

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Item #659368

January 13, 1796

THE HERALD; A GAZETTE FOR THE COUNTRY, New York, Jan. 13, 1796  Much of pages 2 and 3 are taken up with reports from discussions in Congress.

Various news of the day inside.

Four pages, never-trimmed margins, good condition.

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Huge treaty with the Indians, signed by Washington...

Item #662711

January 23, 1796

COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 23, 1796 

* President George Washington

* Native Americans - Indians treaty

Taking most of the front page & a portion of page 2 a treaty, headed at the top of pg. 1 with a script signature of the President: George Washington, and beginning: "Whereas a treaty of peace and friendship between the United States of America & the tribes of Indian... See More  

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William Cobbett's famous newspaper...

Item #662914

June 02, 1797

PORCUPINE'S GAZETTE, Philadelphia, June 2, 1797  This was William Cobbett's important and controversial--but short-lived--daily newspaper.

Cobbett was a prolific & controversial publisher who often wrote under the pen-name of "Peter Porcupine." He was famous for sniping at his political opponents, usually those of a Jeffersonian-Republican sentiment. The first issue app... See More  

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Post-Revolutionary War Boston, with John Adams signatures...

Item #649292
COLUMBIAN CENTINEL, Boston, lot of 5 issues dating from 1797-1801, each containing at least one John Adams signature. Somewhat 2nd-rate but not damaged.  Issues with his signature are increasingly hard to find, and these are priced at a significant discount.

If an image(s) is shown, it is only representative of the style and condition of what you will receive. Actual items will vary.

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By the famed printer Isaiah Thomas...

Item #662855

September 18, 1799


* 18th century American title

Most of pages 1 and 2 are taken up with reports from Europe, while page 3 has some reports from Winchester, Virginia; New York, and Boston. Many ads, including three illustrated house ads.

Four pages, nice condition.... See More  

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Displayable masthead... early 19th century...

Item #649304
NEW ENGLAND PALLADIUM, Boston, 1801-1802  A typical "newsy" newspaper of the era with a nice woodcut of a soaring mercury in the masthead. Some light foxing, untrimmed.  Actual dates vary, but the issue sent will be similar in look and condition to that shown, and will date from 1801-1802.

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Five American newspapers: 1802-1809...

Item #662924

June 14, 1805

Five very early 19th century American newspapers: New York Herald, July 30, 1803; United States' Gazette, Oct. 9, 1809; Columbian Centinel, Nov. 2, 1808; New England Palladium, Oct. 22, 1802; and Boston Gazette, June 14, 1804. All five are good "newsy" newspapers of folio size, 4 pages, some margin tears, generally good condition. A nice set of five different, early newspapers.... See More  

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