World War II

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World War II

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Terrific Honolulu newspaper, one day after Pearl Harbor...

Item #698121

December 08, 1941


* Attack on Pearl Harbor

* U.S. to enter World War II

* Best publication to be had

Fully one-third of the newspaper, above the masthead, is taken up with a dramatic three line banner headline: "SABOTEURS LAND HERE !  Britain, Australia Declare War ! " with various related subheads as well including: "Raiders Return In Dawn A... See More  

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An incredible display issue on the end of World War II...

Item #672620

August 14, 1945

THE WILMINGTON NEWS--EXTRA, North Carolina, August 14, 1945

* World War II ends

* Japanese surrenders

* Terrific headline for display

When it comes to huge, screaming headlines on the end of World War II they can't possibly get much better than this.

Taking about three-quarters of the front page, in letters 8 1/4 and 4 7/8 inches high, is: "JAPS QUIT ! " with subhead: "... See More  

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Broadside declaration of the war's end...

Item #680430

May 08, 1945

THE STAR, Guernsey (Channel Islands), May 8, 1945 

* Great broadside on end of World War II

* Nazi occupied island is liberated

This English-speaking island in the English Channel was under Nazi control during World War II. This is a broadside issue (a single sheet printed on the front only; back is blank), of larger size than this newspaper typically published.

It is printed in broad... See More  

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Terrific wording makes this a wonderful display issue...

Item #697539

April 24, 1945

THE MANILA CHRONICLE, "The People's Newspaper", Philippine Islands, April 24, 1945  

* Terrific headline for display

* Rare publication

An uncommon title that began just 3 days prior on April 21, this being the volume 1, number 3 issue.

The liberation of the Philippines began on October 20, 1944 when MacArthur famously waded ashore. The U.S. First Calvary arrived at Mani... See More  

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Death of Adolph Hitler in a Nazi newspaper...

Item #680763

May 02, 1945

EVENING PRESS, Island of Guernsey, May 2, 1945 

* Adolph Hitler death

* Nazi Germany fallen apart

* In a German occupation issue (very rare)

This is a terrific newspaper, as this island in the English Channel was under Nazi control during WWII, and as such all the news reports were pro-Nazi although in English, given the residents were English speaking.

This issue carries a very brie... See More  

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Best of the Stars & Stripes "Peace" editions...

Item #680571

August 14, 1945

THE STARS AND STRIPES--EXTRA, Southern France Edition, Aug. 14, 1945 

* Terrific issue for display

* Best publication to be had

Of the several editions of this newspaper--and there were many published at various locations in Europe & elsewhere--this is one of just two which reported the end of World War II on the 14th (other was the Paris edition). The other editions carried the re... See More  

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D-Day "Extra" edition in a military newspaper...

Item #704543

June 06, 1944

BEACON Extra! Extra! Extra!, Philadelphia Navy Yard, June 6, 1944  

* D-Day invasion of France (1st report)

* World War II German defense

The banner headline reports: "INVASION STARTED" with subheads: "Landing Craft, With Plane and Ship Support, Pour Men And Supplies Into Beaches" "Admiral Draemel Calls for Greatest Effort, Says There Must Be No Rest Until Such... See More  

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Release of Walt Disney's "The Three Caballeros"... U.S. prohibition leader dies..

Item #682700

February 03, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 3 & 5, 1945, along with the  MINNIAPOLIS SUNDAY TRIBUNE's Picture Section, January 28, 1945

* Walt Disney's ~ The Three Caballeros

William E. Johnson's death

This 2 issue set (with bonus Picture Section) covers the historic release of the 1st movie to merge animation and live action.  Walt Disney's The Three Caballeros starre... See More  

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Fantastic broadside on the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt...

Item #680012

April 12, 1945

THE SCIO TRIBUNE--EXTRA !, Linn County, Oregon, April 12, 1945 

* Very unusual broadside extra

* Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR death

* Great for display

The photos tells it all. We have never seen a newspaper with such a dramatic presentation on the front page. The publisher wanted to use larger letters than the width of his newspaper would allow so he set all the type below the masthead ... See More  

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Dramatic headline at the end of World War II...

Item #697957

August 10, 1945

THE HONOLULU ADVERTISER, Hawaii, Aug. 10, 1945 

* Terrific headline right after Atomic bombings

* From the city where it all began for the U.S.

The top of the front page, above the masthead is a great banner headline in bold letteriing: "JAPAN ACCEPTS POTSDAM DECREE!" and various related subheads. (see images) Great to have from where the U.S. was forced in to war. Very rare ... See More  

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Extermination of the Jews is unveiled in 1941...

Item #697893

November 25, 1942

CINCINNATI TIMES-STAR, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1942  

* The Jewish Holocaust in progress

* Heinrich Himmler takes charge

* Extermination of Polish Jews ordered

* Zionist leader Stephen Samuel Wise report

Although the banner headline announces: "NAZIS LOSE NEARLY 100,000 IN STALINGRAD BATTLE", the most notable report is much smaller at the bottom of the front page: "American Jew... See More  

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Death of Hitler...

Item #683949

May 02, 1945

LOS ANGELES TIMES, May 2, 1945  The front page features a banner headline: "NAZIS SAY HITLER KILLED" "VON RUNDSTEDT CAPTURED" with a subhead: "Doenitz Seizes Fuehrer's Reins; Fight Continues". Also a large photo of Hitler. Interesting that the report begins: "The German radio announced last night at at Adolf Hitler died yesterday afternoon, 'fighting... See More  

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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1942 Doolittle raid of Japan....

Item #698883

April 18, 1942

MARION EVENING POST, Illinois, April 18, 1942

* The famous Doolittle raid of Japan (1st report)

* U.S. Army Air Force B-25B Mitchell bombers

* USS Hornet aircraft carrier

The front page has a nice banner headline: "U. S. PLANES BOMB JAPANESE MAINLAND" with subhead. (see images) This was the famous Doolittle raid on Japan. It was not known at the time that James "Jimmy" ... See More  

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Failed attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler...

Item #697936

July 20, 1944


* Operation Valkyrie (1st report)

* Adolf Hitler assassination attempt

The front page has a nice banner headline on Operation Valkyrie, with: "BERLIN SAYS HITLER INJURED IN UNSUCCESSFUL TRY TO KILL HIM" with subhead. (see images) Nice for display.

Complete with 8 pages, light toning and minor wear at the margins, a little ir... See More  

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1st Atomic bomb dropped on Japan...

Item #699763

August 07, 1945

NEW YORK POST, Aug. 7, 1945 

* Bombing of Hiroshima, Japan

* World War II ending

The front page has a nice headline: "JAPS ADMIT VAST ATOM DAMAGE; Tokyo May Be Next Target" (see image)

First report coverage on pages 2 & 3 with more headings, related photo and diagram. Lengthy text here.

Complete with 32 p[ages, tabloid size, small library stamp within the masthead, tin... See More  

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George Patton slaps soldier in 1943...

Item #697726

November 23, 1943

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass., November 23, 1943.

* General George S. Patton slaps soldier

* World War II - WWII (1st made public)

Near the bottom of the front page is a one column heading: "Disclose Patton Offered Apology To Officers, Men" with photo of Patton. (see images) First report coverage continues on page 7 with a detailed account of what happened.

Complete with 10 pages, l... See More  

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World War II has begun with Hitler's invasion of Poland...

Item #693040

September 01, 1939

THE KNOXVILLE JOURNAL, Tennessee, Sept. 1, 1939

* World War II begins -- initial start

* Adolph Hitler defies the World


The front page has a nice banner headline announcing: "GERMANY OPENS WARFARE; Hitler Tells Nazis To Meet Force With Force; 4 Polish Towns Bombed; Blockade Formed" with subheads and map. (see) This marks the beginning of World War II in E... See More  

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Churchill's very famous: "This was their finest hour..." speech...

Item #687075

June 19, 1940


* This was their finest hour

* Winston Churchill speech

* World War II - WWII

The top of page 2 has a one column heading: "CHURCHILL DARES GERMAN ARMY TO INVADE ENGLAND'" with subhead. (see) This was Churchill's famous speech to the House of Commons in which he concludes with the famous passage: "...Let us therefor
... See More  

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Superman debuts in the Macy's Day Parade...

Item #688553

November 19, 1940

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov.19, 1940 

* Superman debut in New York City

* Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

* Great item for Superman collectors

One column headlines on page 30: " SUPERMAN TO STRUT OVER MACY PARADE", "Genie Emerging From Arabian Nights Bottle Also to Be Seen in Event Thursday". This was to be the debut of Superman and till this day is still considered the... See More  

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Dramatic headline on the death of President Roosevelt...

Item #682045

April 12, 1945

THE DAILY SENTINEL, Grand Junction, Colorado, April 12, 1945  

* Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR death

* Great issue for display

The screaming banner headline--in red ink--takes the top on-third of the front page: "ROOSEVELT DIES TODAY" with the subhead: "President Dies, Cerebral Hemorrhage This Afternoon at Warm Springs, Ga. Truman Notified; Cabinet Is Called" with photo... See More  

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Newspaper created for a motion picture...

Item #683722

December 11, 1941

NEW YORK RECORDER, An interesting movie prop newspaper which was created for a motion picture, obviously one with an early World War II theme. There is no date, however the U.S. declared war against Germany on Dec. 11, 1941. But the movie could well have been made in the 1950's or 1960's.

* Very rare movie prop issue

Not a "real" newspaper in the typical sense as the title ... See More  

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Walt Disney pairs with Standard Oil... Travel Tykes...

Item #683330

September 21, 1939

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, September 21, 1939  In 1939 Disney paired with Standard Oil to produce comics for kids which also doubled as advertisements. One such "ad" is located on the back page, is approx. 12" x 15", and is headed: "Walt Disney's Little People - Travel Tykes - 'A Stitch In Time Saves Nine. M. Mouse.'" This nostalgic, color, vintage ad w... See More  

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A pro-Japan propaganda newspaper in English...

Item #697609

December 20, 1943

NIPPON TIMES, Tokyo, Japan, Dec. 20, 1943  

* Rare pro Japanese propaganda publication

At this point in its publishing career this English-language newspaper from Japan was a pro-Japanese propaganda piece.

Among the anti-Allies reports are: "17 Enemy Bombers Bagged at Ballade By Japanese Units" "Nippon Submarines Blast 24 Warships In Two Year Period" "Current W... See More  

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Battle Of Midway Won In 1942...

Item #702507

June 06, 1942

FITCHBURG SENTINEL, Mass., June 6, 1942

* Battle Of Midway ends w/ win

* Japanese vs. American Navy

* World war II original - WWII

The front page has a five column headline: "DEFENDERS OF MIDWAY FORCE JAPS TO RETREAT" with subhead. (see images)

Complete with 12 pages, light toning at the margins, generally in very nice condition.... See More  

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1943 Nikola Tesla death... Father of radio...

Item #662756

January 13, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 13, 1943 

* Nikola Tesla death - funeral 

* Father of Radio - Physics 

Pager 24 has one column headlines that include: "2,000 ARE PRESENT AT TESLA FUNERAL"

"Cathedral of St. John the Divine Is Scene of Yugoslav State Function for Scientist" "Great In Science Attend"
and more. (see) First report coverage on Nikola Te... See More  

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SS Normandie on fire...

Item #661235

February 10, 1942

NEW YORK WORLD-TELEGRAM, February 10, 1942

* SS Normandie burns - on fire

* Early, same day report before capsizing

* Nice headline in this uncommon NYC title

The front page has a great banner headline: "NORMANDIE ON FIRE HERE" (see) A very early, same day report before the famous ocean liner capsized in New York Harbor.

Complete with all 24 pages, light toning at the margins, s... See More  

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World War II comes to an end...

Item #704549

August 14, 1945

HERALD EXPRESS--VICTORY EXTRA, Los Angeles, Aug. 14, 1945 

* World War II ends

* Japanese surrenders

* Nice for display

A large, bold banner headline dropped out of a black box announces: "JAPAN WAR ENDS" with also: "Truman Announces Full Nip Surrender" and other related subheads.

Complete with 20 pages, minor margin wear, a little light foxing and minor wear at t... See More  

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Hitler dies in Berlin...

Item #688467

May 02, 1945

LOS ANGELES EXAMINER--EXTRA, May 2, 1945  The bold banner headline dropped out of a black box announces: "HITLER DIES IN BERLIN" with: "Nazis Say End Came in Battle; Doenitz at Helm; To Carry On War" with a large photo of him headed: "Mystery in His Demise".

The report from Nazi radio notes: "From the Fuehrer's headquarters it is reported that our Fuehr... See More  

Item from Catalog 342 (released for May, 2024)

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1943 Warsaw Ghetto uprising... WWII....

Item #695514

May 22, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, May 22, 1943

* Warsaw Ghetto Uprising ends in failure

* German occupied Poland - Nazi atrocities

* Jewish resistance - Jews

The top of page 4 has one column headings: "JEWS' LAST STAND FELLED 1,000 NAZIS" "Battle in Warsaw Ghetto Was Aided by Armed Squads of Polish Guerrillas" "More Slaughter Starts" and more. (see) See images for text ... See More  

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Female Jewish physician identifies Holocaust leaders...

Item #661034

September 22, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 22, 1945  Page 5 contains a very compelling article on identifying Nazis leaders involved in the holocaust atrocities on the Jews, with the one column head: "Belsen Survivor Picks Out Nazis" and subhead: "Jewish Woman Physician Who Was Also in Oswiecim Camp Is Witness at Trial". The text (see photos) notes a: "...Polish Jewish woman, her conc... See More  

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Odell Waller final words... Battle of El Alamein...

Item #678283

July 03, 1942

THE NEW YORK TIMES, July 3, 1942

* Odell Waller final words

* Battle of El Alamein

* World War II Egypt

Page 19 has the final words of Odell Waller, an African-American sharecropper from Gretna, Virginia, executed for the fatal shooting of his white landlord (source wiki). Additionally, the front page has a five column headline: "BRITISH SWEEP AROUND AXIS FLANK IN EGYPT, U. S. AND R... See More  

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Jewish Holocaust becomes a public reality...Nazi atrocities...

Item #687388

September 03, 1942


* Jewish Holocaust being known for the 1st time 

* Nazi-occupied Europe exterminations 

* Terezin military fortress - Czech Republic

The top of page 3 has a two column heading: "Horror Treatment of Jews Is Charged" with lead-in: "Living Death In A Nazi Dungeon". See images for coverage on the atrocities in Nazi-occu... See More  

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Jewish Holocaust... Nazi atrocities... Cold-blooded murder...

Item #686238

June 04, 1944

This issue is being offered as a piece of history.  Issues with content related to the numerous atrocities perpetrated upon humanity during this era help to verify what some feebly attempt to deny. It's interesting to note that many such reports never made it to the front page... and in the case of numerous newspapers... never made it to print at all. We at Rare Newspapers offer such item... See More  

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Establishing the Jewish Warsaw ghetto...

Item #696942

November 26, 1940

NEW YORK TIMES, Nov. 26, 1940

* Warsaw, Poland Ghetto established

* Jewish - Jews - Judaica

* Nazi occupied Europe

Page 8 has a two column head announcing: "Walls Will Enclose Warsaw Jews Today; 500,000 Begin 'New Life' in Nazi-Built Ghetto".

This is early coverage of the establishment of the largest Jewish Ghetto in Nazi-occupied Europe. Most of the residents in this in... See More  

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War Is Over...

Item #697543

August 15, 1945

CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, Ohio, Aug., 15, 1945  

* World War II ends - V-J

* Japanese surrenders

The triple banner headline announces: "WAR IS OVER, TRUMAN ANNOUNCES; M'AETHU PICKED TO RULE JAPAN" with various subheads including: "President Calls 2 Legal Holidays".

Two front page photos show Truman and a celebratory crowd in Cleveland. Much related reporting insi... See More  

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Guernsey is free! Announced in a Guernsey newspaper...

Item #684029

May 14, 1945

EVENING PRESS, Guernsey, May 14, 1945  

* Nazis driven out

* World War II ends in Europe

This historic issue announces the end of the German occupation of Guernsey and includes front page heads:  "Invasion of Guernsey", "The King's Message and Proclamation by C.I. Commander" with a related front page photo.  The text begins: "The invasion of ... See More  

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Assassination attempt upon Adolf Hitler...

Item #687569

November 09, 1939

SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER, Washington, Nov. 9, 1939

* Adolph Hitler assassination attempt

* Pre Operation Valkyrie

* Bürgerbräukeller - George Elser

The two-line banner headline announces: "HITLER ESCAPES DEATH BY BOMB; 6 DIE, 61 HURT" with a photo showing Hitler: "In Munich Beer Cellar...". The subhead notes: "Blast Wrecks Munich Hall Shortly After Lead... See More  

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Bataan Death March in 1942... WWII...

Item #699843

January 28, 1944

WILMINGTON MORNING STAR, North Carolina, January 28, 1944

* Bataan Death March (1st report)

* Imperial Japanese Army atrocities

* Made public for the first time

A terrific issue on the Bataan Death March with a seven column headline on the front page: "Army And Navy Release Horror Story Of Jap Brutality To Gallant Defenders On Bataan" with subheads. (see images) First report cov... See More  

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Dramatic headline announcing the death of FDR...

Item #683886

April 12, 1945

THE DAILY OLYMPIAN, Olympia, Washington, April 12, 1945

* Franklin D. Roosevelt FDR death

* Great issue for display

 The two-line, very bold banner headline announces: "PRES. ROOSEVELT DIES SUDDENLY ! " with the initial dispatch announcing his death set in 3 column format rather than the more typical 7 column format. The front page also features a large photo of: "Frankl... See More  

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1st movie preview of "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"...

Item #702144

October 20, 1939

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Oct. 20, 1939

* Original "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" review

* James Stewart & Jean Arthur - Frank Capra

* Political comedy-drama film - movie

Page 27 has the first movie review by the Times of what is considered one of the greatest films of all time and what made Jimmy Stewart a major movie star, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. The review is headed: &quo... See More  

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Great headline from the occupied Philippine Islands...

Item #697533

April 22, 1945

MANILA FREE PHILIPPINES--EXTRA, Manila, April 22, 1945  

* During the liberation by the allies

* Berlin, the last holdout of the Nazis

A very rare title that began on February 9, 1945 during the liberation efforts of the Philippines, existing thru Sept. 3, 1945, just one day after the official surrender of Japan ending World War II. It was published by the Psychological Warfare Branch.... See More  

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Germany quits...

Item #683872

May 07, 1945

STOCKTON RECORD, California, May 7, 1945  A bold banner headline above the masthead announces: "GERMANY QUITS" with various subheads beneath the masthead including: "Official V-E Announcement Will Be Made Tomorrow" with a photo headed: "Montgomery Reads Surrender Terms To Germans". 

Present is the first section (of 2) with pages 1-10 (of 18). Minor tears at... See More  

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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1942 Doolittle raid of Japan...

Item #701137

May 19, 1942

MARION EVENING POST, Illinois, May 19, 1942 

* The famous Doolittle raid of Japan is revealed 

* U.S. Army Air Force B-25B Mitchell bombers 

* USS Hornet aircraft carrier

The front page has a nice banner headline: "U. S. FLIER TELLS OF RAID ON JAPAN" (see images) Nice for display. This was when it was first reported that Jimmy Doolittle was the leader of the ... See More  

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Discovery of Penicillin... USS Iowa battleship launching...

Item #698929

August 28, 1942

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Aug. 28, 1942

* Discovery of Penicillin (historic)

* USS Iowa battleship launching

* United States Navy - WWII

The front page has a one column heading: "MIGHTIEST WARSHIP IS LAUNCHED HERE" with subhead. (see images) Lengthy first report coverage continues inside with two related photos.

But a more historic report is located at the bottom right corner of the ... See More  

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Jewish physician identifies Holocaust leaders...

Item #692352

September 22, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, Sept. 22, 1945 

* Bergen-Belsen concentration camp

* Nazi death factory horrors revealed

* Jewish woman gets revenge

Page 5 contains a very compelling article on identifying Nazis leaders involved in the holocaust atrocities on the Jews, with the one column head: "Belsen Survivor Picks Out Nazis" and subhead: "Jewish Woman Physician Who Was Also in O... See More  

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Agatha Christie.... Gone with the Wind...

Item #677324

September 03, 1939

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE THIS WEEK MAGAZINE, September 3, 1939 (This Week Magazine section only)

* 1st in Agatha Christie Short Story Mystery Series

* How it Feels to be Scarlett O'Hara by Vivien Leigh

The front page has artwork by McClelland Barclay, known for his work on Navy recruitment posters and in The Saturday Evening Post, Ladies' Home Journal, and Cosmopolitan.

Page 3 start... See More  

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Collection of English language Nazi newspapers...

Item #636874
(10) WORLD WAR II: "The Star" and "Evening Press" newspapers from Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Ten issues of a bona-fide Nazi newspaper published in English for the residents of this English Channel island during the Nazi occupation.  All issues date from 1940 thru early 1945.  The images shown are representative of what you will receive.

Item from Catalog 343 (released for June, 2024)

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Joe DiMaggio's hit streak ends...

Item #654579

July 18, 1941

LEOMINSTER DAILY ENTERPRISE, Massachusetts, July 16 & 18, 1941 (2-issue set)

* Joe DiMaggio's hitting streak comes to an end

* New York Yankees

* a large ad with a sketch of DiMaggio is present

The July 18th issue is 10 pages and has a report under: "WHAT HAPPENED IN THE BIG LEAGUE BASEBALL CONTESTS," which tells of the end of Joe DiMaggio's famous hitting streak. Se... See More  

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Ernie Pyle killed in 1945... WWII journalist...

Item #685295

April 19, 1945

THE NEW YORK TIMES, New York,  April 19, 1945 

* Ernie Pyle killed (1st report)

* American GI journalist 

* Lejima - Okinawa Island

A two column heading near the bottom of the front page announces: "Ernie Pyle Is Killed on Ie Island; Foe Fired When All Seemed Safe" Lengthy text continues inside with two related photos. Nice to have in this famous NYC titl
... See More  

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1942 Doolittle raid of Japan.... official report...

Item #694991

April 21, 1943

THE NEW YORK TIMES, April 21, 1943

* The famous Doolittle raid of Japan official report

* U.S. Army Air Force B-25B Mitchell bombers

* USS Hornet aircraft carrier

The front page has two column headings that read: "Hornet Was 'Shangri-la' For Doolittle Tokyo Raid" "War Department Reveals That All but One of 16 Bombers Crashed, but 64 of 80 Men Returned--8 Believed Cap... See More  

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