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Abraham Lincoln orders the draft...

February 1, 1864 | Item # 653750
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The Civil War in Tennessee...

March 12, 1863 | Item # 653395
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Rare mention of Kit Carson...

September 4, 1863 | Item # 653125
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In the North, but pro-South...

October 22, 1862 | Item # 652645
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July 3, 1863 | Item # 652627
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Fort McAllister, Georgia map....

February 13, 1863 | Item # 652621
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Historic Civil War Newspapers

Records of a Nation in Turmoil

In the 1860s, Americans’ interest in the Civil War, and its collateral effects, caused a spike in demand for news reports. These were days of heightened concern, and newspapers were one of the few resources that people were able to rely upon for war news.

Aside from specific war news, Civil War newspapers also reported on citizens’ reactions to how the war was shaping the American economy and politics, and opinions about slavery.

Reading an authentic Civil War newspaper and holding the original print paper between your fingers will transport you to the frontlines of battle, and provide a glimpse into the psyche of Civil War-era citizens, politicians, and soldiers.

Original Civil War newspapers are genuine pieces of American history a collector or anyone interested in American history must have.


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