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Printing of the Bill of Rights... Ben Franklin, Nathaniel Greene, and much more...

Item # 652255 THE AMERICAN MUSEUM, Philadelphia, January, 1790  

* United States Bill of Rights printing (historic)

Articles include: "An Oration...on the Unlawfulness & Impolicy of Capital Punishments & the Proper Means of Reforming Criminals" "Extract of a Letter from Dr. Franklin - Essay on Luxury" "Essay on the Influence of Religion" "Letter from Dr. Franklin to John Alleyne" is signed in type: B. F.  "Sketch of the Life of the Late General Nathaniel Greene" "Character of the Irish" & much more.
Near the back is "Domestic Intelligence" with the latest news reports including an item from North Carolina that the state: "...have called a convention for the purpose of discussing the momentous subject of the federal constitution...",  with a similar item from Delaware. Also a brief mention of Daniel Shays & the repeal of a low offering a reward for him. A brief mention of slave ships, and some brief talk concerning the slave trade, & so much more.
Attached at the back are Appendices I and II which are called for but rarely included.
Appendix I is filled with poetry, while Appendix II contains a great wealth of "Public Papers". Certainly the most significant is the printing of the Bill of Rights headed: "Congress of the United States" and including the prefatory text which includes: "The convention of a number of the states having, at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire...that further declaratory & restrictive clauses should be added...Resolved...that the following articles be proposed to the legislatures...as amendments to the constitution of the United States..." and what follows are the twelve Articles to be approved, of which ten were ultimately added to the Constitution in 1791 when ratified by the states and become known as the Bill of Rights. A very historic document & terrific to find in an American periodical.
This Appendix II includes many other notable document, too many to note here, but two include: "Address of the Roman Catholics to George Washington..." to which he responded with a letter signed in type: George Washington; and the: "Report of the Secretary of State Respecting Coinage" which is signed in type: Thomas Jefferson.
Complete in 60 pages, full title/contents page with a decorative embellishment at the top, plus 4 pages of Appendix I, and 44 pages of Appendix II. All measure 5 1/4 by 8 3/4 inches, very nice condition.

This title, along with the "Columbian Magazine", have the honor of being the first successful American magazines, both published in Philadelphia. The Museum was published by Mathew Carey and existed from January, 1787 thru the end of 1792. The Columbian Magazine began 4 months earlier.

Category: The 1600's and 1700's

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