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Much content on ending the war in America...

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April 9, 1783


* Rare 18th century American title
* Great masthead engraving for display

One of the most displayable newspaper of the Revolutionary War era given the large & decorative engraving in the masthead (see). The front page is filled with advertisements, including a quite lengthy one: "Thirty Dollars Reward" for two runaway Negro lads, with details (see).  The back page has an ad by: "Haym Salomons" a leading Jewish financier of the day who did much to secure the finances of the nation during the war.
An interesting item on page 2 notes: "As exhibited at Room's tavern the corner of the Fly Market, New York, on the 18th of March, 1783, in consequence of the arrival of the packet  with (to them) the dreadful tidings of Peace and Independence to this country. A committee was chosen for the sole purpose of determining the fate of those miscreants who have avowedly been enemies to their country, & persecutor's of  its own friends, whenever in their power..." with much more (see). Also of significance is an item from Boston noting: "The British king...says, 'I lost no time in giving the necessary orders to prohibit the farther prosecution of offensive war upon the continent of North America---I have pointed all my views & measures...to an entire & cordial reconciliation with those colonies..." with more (see).
Page 3 has: "We are assured by recent accounts from New York that no packet is yet arrived there to announce the news of a general peace. Many of the loyalists affect not to believe our accounts of it...The offers of land in Nova Scotia, the promise of six months provisions & other tokens of royal favour have no influence in dispersing the melancholy gloom which has taken deep impression on their faces...". There is also an item: "By the United States in Congress assembled, April 4, 1783. Resolved, That the several States be required to suspend all enlistments for any regiment or corps in the army of the United States until the further order of Congress." (see) Plus there is even more content relating to the end of the Revolutionary War in America.
Four pages, very nice condition.

Category: The 1600's and 1700's

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