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Nice content on the new Constitution... The presumed election of Washington and Adams...

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January 14, 1789

THE MASSACHUSETTS CENTINEL, Boston, Jan. 14, 1789  A great issue from this formative year for the federal government, with much of the content discussing the new Constitution, etc.
The ftpg. has the Senate's response to Gov. Clinton's address to the New York legislature, with his response signed in type: Geo. Clinton.
Page 2 has a report from Savannah which includes: "...the Convention...to convene as soon as may be, after official information was received that nine states had adopted the Federal Constitution..." and the need to make changes to their on state Constitution.
Page 2 also has a nice reflection upon the notable events of 1787, focused on: "...In May 1787, the grand convention assembled in Philadelphia with a vie to resque their distressed country from the miseries in which she has been involved by a weak and despicable form of government...after four months deliberation proposed a new constitution as the best remedy that could be devised...The people at large have since approved of their conduct...eleven states have adopted it, and the twelfth has agreed to call a convention...".
Then a prophetic statement on the coming presidential election: "...For the same reasons, the patriots of America will unite their suffrages in favour of a WASHINGTON and an ADAMS as president and vice president of the United States..." with more.
Page 3 has a nice article on preparations in New York to accommodate the new federal government.
Four pages, very nice condition.

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