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The art of throwing a baseball, with illustrations...

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July 31, 1886

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, July 31, 1886  An inside page has a fascinating full page of text and illustrations on: "The Art Of Pitching In Baseball" written by noted baseball pioneer Henry Chadwick.
Perhaps not surprising given this is a scientific magazine, the analysis of the "pitch" is very scientific.
The prints shown are captioned: "Diagram of the Rotary Motion of the Ball on its Own Axis" "Diagram of the Method of Grasping the Ball in Delivery" and "Diagram of the Lines of In Curve and Out Curve Balls", with the larger print at the bottom of the page showing: "Diagram of the Method of Giving the Rotary Motion to the Ball."
The detailed text carries over to the following page. Likely a unique scientific analysis of how a baseball is thrown.
Sixteen pages, an older library mend affects two of the baseball prints, minor loss to the bottom of an unrelated leaf, otherwise good.

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