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Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels as a newspaper reporter...

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April 17, 1854

NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE, April 17, 1854 This is an interesting issue, and an opportunity for newspaper with  articles written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, the communist revolutionaries who would become more famous after their deaths than during his lifetime.
Both men spent most of their lives in exile, part of which was in London where they joined the Communist League. As noted in the website "The History Guide": "...during the first half of the 1850s the Marx family lived in poverty in a three room flat in the Soho quarter of London. Marx and Jenny already had four children and two more were to follow. Marx's major source of income at this time was Engels who was trying a steadily increasing income from the family business in Manchester. This was supplemented by weekly articles written as a foreign correspondent for the New York Daily Tribune ." 
We offer here one such issue, which contains on page 4 an article "The European War" credited to both Marx and Engels, and on page 6 an article: "The War Debate In Parliament" credited to Marx (confirmed by the document: "Articles by Marx in New York Daily Tribune").
Eight pages, very nice condition.

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