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Walt Whitman's "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BORN FEB. 12, 1809)"... 1st appearance...

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February 12, 1876

THE NEW YORK HERALD, February 12, 1876

* Walt Whitman's "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BORN FEB. 12, 1809)"
* 1st appearance - quite rare

Page 12 has Walt Whitman's "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BORN FEB. 12, 1809)," which was a piece written exclusively for the New York Herald. While noteworthy, it is certainly one of his shortest poems. The entire text reads: "ABRAHAM LINCOLN (BORN FEB. 12, 1809). To-day from each and all, a breath of prayer, a pulse of thought,To memory of Him—to birth of Him," signed in block block type: WALT WHITMAN. In 40+ years of collecting, this is the only issue we have ever obtained for this date. Quite rare.

Other news of the day is found throughout.

Complete in 24 pages, very fragile, edge tears and minor imperfections are present, but the key content is in good condition. The issue must be handled with care.

Note: Due to the fragility of the newspaper, we have placed the page containing the poem (pg. 12) on top. An archival storage folder is highly recommended.

Category: Post-Civil War

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