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George Ellery Hale death... solar astronomer...

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February 22, 1938

THE NEW YORK TIMES, February 22, 1938

* George Ellery Hale death (1st report)
* Solar astronomer - magnetic fields - sunspots

The top of page 21 has a one column heading: "DR. GEORGE E. HALE, ASTRONOMER, DEAD" with subheads and photo. (see) I suspect this is one of the few publications to report this particular event as other titles in our inventory do not.
Other news, sports and advertisements of the day. Complete with all 42 pages, rag edition in nice condition.

wikipedia notes: George Ellery Hale was an American solar astronomer, best known for his discovery of magnetic fields in sunspots, and as the leader or key figure in the planning or construction of several world-leading telescopes; namely, the 40-inch refracting telescope at Yerkes Observatory, 60-inch Hale reflecting telescope at Mount Wilson Observatory, 100-inch Hooker reflecting telescope at Mount Wilson, and the 200-inch Hale reflecting telescope at Palomar Observatory.

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