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Creating the state of Franklin... Benjamin Martin, famed optician...

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August 1, 1785

GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, London, August, 1785  Among the first articles is: "Brief Memoirs of the Late Ingenious Mr. Benjamin Martin...", who was a noted optician, instrument maker, spectacle maker (see hyperlink). This issue is lacking the full page print of him called for.
Also within: "Old Ale Houses and Dancing Schools Described" "Bill Proposed for Regulating the Intercourse with Ireland" and "Crosbie's Attempt to Cross the Irish Sea in a Balloon" which is rather lengthy. Many more articles as well.
Near the back is a small bit headed: "American News" which mentions that: "...the counties of Washington, Sullivan, and Green have declared themselves independent of the state of North Carolina..." because they: "...found themselves grievously taxed for the support of government without enjoying the blessings of it." This is a report of the short-lived "state of Franklin", a curious event in American history (see hyperlink). Also mention that Congress is selling land i;n the Western Territory on the Ohio River, laid out in townships of 6 miles square (see).
A plate called for is present, being a foldout, which is detached from the issue.
Complete in 92 pages, 5 1/4 by 8 1/4 inches, full title/contents page featuring an engraving of St. John's Gate, in very nice condition.

A very nice magazine from the "mother country" not long after the end of the Revolutionary War. This was the first periodical to use the word "magazine" in its title, having begun in 1731 and lasting until 1907.

Category: The 1600's and 1700's

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