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Great issue on the Stamp Act with the full text of the Leedstown Resolutions...

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April 10, 1766

THE PENNSYLVANIA GAZETTE, Philadelphia, April 10, 1766 

* Historic Stamp of 1765
* Leedstown resolutions  text

The ftpg. begins with a nice of a recently published piece: "The Importance of the Colonies of North America...with Remarks on the Stamp-Duty". Then a lengthy letter concerning taxing the colonies (see for beginning). The ftpg. also has a: "List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office, Phila." which is signed in type: By Order of the Postmaster General, B. Franklin, D.P." The latter stands for Deputy Postmaster, Franklin's post until dismissed in 1774. the "B. is not fully inked looking like a "P" or perhaps it was a typesetting error. Note also that Franklin was owner of this newspaper just 3 years previous.
The most notable report in this issue is a great account of what is known as the "Leedstown Resolutions" of Virginia prompted by Archibald Ritchie. As a bit of background, local patriots calling themselves the "Sons of Liberty"  knew Ritchie's actions (see the text) could weaken resistance to the Stamp Act, so they decided to act. Men gathered at Brays Church in Leedstown on February 27th 1766 led by Thomas Ludwell Lee and Richard Henry Lee among others. The first result was the drafting of six resolutions stating allegiance to England but publicly stating their grievances with the Crown. This was one of the earliest such documents in America and is known as the Leedstown Resolutions. The second result was action. Four hundred of the men, calling themselves the Sons of Liberty, gathered in Tappahannock on February 28 and compelled Ritchie to sign a public apology for his stance on the Stamp Act. Virginia's boycott held and England repelled the act.  Archibald Ritchie would later become a staunch patriot. (credit Essex Co. Museum & Historical Society) 
Note that the details mentioned above are in the article. This is a great account of a very notable event and with a full printing of the Resolutions and the document which Ritchie was forced to sign.
The Stamp Act content continues with too much to note here but see the photos. Included are two reports of the repeal of the Stamp Act, and also an interesting little bit noting: "A plan is said to be drawn up for granting to his Majesty's American subjects a share in the British Legislature, & providing the great benefits which would arise from such a measures both to the colonies and Great Britain."
Four pages handsome coat-of-arms in the masthead, spotted foxing throughout, tiny binding holes at the blank spine, nice condition.

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