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The Linda Tripp Tapes... Monica Lewinski...

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October 3, 1998

THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC - SPECIAL REPORT, Phoenix, Arizona, October 3, 1998 

* The (Linda) Tripp Tapes
* evidence gathered by independent council Ken Starr
* The Monica Lewinski and Bill Clinton "inappropriate relationship" confirmed

This "Special Report" section of the Arizona Republic includes over 5 pages of excerpts from the Tripp Tapes - being the conversations between President Bill Clinton and intern Monica Lewinski - recorded secretly by Linda Tripp. This special report was printed by the Arizona Republic in this separate section as much of the dialogue was deemed to be too sexually charged to be included in their standard publication.The sexual scandal continues to haunt both Hillary and Bill Clinton to this day, and was the background which inspired his famous response, "It depends what the meaning of 'is' is.", when questioned about having committed perjury - ultimately leading to Clinton's eventual impeachment.
Complete in 6 pages, and in very good condition.

Category: The 20th Century

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