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First report of shipment of slaves? Details of the Plague...

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July 16, 1666

THE LONDON GAZETTE, England, July 16, 1666 

* Early slaves
* The Great Plague
* Earliest of newspapers to be had

Although a number of issues of the Gazette carried reports concerning the Great Plague, typically death tolls of various cities, this issue has more extensive coverage. The front page does have the toll for the city of Norwich, noting; "The Account of our bill for this last week is thus. Buried in all diseases 80. Of the Plague 56, and at the pest-house 7." Additionally, the ftpg. has: "This is the state of our health, which yet in divers other parts of our neighbouring counties, especially those of Suffolk and Essex is much worse, the Infection spreading extreamly of late, and with that violence as to leave many of those places fit objects for the charitable relief of other parts of the Kingdome, which God is pleased to spare in this visitation." Plague reports were much less frequent after the Great Fire as it is believe that, despite its devastation, the fire did much to rid the city of the rats which carried the pestilence.
Also of significance on the front page is very likely the first mention of the shipment of slaves, in the report: "...letters tell us of an English ship of 200 tuns safely arrived from Barbadoes at Tangier with sugar, Indigo and cottons; and that the Spaniards have taken and sent to Cadiz a Genouese ship coming from Lisbon with 450 chests of sugar, brasil, tobacco, and some Negroes, upon pretence the goods belong to enemies..." (see).
Complete as a single sheet newspaper, 7 by 11 1/4 inches, two very minor archival mends at margins of the back page, very nice condition.

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