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Very rare baseball newspaper from 1886...

Harry D. Stovey... first player to ever hit 100 home runs...

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July 6, 1886

OFFICIAL RECORD, New York, July 6, 1886  The front page features an engraving of "Harry D. Stovey" with a ftpg. biographical sketch on him (see photos). He played for 14 seasons in the majors, Known today as both a prolific home run hitter and base-stealer. He led the league in both categories multiple times in his career, including a season record of 14 home runs in 1883 and a league-leading 97 stolen bases in 1890. Although, by modern standards, Stovey never hit a large number of home runs, it took him 10 years to reach 100 (being the first to do so), nevertheless, he was one of the great home run hitters of his time. From 1880 to 1891 he appeared in the top 10 in home runs every year except 1887, and led the league five times. He was the first to wear sliding pads and among the first to slide feet first.

The balance of the ftpg. is take up with: "Base Ball Notes" being a large number of curious tidbits (see photos for some). This issue is replete with baseball news. Page 2 has similar baseball tidbits headed "Baseball Notes and includes the standings of 7 baseball leagues (see).

Page 2 also  has a "Special Notice" concerning the printing of this newspaper (see photos) with pgs. 3 & 4 taken up with a variety of ads including one for: "Baseball At The Polo Grounds" noting the dates of 12 future games.
The rarity of this issue cannot be overemphasized. It is suspected this newspaper lasted for less than 15 months, the very first issue dated July 15, 1885 & the final issue dated Oct.  9, 1886. The first volume saw just 63 issues published, and the second had 150 editions for a total of just 213 issues ever published.

This is a volume two issue of a very rare & historically important baseball newspaper, the very first daily sports newspaper dedicated entirely to the national game of professional baseball. 

Although the masthead reads: "Official Record" the title at the top of pages 2, 3 & 4 reads: "Official Baseball Record". This issue has a terrific baseball-themed masthead, featuring two crossed bats (barrel handles with 3 painted stripes), a baseball, and a canvas base (see photo).

While the first volume was printed on rather high-quality "rag" paper allowing for better preservation, the second volume (1886) was printed on more acidic newsprint resulting in exceedingly few issue remaining to this day as the paper turned brown & fragile rather quickly.

This issue is complete in 4 pages, has browning at the edges but is otherwise in very nice, clean condition.

This issue comes in a protective, acid-free folder for safe keeping. A rare opportunity for any serious baseball collector.

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