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1950 Boston Brinks Robbery...

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January 18, 1950

THE NEW YORK TIMES, January 18, 1950 

* Great Brinks Robbery 
* 1st report (Boston MA) 
* Over 2 Million $$$$ 

This 32 page newspaper has a two line, two column headline on the front page: "$1,000,000 in Cash Seized By 7 Masked Men in Boston"

Other news of the day. Rag edition in great condition.
wikipedia notes: On January 17, 1950, after six aborted attempts, the robbers decided that the situation was favorable. They donned clothing outwardly similar to that of Brink's uniform with Navy pea coats, chauffeur's caps, rubber Halloween masks, gloves and rubber-soled shoes. When Pino and driver Banfield remained in the car, seven other men entered the building at 6:55 PM.

With their copied keys they came to the second floor through the locked doors and surprised, bound and gagged five Brinks employees who were storing and counting money. They failed to open a box of the payroll of the General Electric Company but scooped up everything else.

The robbers walked out at 7:30 PM. In addition to money, they had taken four revolvers from the employees. Afterwards the gang rapidly counted the loot, gave some of the members their cut and agreed not to touch the loot for six years, after which the statute of limitations would have run out. The robbers scattered to establish their alibis.

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