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Each month we send out a newsletter related to the hobby which includes special offers, discounts, alerts to new inventory, and information related to the rare newspapers collectible. Our most recent newsletter is shown below.

Dear Friends of Rare Newspapers,

Welcome to the May edition of our member's newsletter. Although it has only been a little more than a week since our Catalog 258 follow-up notice, we have added a handful of particularly rare issues to our offerings:  The announcement that the Americans had declared themselves independent from England, the hanging of Nathan Hale, and the tragic deaths of some of the most iconic names in rock music history (Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Randy Rhoads, Jim Morrison, and both Ronnie Van Zant & Steve Gaines of Lynyrd Skynyrd). Links to these along with a few others gems are shown below.
Discounted Newspapers - More than 400 newspapers have been reduced in price by 50% through May 14th, and may be viewed at: Discounted Newspapers. The prices shown already reflect the discount. Some of the noteworthy content includes: the finding of the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1760's unrest in Boston and prewar taxation angst, the Battle of Bull Run, Harriet Tubman, and more.
Catalog 258 continues to be available. A selection of remaining key issues includes: The New York Weekly Journal (Zenger), Lexington & Concord, Dewey Defeats Truman, 1787 view of Boston, Rev-War era issue from New Jersey, issue #19 of the Oxford Gazette, and more.

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Recent posts on the History's Newsstand Blog:

  • Talk About frustrating!!!  As I was contemplating the abundance of critical issues facing our nation, you can imagine my frustration when I picked up a newspaper and found the following article buried on an inside page... (continue reading).
  • William Penn's estate...  The Traveler…  Yesterday I journeyed to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania through The Pennsylvania Gazette dated May 14, 1767. On the front page of  the “Supplement to the Pennsylvania Gazette” which is entirely taken up with advertisements is for sale “…The Manor of Pennsbury, in Bucks County, containing about 6000 acres... (continue reading).
  • I absolutely love this hobby! Ivanhoe...  One of the greatest pleasures of the Rare & Early Newspapers collectible is finding unexpected hidden gems as we peruse our issues. I use the word “unexpected” because, unlike searching for treasure, many of the most noteworthy discoveries are those found “along the way” – not items for which we were hunting. Such is the case with our most recent find: One of the first-ever reviews... (continue reading).
  • Does anyone know (re: Sabbatai)? Whereas we have many original newspapers containing Judaica-themed content, finding issues with mentions of Sabbatai are quite rare. If you’ve never heard of Sabbatai Zevi, the infamous 17th century, self-proclaimed, long awaited Jewish Messiah who converted to Islam, he’s certainly worth exploring. We recently came across a report in an Oxford Gazette (issue #8) from 1665 which we believe may very well be his first mention in a bonafide newspaper... (continue reading).
  • The jailhouse rocker with a different type of ball and chain… The Traveler… Last week I traveled to Springfield, Massachusetts via The Springfield Union of May 2, 1967. The front page announced “Elvis Presley Ends Bachelorhood”. “Rock ‘n’ roll singer-actor Elvis Presley, who amassed a fortune as a swivel-hipped forerunner of the Beatles and who remained an unreachable dream to his fans, married an Air Force officer’s daughter... (continue reading).
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