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Very early report of Washington's inaugural address, plus his election as well...

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April 01, 1789

THE COLUMBIAN MAGAZINE, Philadelphia, April, 1789 

* President George Washington
* Election victory & inauguration

 Certainly the most notable content is found in "The Chronicle" section near the back where the latest news was reported, which covers the election & inauguration of President George Washington.
The full text is shown in the photos, however some items include the heading: "Commencement of Federal Government Under the New Constitution" followed by: "New York, April 1. This day a quorum of the House of Representatives of the United States Was formed...On the 5th, the Senate of the Congress...also made a quorum, and on the 6th both houses proceeded to business. The Senate having chosen the hon. John Langdon...president pro tem for the purpose of opening & counting the votes for a president and vice president of the United States...having opened and examined the ballots of the electors---declared: George Washington, esq. president of the United States, and John Adams, esq. vice-president. It is unnecessary to add that his excellency, the president, was elected by a unanimous vote...soon afterwards dispatched for Mount Vernon to announce his excellency's promotion to this high office..." with more.
Further on is: "...On the 24th arrived at the same place his excellency GEORGE WASHINGTON, president of the United States...On the last of April...the ceremony of inaugurating his excellency as President of the United States was performed. The scene was solemn & impressive..." with more on the details of the inaugural procession, then: "...he went into the gallery fronting Broad street where, in the presence of an immense concourse of citizens, he took the oath prescribed by the constitution...His excellency was then proclaimed by the chancellor President of the United States. This was answered by the discharge of 13 cannon & loud & repeated huzzas...His excellency, with the two houses, then retired to the senate chamber where he made the following speech..." and what follows is the complete text of Washington's inaugural address which takes nearly 2 pages of text.
Although there is much other good content in this issue it pales in comparison to the election & inauguration of Washington. It should be noted this was the first of the American magazines to report the text of the inaugural address as the American Museum & Mass. Magazine of the same date reported the election but not the inauguration.
Present is one of the two plates called for. Complete in 64 pages, 5 by 8 inches, full title/contents pages, nice condition.

This title has the honor of being the first successful American magazine, having begun in September, 1786 and lasting until December, 1792.

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