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Jefferson Davis rallies the troops...

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August 14, 1863

DAILY RICHMOND EXAMINER, Virginia, Aug. 14,1863 

* Capital of the Confederacy
* President Jefferson Davis

The first column on the front page has a variety of war items, plus the balance of the front page includes: "The Military Situation" "City Intelligence" "The Army and The Mails--The Sufferings of Soldiers & Their Friends From Anxiety & Suspense" "The Army of the Confederates States" "From Morris Island & other items. Most of the last column is taken up with not one but two documents from the President of the Confederacy including: "Proclamation By the President" for a day of thanksgiving & prayer, and the other being an: "Address Of The President to the Soldiers of the Confederate States" in which he attempts to rally the troops. The photos show the full text, but a portion includes: "....what they mean by success...their malignant rage aims at nothing less than the extermination of yourselves, your wives, and children. They seek to destroy what they cannot plunder...Fellow citizens, no alternative is left you but victory, or subjugation, slavery and the utter ruin of yourselves, your families & your country. The victory is within your reach. You need but stretch forth your hands to grasp it..." with much more.
The back page features the always interesting editorial, a portion of which includes: "...this Meade...threatens retaliation on the country people living in the neighborhood...if the Confederate horse attack him in the rear he will fall on the old men, women & children living on their lands...burn their houses, plunder their property & otherwise illustrate the maxim of that boy who was beaten by another boy: 'I cannot whip you but I can, and will, throw stones at your sister.' It is a coward's blow, & it indicates the weakness by the anxiety of the enemy's General..." with much more.
Also on the back page: "Latest from the North--From Rosencranzs Department--Morgan Sent to the Ohio Penitentiary--The War in Arkansas" with various subheads, plus a letter signed in type: H. W. Halleck, General in Chief & a letter signed; U. S. Grant, Major General. Other war-related items as well.
Complete as a single sheet newspaper with a full banner masthead, never bound nor trimmed, a bit irregular at the margins, a small area in the editorial lightly-inked, very nice condition.

Category: Confederate