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Two Proclamations by General Howe... Wealth of war reporting...

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THE LONDON MAGAZINE, England, June, 1777 

* General William Howe
* American Revolutionary War

"American State Papers" has a Proclamation signed in type  by: W. Howe, concerning soldiers who were pressured into leaving the King's allegiance, offering pardon if they return. Plus another Proclamation signed by Howe offering acres of land in America at the war's end to those who enlist for two years.
Near the back has 3 pages of "American Affairs" with a wide range of reports on the war, and includes a letter from General Howe to Lord G. Germain from New York, and then a letter from on board a ship at Long Island, and yet another letter from General Howe to Germain with much on events in New Jersey.
A nice report: "More Particulars of O-Mai, or as He was Commonly Called in England, Omiah" which takes nearly 2 pages.
This was Omai, about whom much can be found on the internet. Omai met Captain James Cook in 1769 in Tahiti. In August, 1773 he embarked on the British ship HMS Adventure, commanded by Tobias Furneaux, which had previously touched at Tahiti as part of James Cook's second voyage of discovery in the Pacific. He arrived at London in October, 1774 where he was introduced into British society. During his two-year stay in England, Omai became much admired within London high society. Renowned for his charm, quick wit and exotic good looks, he quickly became a favorite of the aristocratic elite.
Present is one of the two plates called for.
Complete in 56 pages, 5 by 8 1/4 inches, great condition.

Formatted very much like the Gentleman's Magazine but a much more scarce title. The title/contents page features a great engraving of the skyline of London.

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