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Testimony of Joseph Galloway against General Howe... Thomas Paine...

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November 23, 1779

PENNSYLVANIA PACKET, Philadelphia, November 23, 1779 

* Loyalist Joseph Galloway
* American Revolutionary War
* Great masthead for display

One-third of the front page has reports from the Penna. General Assembly, with a prefacing note signed in type by Thomas Paine, who was the Clerk of the General Assembly at that time.
There is a similar note signed by Thomas Paine on page 2 as well.
Half of page 2 is taken up with the continued: "Examination of Joseph Galloway before the House of Commons". Galloway was a member of Congress but eventually rallied against independence and sided with the British, despite the efforts of Ben Franklin to bring him over to the colonists' side.
A few of the testimony questions include: "...Upon the retreat of Washington, and the entry of Sir William Howe into Philadelphia, was there any considerable rising of the people in favour of the King?...After the battle of Brandy Wine, had General Washington any considerable army in the lower countries?..." and much more.
In December, 1776, he joined General Howe, the British commander, and accompanied him in his advance through New Jersey, serving his cause by procuring intelligence and giving advice. On the taking of Philadelphia he was appointed superintendent of the police of the City and suburbs, of the port, and of the prohibited articles, and thus became the head of the civil government during the British occupation. At the evacuation of the city he retired with the enemy, and in the following October went to England never to return. In 1779 he was examined before the House of Commons on the conduct of the war in America, and made accusations against the British commander charging that the failure of the British was because of General Howe's incompetency. This pg. 2 text has various questions & answers from this inquiry (see photos for a portion), which carries over to take half a column on page 3.
Page 3 has a brief note from Boston which says: "We hear that all Continental troops have orders to repair to Head Quarters--Those who were under Gen. Gates at Rhode Island left that place last week.".
The back page is entirely taken up with ads, one of which is for the publishing of: "A Narrative Of Colonel Ethan Allen's Captivity..." with more details.
Four pages, very decorative masthead with ornate lettering and an engraving of a sailing ship, untrimmed margin, in very nice, clean condition.

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