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Confederate newspaper reports Lincoln's re-election...

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November 16, 1864

THE CHARLESTON MERCURY, South Carolina, Nov. 16, 1864  

* From the origin of the Civil War
* Re-election of Abraham Lincoln

Among the front page reports on the Civil War are; "The Confederate Congress' "Movements In East Tennessee" "Latest From the United Statures" [the North], "A Picture of Desolation" "Capture of a Blockade Runner" and more.
"Letter From Richmond has subheads: "Habeas Corpus Again in Danger--A Chance for the Press--Lincoln Re-Elected...". The text on Lincoln's election is, not surprisingly, quite brief: "...Lincoln is re-elected, and the winter will disclose his capacity to raise another army. Richmond is considered safe so long as Grant is where he is and Early keeps Sheridan at bay...".
Complete as a single sheet issue, nice condition.

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