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One of the more rare Revolutionary War titles... Battle of Bunker Hill... Patrick Henry... so much more...

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October 06, 1775


* Battle of Bunker Hill
* Revolutionary War
* Very rare publication

Certainly one of the more scarce titles from during the Revolutionary War. This is the volume 1 number 27 issue of a newspaper that existed only from April 7 to December 22, 1775, publishing a total of just 38 issues. Brigham notes that only two American institutions have this date.
The interesting engraving in the masthead shows Britain and America represented by two figures, facing each other & in the act of shaking hands, beneath which is: "Affection and Interest Dictate the Union". Ultimately the printing house & all printing materials were destroyed by a fire in December & the newspaper was discontinued. This was the last attempt to establish a newspaper in the city before the Revolutionary War.
And if rarity were not enough, the content is terrific. About two-thirds of the front page is taken up with not just General Thomas Gage's official report to the Earl of Dartmouth on the Battle of  Bunker Hill, but also the list of officers & privates killed & wounded in the battle.
His letter is dated at Boston, June 25, 1775 and begins: "I am to acquaint your lordship of an action that happened on the 17th instant between his Majesty's troops and a large body of the rebel forces. An alarm was given at break of day on the 17th..." which is followed by much detail on the actual battle. Near the end of his report he notes: "...The rebels were then forced from other strong holds & pursued till they were drove clear off the peninsula...The loss of the rebels sustained must have been considerable from the geat numbers they carried off during the time of action & buried in holes...". The report is signed in type: Thomas Gage.
Page 3 continues with war-related reports and also includes another account of the Battle of Bunker Hill headed: "Extract of a Letter from an Officer of Rank, dated Boston, June 18" with a few bits noting: "...The troops destined for that service were landed on the Charlestown side...did not begin the attack for a considerable time...that the troops behaved with the most unexampled bravery, and that after an engagement of nearly five hours, we forced the rebels from their posts, redoubts, and entrenchment one by one. This victory has cost very dear indeed..." with more.
Another item notes: "...The day after the late battle in America some of the regulars searched the pockets of Dr. Warren, who was killed, and found three letters sent to him from some spies at Boston...".
Then a report mentioning General Gage's account of Boston prior to Bunker Hill, and further on another mention of the Battle of Bunker Hill, and also: "...The account of the defeat at Lexington on the 19th of April...". Plus a report from Williamsburg begins: "Thursday last arrived here PATRICK HENRY, Esq., Commander in Chief of the Virginia forces. He was met and escorted to town by the whole body of volunteers who paid him every mark of respect & distinction in their power..." with a bit more. It is rare to find period mentions of Patrick Henry from the Revolutionary War.
Much more war-related content, too much to note here but photos capture some. Included is a chart comparing the losses of the British in the Battle of Minden to the Battle of Bunker Hill.
This is actually a 6-page issue, the third leaf containing nothing but advertisements and is tipped into the middle of the issue. Archival strengthening at the blank spine, nice condition.

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