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What if England won the war? Bring the troops home...

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May 23, 1783

THE CONTINENTAL JOURNAL & WEEKLY ADVERTISER, Boston, May 23, 1783  The front page begins with an article on the economic implications of America's independence. The report begins: "As every appearance seems to indicate an immediate peace, it is very probable when this event takes effect, that a large proportion of the American commerce will bend in the old line, and we are persuaded that many merchants in America will form their ideas of the state of the European markets..." with much more.
A report from the House of Commons includes: "...a suspicion was entertained of their being any other intention than to withdraw the troops as soon as possible from New York! He was amazed that such an idea could have entered into the mind of man!...To what purpose delay the bringing away the troops from New York an hour longer than was unavoidable? The war we had been engaged in with America was at an end: the sooner, therefore, every part of the expence occasioned by that was was put a stop to, the better...The troops could not be kept in New York for any hostile purpose..." with more.
Most of page 2 is taken up with a letter signed: "An American" noting in part: "...For near eight years you have experienced this burthens, and the distresses of war: A war which policy and reason considered as necessary, and the voice of the whole continent stampt as unavoidable..." with much more.
The back page has a nearly full column letter by "A Maryland Sentinel" dated at a "Sentry Box, March 30, 1783". It is an interesting account of how some soldiers were conflicted about which side of the war to support, and what may have happened had England won the war.
Four pages, never-trimmed margins, a pre-printing creased caused a minor tear to the back leaf causing no text loss, good condition.

Category: Revolutionary War