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Pair of issues: criticizing astrology, with an astrologer's response...

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October 01, 1869

Also: SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, New York, May 29, 1869 

The former was a fascinating and very unusual newspaper of small-size themed on predicting what would happen in the future--great to read in hindsight.
The feature article, which takes all of pages 1 thru 5, is headed: "A Reply to An Attack on Astrology and Astrologers which was published in the Scientific American, May 29th, 1869". The writer goes to great length to counter the claims of the Scientific American article on the folly of astrology, several times reprinting text from the magazine and responding to it in this issue.
Included as well is the full issue of Sci. Am. which includes the offending article: "Astrology and Astrologers". It begins: "To use the rather strong language of a contemporary, there are still fools who are not only fools, but who seem willing, nay anxious to spend money to prove themselves so...A very little investigation will convince the incredulous that not only do these imposters make money, but some of them make a good deal of it by playing upon the credulity of the ignorant and superstitious...".
Broughton's is complete in 4 pages, 5 3/4 by 9 inches, a bit irregular at the spine from disbinding, nice condition. Scientific America is complete in 16 pages, very nice condition.

Category: Moments in American History