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'Oh, the humanity!'... The Hindenburg explosion...

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May 07, 1937


* Hindenburg airship disaster
* Lakehurst NJ New Jersey
* Nice headline & photos for display

This is one of the better Hindenburg explosion issues we have offered.
See the photos for the dramatic, from page featuring the iconic photograph taken within seconds of the initial explosion showing the large ball of flames with the Hindenburg yet to hit the ground. It is headed: "Remarkable Photo of Great Leviathan of Sky in flames".
This Sam Shere photograph has endured as the most famous, owing to its publication on front pages around the world and in Life magazine and, more than three decades later, its use on the cover of the first Led Zeppelin album.
The banner headline notes: "ZEP EXPLODES; 33 DIE'". A related subhead: "Airport Horror - Dirigible Ripped Apart by Concussion; Crashes at Lakehurst - Mystery Blast" and more.
Additionally, there is very extensive coverage throughout as pages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 have many articles and several photographs. Plus, there is a wonderful doublepage (10 & 11) filled with captioned photos.
Present is the near-complete first section (of 2) of 22 pages, lacking one internal leaf. Minor wear at the central fold with archival mends at the right edge of the fold to each leaf. Minimal wear at the spine. Quite displayable.

Category: The 20th Century